Is Global Domains International A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

Is Global Domains International A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

I will be reviewing the multi-level marketing company Global Domains International because many of you want to know Is Global Domains International A Scam.

I feel ecstatic that you have taken the time to read my review.

This means that you are engaging in research before joining a so-called “business opportunity.”

I do not work for the company and am not an affiliate of GDI.

Let’s look into some facts that can help you make an informed decision.

What Is Global Domains International?

Is Global Domains International A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

The company’s current owners are Alan Ezeir and Michael Starr.

It was started in 2010. The company has a comparatively good repute.

The company provides Website Registry Services. The “.WS” that is attached to GDI domains stands for Western Samoa.

GDI has partnered with the Samoan Government in order to make the .ws website domains available to the entire world.

They also provide site-building tools and email forwarding services other than web hosting.

However, a disadvantage that I’ve noticed is I have not seen one site which finishes with “.ws” while working online.

I’ve visited a huge number of websites over the years, and I can honestly tell you not one of them ended with “.ws.”

I find that very odd. You would think that at some point you would see a website ending in .ws.

Also, the company also provides URL forwarding, website hosting, and web-based email services.

What Are GDI Products And Services?

Is Global Domains International A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

The way this works is you sign up for one of their domain and hosting packages which is $10 per month.

Signing up provides you with one of their .ws domain names and hosting and also allows you to be a representative or “affiliate” for the company.

As an affiliate, you can refer other people to their services or opportunity and take advantage of their 7-day free trial.

Interestingly, you’re not paying to be an associate of their company. You’re actually paying for hosting and domain services.

However, as a paying customer, GDI is giving you the opportunity of making money by referring people to GDI. 

As a paid affiliate you’ll have access to an online application that you can use for email campaigns and auto-responders.

The online application will have your affiliate link attached. You’ll also have access to the GDI Sales Video.

You will earn $1 for any referral you make directly.

For every direct referral you make, you earn $1 in commissions.

As long as the customers stay on, you’ll make a residual income of $1 per month for each customer. You also make money on your customer’s referrals.

Additional GDI Incentives

Bonus – $100

You really have no limit as to the number of you can earn this $100 bonus. For every 5 associates, you join in any 7-day interval, you will get $100.

However, trying to accomplish that is much easier said than done!

Heavy Hitter – $5000 Bonus

Are you able to reference 1000 or above associates within successive 4-week intervals?

If you are you will be eligible to obtain this incentive.

This amount is above the residual fees that you are going to be receiving.

Recruiting People Is Easier Said Than Done

Is Global Domains International A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

Let’s take a few minutes to go through all this data as it will be overwhelming, to say the least.

You should be aware that more than 97% of network-marketing associates fail because of their inability to recruit.

Most people don’t have any idea on how to generate leads and get people to “join the business”

Also, take a look above at the incentives.

If you are able to enroll 5 associates within 7 days’ time, $100 is deposited in your account.

Looks easy, right?

This is going to rarely occur. If you’re fortunate and can recruit 5 associates in 7 days’ time, it would be after training for months.

Regarding GDI’s Heavy Hitter incentive, in reality, it would be very difficult to enroll 1000 or more people in one month.

The Pros Of GDI

So, let’s start with the obvious facts. The company has a few things benefiting it.

The fee for their plan is $10 only. This is good for your budget. It is affordable when compared with other MLMs.

The company’s services are in great demand. Nonetheless, GDI has numerous competitors in the market.

This is the cheapest method of getting hosting, a domain, and other website services.

For someone who is new in online marketing, you can make some money online because everybody needs domains and hosting services.

However, whatever money you make is not going to be the large amounts you may have had in mind.

The Cons Of GDI

Meager commissions of only $1 per recruited associate. It will be difficult to make a substantial income with such low commissions.

Your “.ws” website site mostly will not be SEO friendly as the domain extension isn’t that popular.

As a matter of fact, in all of the years I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing, I can’t remember one marketer with a “.ws” domain name!

You can only build your living mostly at the pyramid’s topmost level. Down below, you will lose and not earn much of a living.

These points reveal that the company is not distinct from many other MLM businesses in the marketplace.

You become dependent on downline associates to earn residual money. In the end, you need to possess a huge network for you to earn a substantial amount of money.

Recruiting people is hard – very hard, regardless if you’re selling domain names or health-related products with MLMs like Pure Leverage, Nuskin, or HB Naturals.

Is Global Domains International A Scam?

GDI is not a scam as it provides its associates with hosting and domain services. It also compensates its associates.

However, in order to make a life-changing income with Global Domains International, you would have to be an extraordinary recruiter.

At only $1 per new recruit, you’re going to be working very hard trying to build a downline that’s strong enough for you to make a decent amount of money.

The plain truth of the matter is you’re not going to make the life-changing income you dream of making with GDI.

You’re not going to make that five or six-figure income with any network marketing company.

You Have To Leverage The Power Of The Internet

The “common sense” thing to do is to build your own affiliate marketing business.

Forget trying to recruit family and friends into someone else’s dream.

Stop building someone else’s dream and build your own.

Here’s a FACT: The same time and energy you commit to another company you can commit to your very own affiliate marketing business.

The time for excuses has long passed – only those who act TODAY will be prepared for tomorrow.

The time I wrote this review was during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s exactly the 28th of May, 2020.

Do you really want to go through another similar situation without being prepared financially?

When you have enough money or gold saved, you and your family are in a much better position to ride out any unexpected economic situations.

Actually, when you have enough money, it doesn’t;t eliminate your problems – but your problems are much easier to deal with!

Unfortunately, an MLM like Global Domains International is not going to be the long-term solution to building a consistently profitable business.

Some weak so-called “business” with a network marketing company isn’t going to get it done in times like these.

Build a strong business with Wealthy Affiliate and do what you can NOW to learn how to make money online.

Talk Soon,


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