Is GoSolar Mining Legit Or Another Crypto Scam?

Is GoSolar Mining Legit Or Another Crypto Scam?

Welcome to my transparent third party review of GoSolar Mining! My intent is to find out Is GoSolar Mining Legit or a scam to avoid.

It is one in many multilevel marketing companies to crop up. I thought I should look into this further.

It is likely that somebody approached you with their cryptomining opportunities and you have come here to ascertain their legality.

Well, I’ve got good news for you. I will be walking you through GoSolar Mining, their products, and their compensation program so you will be able to take the proper decisions.

Be sure to be REALLY attentive while you read this post till the very end…

Is GoSolar Mining Legit – Who Are The Owners?

Is GoSolar Mining Legit Or Another Crypto Scam?

The company provides no information about its owners or who is running it.

I went ahead and checked out their “About US” section, and this is what is on their site:

GoSolar Mining expanded its financing to individual clients since 2017.

The weird matter is that their site was not even recorded until November 2018. It seems to have been launched late in 2019…

The information on the company website also says that they are located in Gibraltar.

However, further research found this to be a virtual address which is an address that you can rent that is shared with other businesses.

This address seems to be one of those virtual offices from Regus.

Therefore, it seems that the owner GoSolar Mining is not completely transparent about the location of the business.

If network marketing businesses are not clear about who their owners are or the location of the company, you definitely should think twice before investing hard-earned cash into them.

Okay, so let’s take a look at their products…

Does GoSolar Mining Offer Any Products?

Is GoSolar Mining Legit Or Another Crypto Scam?

It is a necessary requirement when you run a network marketing company to offer some type of retail products or services.

This is especially true in countries like Canada and the US.

Similarly, MLM companies that fail to offer retail products for sale are illegal in those countries and are considered labeled a Ponzi Scheme or Pyramid Scheme by government regulators.

With GoSolar Mining, it seems as if the only thing you can do is sign up to become an affiliate for the company.

The only was you’re able to earn money is to bring in new members and earn a commission from their referral program.

After you have become an associate, you will be able to access their services.

Sadly, it does not mean anything – there’s nothing to promote other than the opportunity to become a member.

The Federal Trade Commission has clearly stated that you need to have retail services or products to sell to the general public.

Solar Mining is similar to other network marketing companies I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Referral Fees and Joining Costs

Is GoSolar Mining Legit Or Another Crypto Scam?

All referral fees within GoSolar Mining are paid through UniLevel compensation plans.

A UniLevel remuneration plan places the associate at the very top of the team structure, and every individually sponsored associate placed directly below them (Stage 1):

  • If a Stage 1 associate sponsors a new associate, then they are placed at Stage 2 in the primary associate’s UniLevel network.
  • If a Stage 2 associate sponsors a new associate, then they are placed at Stage 3…

The company limits their UniLevel remunerations plans at 4 levels deep totally.

Referral fees are given as a percent of your member’s deposited funds throughout all 4 levels:

  • 15% for Stage 1 and 10% for Stage 2 in the Benjamin Franklin investment (Individually sponsored associates)
  • 15% for Stage 1, 10% for Stage 2, & 5% for Stage 3 in the Thomas Edison investment
  • 20% for Stage 1, 15% for Stage 2, 10% for Stage 3, & 5% for Stage 4 in the Nikola Tesla investment

To sign up as an associate is free.

However, if you are looking to become a part of the company’s investment opportunities, you will have to shell out a minimum of $200.

Is GoSolar Mining A Scam?

The BIG question: Is there a scam with GoSolar Mining?

The answer is YES, in my opinion GoSolar Mining is a SCAM.

First of all there is no information about who owns or runs the company, and this is a real problem.

Why would anybody invest $200 or more with a business that is not transparent or fails to provide information about the owner

Another huge problem is the company does not have any retail services or products…

A network marketing company cannot solely rely on new member fees or recurring membership fees.

If it does, it is considered to be a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme.

Also, there is no information on what they’re mining because there’s no evidence of it.

Despite this, if the company was actually mining anything, they’re offering passive opportunities and they would need to have it registered or recorded with some type of securities agency or authority…

They have not done this or it is not mentioned anywhere…

I hope you are able to see through GoSolar Mining clearly now.

The only thing that is going on based on what I can understand is that newly deposited funds are being used to pay off existing associates. This makes it a Ponzi system.

If the company was able to get crazy returns on investments (ROI) legitimately, then they would not need any new associates to keep pumping money into the business.

Due to these major concerns, I cannot recommend GoSolar Mining to anybody.

However, there is something I can recommend – creating your own affiliate marketing business.

Having your own money-making blog or website is the best way to make money online and avoid scams like GoSolar Mining.

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  1. 80% of Forex , Binary and Bitcoin Brokers and Account Managers are operating illegally all they do is to steal fund from traders , I was a victim , they convinced me into investing with them after depositing my fund they refused me access to withdraw my fund rather requesting for more deposit.

    • Hey Stephanie,

      You hit the nail on the head when you stated that “Forex, Binary and Bitcoin Brokers and Account Managers are operating illegally…”

      Most of these types of MLM cryptocurrency schemes are fraudulent.

      I hope that by reading blogs like mine, people will be aware of what’s goig on and stay away from these scumbags…




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