Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam? What You Need To Know

Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam

If you are interested in Get Weekly Paychecks, you may be wondering: Is Get Weekly Paychecks A SCAM?

Can you really make money with this?

Do you intend to use the Get Weekly Paychecks and you are not sure if it is a scam?

Likewise, are you wondering how Get Weekly Paychecks system can possibly earn you $500 – $2,000 every 7 days?

Take time to read this brief review and get a thorough understanding of what this business is all about before you invest your time and money.

What Is Get Weekly Paychecks?

Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam
  • Product Name: Get Weekly Paychecks
  • Founder: Bill Foley & Chez Feenstra
  • Product Type: Marketing System for Motor Club of America (MCA)
  • Price: $25/month + MCA Membership fee ($39.90 + $19.95/month)
  • Best For The owners of Get Weekly Paychecks

How Get Weekly Paychecks Work

MCA – Motor Club of America is a roadside assistance service that is commonly used in the USA and Canada.

It is a 24/7 service that anyone can sign up for.

Similarly, the way you make money with Get Weekly Paychecks is that you will have to get more people to sign up for Motor Club of America.

Get Weekly Paychecks is just a sales funnel to promote Motor Club of America (MCA).

Likewise, the only way for you to make money with GWP is to recruit more members to join the Motor Club of America.

Motor Club of America is set up like a multi-level marketing opportunity and has pyramid scheme characteristics.

Also, their marketing material will say it’s not multi-level marketing, but Motor Club of America has some of the same.

Therefore, the main fact that prevents MCA from being labeled 100% as an MLM is this:

You can purchase their Roadside Assistance as a stand-alone product without getting involved in the business.

The Main Problem Is Get Weekly Paychecks Is A Done-For-You System

Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam

What I don’t like about Get Weekly Paychecks is the fact that their marketing material makes it seem easy to bank money promoting this business.

That’s very misleading.

Similarly, making money online is hard to do and it takes a tremendous amount of work and sacrifice.

Therefore, the owners of Get Weekly Paychecks aren’t being honest about the marketing aspect of what you will get involved with.

Here is another fact about Get Weekly Paychecks I don’t like: This is basically a “Done-For-You” system.

Every person that will be joining Get Weekly Paychecks will have to use the same sales funnel.

Since Get Weekly Paychecks and Motor Club of America are basically done-for-you systems, it will be extremely difficult for your website to rank on the search engines.

Similarly, having your site rank well on Google, Yahoo and Bing will determine the amount of free, organic traffic you will get.

The search engines HATE done-for-you systems and will not rank them!

A simple question to ask is, so, how would every individual using this platform get to stand out?

If you are really serious about building an online business, why would you limit yourself to promoting MCA, which is a glorified towing service?

You need to be sure of this because there are several ways of making money online.

How Do You Actually Make Money?

Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam

Let me make this absolutely clear:

There is no such “system” where all you have to do is “plug-in and profit”!

Plug-in and profit is a total LIE! There is actual WORK involved building a online business.

Let’s take a closer look into the step by step way Get weekly Paychecks is claimed to work:

First, an ad will have been created for you to copy and paste.

Second, you will paste the ads you copy on your various social media platforms where you want the ad campaign to run.

Third, all you need to do is to supposedly “sit back” and be paid $90 for every MCA membership that is recruited through your sales funnel.

Similarly, what I just described sounds simple and easy, doesn’t it?

However, it is not that easy. It’s NEVER that easy!

Copying and pasting ads to your social media account will never give you much money.

In fact, you can lose a lot of money on paid ads if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Also, buying advertising on social media should never be done unless you absolutely know what you’re doing and are willing to potentially lose money.

Advertising on free social media traffic can hardly make you $500-$2k in a week. This is almost impossible.

Get Weekly Paychecks reminds me of other online make money opportunities I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Limitations of The Get Weekly Paychecks System

From my research, the following are the limitations of this product

  • With the Get Weekly Paychecks system, you can only sell one product which is the MCA membership. 
  • You will get tired of copying and pasting to sell MCA memberships.
  • There is not much motivation to buy a roadside assistance / towing membership 
  • You cannot buy or sell any other products and you cannot post other content on the MCA website. You are stuck with promoting ONLY your MCA membership.
  • The product you are selling does not go beyond the USA and Canada. 
  • This is limiting when you can make much more money for Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia, and others with your online business. 
  • You Don’t Own Anything – Get Weekly Paychecks is not a system and it’s not owned by you. 
  • Everything you get from Get Weekly Paychecks / MCA including the landing page isn’t yours! 
  • If they decide to shut down everything you have invested – your time, money, and efforts – you will be left with nothing. 
  • Remember that you cannot have control over their business. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL with a done-for-you business.

The Costs of Get Weekly Paychecks

Get Weekly Paychecks will be charging you $25 monthly.

This is pretty greedy as far as I am concerned.

Get Weekly Paychecks will be making money off you immediately after you sign up to their sales funnel.

Although you won’t be paying in thousands of dollars, you will be charged about $65 upfront after which you will be paying $45 (more or less) every month.

Without promoting MCA, your one-time cost for joining the MCA affiliate program will be $39.95.

Afterward, you will have to pay $19.95 every month for active membership in order to earn.

Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam?

I do not recommend Get Weekly Paychecks even though I wouldn’t call it a scam.

The reasons why I won’t say it is a scam are because:

1. They are promoting MCA membership and will be providing you with a system, training, and a lot of how-to-dos.

2. They are sincere about giving you information on what you are getting into. You are never misled into promoting a business you are unsure of.

3. The sales video on their site is relatively straightforward about what the MCA membership is all about.

4. Every member will be getting the same landing page as yourself

5. It is also important to note that it will be very difficult to generate $500 – $2K on a weekly basis promoting Get Weekly Paychecks and Motor Club of America.

However, in reality, it takes a lot of time to make large amounts of money online.

It is not easy to make money online, I must say.

However, my #1 Recommendation for learning how to make money online has helped thousands of ordinary people.

It’s helped them to learn affiliate marketing so well that they’ve been able to replace their full-time income in a matter of months.

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