Is GrabPoints Legit Or A Big Money GPT Site?

Is GrabPoints Legit Or A Big Money GPT Site?

If you’re reading this review right now, you are probably doing a bit of research on this company called GrabPoints and wondering Is GrabPoints Legit?.

I’m going to explain how it works and explain whether you can actually make real money from this website or not.

Is GrabPoints Legit – What Is It?

Is GrabPoints Legit Or A Big Money GPT Site?

GrabPoints is actually called a GPT website, which stands for “Get Paid To” click.

With a GPT site when you complete tasks like watching TV, answering surveys, completing offers, or downloading apps, you are compensated for your efforts.

GrabPoints is free to join and very easy to set up.

Setting up your account is simple and can be done quickly.

When you complete various activities you earn either cash through PayPal or gift cards.

Were you aware that there are other companies that will pay you to complete similar tasks as well?

GPT websites like ySence, SuperPay, and Rewarding Ways will also pay you for playing games, watching videos, or downloading apps.

The gift cards can be used at different retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and others.

However, the question is can you make money from this website?

Is GrabPoints Legit – GPT Sites Are A Complete Time Suck

The major problem with GrabPoints and ALL GPT websites are they are a complete time suck.

When you compare the rewards you receive versus the time you put in, you benefit very little.

If you look at the surveys that you do manage to fill out, let’s just say it takes you 30 to 45 minutes to fill out a survey.

30 to 45 minutes is a long time.

The reality is you’ll earn anywhere from 8 cents to 15 cents, maybe 20 cents per survey.

That’s not much money you’re earning.

Based on those numbers, you can make a small amount of money. A SMALL amount!

If you decide that you want to complete offers, every time you do that it might take you 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

You might make 2 or 3 cents per offer that you download.

Similarly, the reality is you’re not making that much money.

GPT websites are not set up to be money-making machines.

Contrary to what many people think, you don’t get to “hang out” in your pajamas at home all day and fill out surveys and make $500 to $700 dollars or more a week.

That’s NOT how survey sites work.

If you really think about the amount of time you use to make pennies on the dollar, you see that filling out surveys is not the answer to making money online.

If you’re trying to find the best use of your time to make money online, then this isn’t it!

GPT or survey sites are not a good use of your time, regardless of what anyone says.

There’s no slick-looking GPT website on earth that can reasonably justify spending hours every day in return for pennies on the dollar.

What Is The Real Deal?

So the question is, how much money can you really make from a GPT website like GrabPoints?

The truth is you can probably make a few dollars a day.

If you’re working four, five, or six hours a day, you might earn something like $5 to $10 a week.

Now you’re looking at about $40 to $50 a month. Maybe $60 a month if you really hustle.

It’s not that much money.

So the question isn’t can you make money with GrabPoints, it’s how much.

And the answer is very little.

Let’s look at what you WON’T be able to do with that kind of money. You won’t be able to:

  • pay off your mortgage
  • take wonderful vacations
  • pay off your credit card debt
  • have all of your monthly bills current, even ahead
  • build a substantial savings account
  • drive the type of car you really want to drive
  • help family members who are in need
  • buy what you want without waiting for a sale
  • live where you want to live

So Is GrabPoints Legit or a Scam?

GrabPoints is definitely not a SCAM.

It’s a legitimate “get paid to” earn rewards website.

If you have lots of time on your hands, you can earn gift cards and make some small money for shopping and incidentals.

However, the money you can make at GrabPoints isn’t enough money for your monthly bills.

It takes a massive amount of time to accumulate points, time that could be better spent on building your own online business.

GrabPoints is similar to other legit GPT websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Definitely Not Life-Changing Income

Is GrabPoints Legit Or A Big Money GPT Site?

No, I’m afraid you’re not going to change your life with $40 to $50 dollars a month.

Websites like grab points, unfortunately, are not designed to allow a user to make large amounts of money.

Understand this fact: you need to earn 1,000 points in order to make a $1.

You have to endure a lot of tasks and it’s not as easy it seems.

Most members have reported earning around $100 per month, or less.

Therefore, I would say that this is not a reliable source of income, and neither would I look at this to supplement my income.

If you’re here right now, then I’m assuming that you are looking for a way to generate more income for yourself.

What you really want is to learn how to make money on the internet.

I can honestly tell you that if you’re serious about learning how to make money online, the best option available is Wealthy Affiliate.

Benefits Of A Wealthy Affiliate Membership

  • Easy step-by-step training for the beginner
  • 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses
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  • Create your own affiliate blog on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.
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  • Choose from over 3,000 WordPress website themes
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  • Virus and malware protection is included with Wealthy Affiliate membership
  • Learn about SEO, Search Engine Optimization
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  • SiteContent actually helps make content creation easier
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The bottom line is Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive platform that will help you build a profitable online business.

It’s difficult to fail with Wealthy Affiliate.

So What Are You Going To Do?

You have to make a decision.

Do Nothing OR Do Something.

You can continue wasting time on GPT websites making pennies on the dollar and using gift cards for the rest of your life.

You can decide to stay broke, frustrated, and miserable; whining and complaining because you have no money.


You can actually stop making excuses, roll up your sleeves and put an end to your financial misery by building an online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate!

Thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members make real money.

Five, six, seven figures in a month.

They make more money in a month than most people make in a year.

How much do you make?

Talk Soon,


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