Is Gominer Legit – What You Need To Know

Is Gominer Legit - What You Need To Know

If you are thinking of joining Gominer and you want to know Is Gominer Legit, you have come to the right place.

Is this cryptocurrency multi-level marketing company legit or a scam?

In this brief review, you will be given the facts you need to know about Gominer, including the price to join, the product they offer, compensation plans, etc.

Once you are done reading this review article, you can tell if joining Gominer is worth getting involved with.

Is Gominer Legit – Brief Summary

Is Gominer Legit - What You Need To Know
  • Company name: Gominer
  • Registration cost: $10 – $10,000 dollars
  • My Rating: 0/10
  • Recommendation: Not recommended

Gominer is nothing but a Ponzi scheme in the cryptocurrency mining niche.

To join the platform, you will have to purchase Gotoken, which you will use to hash power (which is used in funding crypto mining).

The issue here is that Gotoken has no value outside Gominer.

Also, there is no proof to show that the platform is mining.

We can assume that new investment from recruits is their primary source of income.

Thus, Gominer operates as a Ponzi scheme, which will eventually collapse.

When this happens, and it certainly will, a lot of people will lose their money.

There are many red flags about this platform that shows this company to be a scam, and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

Gotokens From Gominer Are Worthless

Gominer claims to be a company that offers you an opportunity to mine Bitcoin, saving you the cost of spending a lot of money on hardware and electricity.

See the description of how the Gominer system operates:

You invest money to buy a token that is worthless outside the platform.

Gotoken is totally different from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has value and is accepted by millions of people from different parts of the world.

Gotoken, on the other hand, is nothing more but an internal currency with no real value.

No market or firm will accept Gotoken for transactions.

The company claims Gotoken has a value of $0.00136363.

Do not fall for this.

You may also hear things like you can exchange Gotoken for Bitcoin – that’s another lie you should not fall for.

The platform promises a financial return when you invest.

Even though you may receive returns when you join at first, do not expect this to last long.

The mining activity on the site is not real; their main source of revenue comes from investments from recruits.

As soon as investments from recruits slow down, the platform will collapse.

What will happen is the people running this platform will run off with your money, leaving you stuck with a worthless token.

The Owner of Gominer Is Fake

A tactic common to online scams and Ponzi schemes involves having a fake owner.

This is done to trick the public into believing the company is real and legit.

In this scenario, a Generic white man named Jack Mayler is used as the owner.

(I feel the people behind this platform are from Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe).

Jack Mayler supposedly attended Stanford University and got his master’s in Computer Science.

If you run a quick search on Google for Jack Mayler and Stanford, you will not see any results.

If the owner is real, and the company is legit, then he should have a LinkedIn account, Twitter account, or something that will link his name to Gominer and Stanford University.

However, you will not find anything. This is a HUGE red flag!

Also, I managed to find a Gominer “testimonials” page.

Is Gominer Legit Or A Cloud Mining Scam To Avoid?

Not surprisingly, all three of the so-called “testimonials” are FAKE.

If you run an image search through Google or you’ll see that these are only stock images used as FAKE testimonials.

Gominer is similar to other cryptocurrency pyramid/Ponzi schemes I’ve reviewed such as:

Gominer Uses A Virtual Address To Look Respectable

According to the About section of the site, Gominer is located in Ottawa, Canada.

Their address happens to be Ottawa-St. Laurent Blvd St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa K1G 5L1, Canada.

If you search for this address, you will discover that it is a virtual address, which means there is no real office and employees.

They listed this on their site to make it look legit like they have an office in Canada (a trustworthy country).

Most of these scam platforms usually operate from Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe.

In these countries, regulatory authorities who monitor these scam sites are not well funded.

If they write on their site that they are located in Ukraine, Singapore or Malaysia, most people would be cautions.

Another thing to take note of is the horrible grammar used on the site.

The grammar on this site looks like something written by a non-English-speaking person.

Gominer Could Be Committing Securities Fraud

Since they claim to be a passive income opportunity, they should be registered with local regulatory authorities and provide proof of their source of revenue.

If you check the site, you will not find any information that Gominer is registered with any regulatory body in Canada or any country for that matter.

Promoting this opportunity would get you in trouble since this company is guilty of securities fraud.

Is Gominer a Ponzi Scheme?

If Gominer provided proof of their revenue source, you would see that there is little or no mining activity going on in this platform.

They get their revenue from investments from new recruits.

Investments from recruits are used to pay early investors to make it look like people are making money from this platform.

The issue with using investments from new members to pay existing members is that the platform will eventually collapse when recruitment slows down.

There will not be enough money in circulation to pay investors, so a lot of people will lose their money.

Any platform that uses money from recruits to pay existing investors is a Ponzi scheme, and this is what Gominer is doing.

My Verdict Regarding Gominer

Gominer is a scam; I am certain about this.

Anyone who sees this as an investment opportunity should not be surprised when they lose their money when the platform collapses.

There are a lot of red flags about this opportunity that one should not ignore.

Fake owner, no proof of mining, no registration with relevant authorities, fake address, and so on.

Do not fall for the temptation of joining.

Any testimonials you see that the platform is paying are fake.

Also, people may be cashing out from the platform, as long as new recruits keep coming in.

However, the moment recruitment slows down, the platform will collapse and you will lose your money.

I do not recommend joining a Ponzi scheme platform. There are other secured, legit, and trusted investment opportunities out there that you can try.

If you don’t want to lose your money, stay away from Gominer.

I personally can’t recommend Gominer because as of right now it’s operating as a pyramid scheme because there are no retail products for sale.

It’s also operating as a Ponzi scheme.

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