Is Impact Mailing Club A Scam Or A Big Way To Make Money?

Is Impact Mailing Club A Scam Or A Big Way To Make Money?

Some of you have received emails about a business called Impact Mailing Club and want to know outright Is Impact Mailing Club A Scam? 

The purpose of this review is to look closer to discover if it’s legit or a SCAM. 

Many “members” have been promoting this on social media and YouTube.

The people promoting Impact Mailing Club claim to have a simple method to earn $500 to $1000.

They claim this can be done on a daily and weekly basis.

They claim you can do this by sending out letters and postcards, something an average person can do.

However, there are some things you need to know about Impact Mailing Club.

Facts About Impact Mailing Club

Is Impact Mailing Club A Scam Or A Big Way To Make Money?

1.) What is Impact Mailing Club? Impact Mailing Club is a modern business opportunity using direct mail. 

You pay to join at a membership level, then make money by recruiting others to do what you currently do.

2.) Who runs Impact Mailing Club? No information is provided on their company website ( 

Their domain was also registered without a face or a name.

3.) How much is the membership fee? For starters, the cost is around $100 to $2,000 depending on the level you want to be a member of. 

This does not include other costs such as stamps, envelopes, and mailing leads.

More Facts About Impact Mailing Club

4.) What is the payout system? The payout is paid to you directly from the person who received the letter or postcard and will send it back with the money to sign up. 

You will also be receiving cash from people who are referrals of your direct referral.

5.) How much money will you earn? 

This depends on the membership level you signed up for and the number of people you recruited in the system. 

The higher level of membership, the more people recruited, and the more you earn.

6.) Is this MLM? Yes, this is a multi-level marketing program. 

This is multi-level marketing since you need to refer people and earn on multiple tiers, not just from the people you were able to convince to join.

7.) Are you selling any products? When buying a certain level, you will have the right to recruit people into the system. 

So, they will provide you with some mailing leads – which is their main product. 

However, most of your money will go toward a member-to-member subscription. This to me is a huge red flag.

8.) Is this a scam? Since many will try to make money doing this, some would consider Impact mailing Club not to be a SCAM.

Is Impact Mailing Club A Pyramid Scheme?

What we have here is a business operating as a pyramid scheme.

This is theoretically earning money by following the system.

Also, another problem is there are no details or important info on the website.

When you read the sales page, you’re not fully aware of what you will be buying.

This is chain recruitment and member-to-member cash gifting payment scheme, which is not good. 

The idea is for you to purchase at a certain level and mail the postcards and letters.

Your hope is that your recipients will do the same.  

If they buy-in, you get money directly from them to your own mailbox.

This is classic “cash gifting”. The reason why this is cash gifting is that the members pay members directly! 

However, you will make money… if people send cash to your mail.

The reality is this is not sustainable and the business model will likely fool you.

Here’s How Impact Mailing Club Works

Is Impact Mailing Club A Scam Or A Big Way To Make Money?

First, you will request details from an affiliate who will be sending a letter and the instructions to start.

The initial letter has three pages, all about selling the business model to you – the costs and how much you will make if you join.

Sign up fee is $100 to $2000 depending on the level you want to join under.

Similarly, the higher the level you join, the higher the cash potential payout you’ll make when referring others.

What This “Business Opportunity” Is Really About

The biggest red flag is about purchasing the “right to convince other people to join” the same system. 

Therefore, it is a chain recruitment scheme. 

Legit companies sell tangible products to their customers and affiliates make money from promoting these products. 

This is not what Impact Mailing Club relies on. The bulk of membership money goes elsewhere.

For example, “Bill” joins at the Sapphire level for $500. Here’s where that $500 payment actually goes:

  •    $300 goes directly to the person who recruited Bill, who let’s say is Andrew
  •    $100 goes directly to the person who recruited Andrew
  •    $100 goes directly to “admin” (whoever is running Impact Mailing Club)

Admin gets 20% of the pot, the one supposed to provide you leads. 

Certainly, the bulk of the money is provided for member-to-member direct mail cash gifting payments. 

Impact Mailing Club is also multi-level marketing. 

MLM is not a scam but the entire point of recruiting people to earn money is the opposite of affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you earn commissions based on real products sold.

Is Impact Mailing Club A SCAM?

I want to say I truly believe most members who participate in Impact Mailing Club are honest, sincere people.

Also, I truly believe they want to help others with this opportunity and they’re hard-working people trying to provide for their families.

Basically, Impact Mailing Club is a cash-gifting pyramid scheme.

According to the North Carolina Department of Justice here is their definition of “gifting clubs”:

illegal pyramid schemes where new club members typically give cash “gifts” to the highest-ranking members. If you get more people to join, they promise you will rise to the highest level and receive a gift much larger than your original investment. But only a few people profit from this scheme and most people lose their investment”. 

The article goes on further to say:

Gifting clubs are criminal enterprises. Organizers are guilty of a felony, and participants are guilty of a misdemeanor.”   

Did you catch that last part of the sentence that said “participants” are guilty of a misdemeanor?

So the question is, how is Impact Mailing Club not a cash gifting pyramid scheme, or a “gifting club”?

Therefore, I DO NOT recommend Impact Mailing Club!

As a matter of fact, Impact Mailing Club is similar to other scam programs I’ve reviewed:

What I Don’t Like About Impact Mailing Club

  • Cash-gifting pyramid schemes are illegal enterprises.
  • This business model is unsustainable and it’s short-term.
  • Sending untraceable and undocumented cash in the mail is extremely risky.
  • People will lose significant amounts of money.
  • Impact Mailing Club is expensive to start for the average person 
  • This “business” is based on blind trust from people you do not know, not actual documentation.

The truth is, there are better, ethical ways to establish a legit online business. 

Why on earth would you start a business that already has the risk of being illegal associated with it?

What I recommend is building a long-term, sustainable affiliate marketing business you have control over.

The platform I use and highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.

So for those of you looking for something that is actually legit and you can call a real business, you need to try something like Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money online the correct way.

After years of falling for all kinds of “shiny objects” and scams, this is the one program that has actually worked for me.

2+ years later and I’m glad to say that I actually do work from home.

Also, I work from my favorite coffee shops and hotel lobbies.

My point is I get to choose where and when I work.

For your benefit, I’ve added a video that gives you a walkthrough from one of the owners, Kyle Loudon.

This is an excellent video that shows you exactly how Wealthy Affiliate works.

Take advantage of this opportunity to build a long-term, sustainable affiliate marketing business with Wealthy Affiliate!

I promise you…You won’t regret it! Ever!

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