Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam Or $500+/Day System?

Have you wondered about this product as well?

It clams to make you money quickly and without a lot of work, specifically with “just 17 clicks in 5 minutes.”

I certainly have wondered about the claims this platform makes! That’s why I wrote this post!

Is this not another scam platform separating people from their money?

Although Clickbank is a legitimate affiliate network, Five Minute Profit Sites is on the Clickbank platform.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of these type of “products” on Clickbank.

My review of Five Minute Profit Sites will shed light on the true nature of this and explain why I would not get involved in this system.

Five Minute Profit sites seems like another so-called “business opportunity” that’s all hype and very little substance.

What Is Five Minute Profit Sites?

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

Above is an image from the sales video of the “spokesperson” for Five Minute Profit Sites.

Supposedly her name is Samantha Smith.

However, in the disclaimer of the sales video, Samantha Smith is not her real name. It’s a pen name.

Also, she never tells you who the real owners of this online business are.

The Product: Five Minute Profit Sites

Price: $37 at first, afterwards up sells of $197, $97

Rating: 0 out of 5

Overview: No matter how hard you try to make this work, Five Minute Profit Sites will never make you money in five minutes! Period.

The unknown “owners” of Five Minute Profit Sites claims to use secret software to generate hundreds every day.

With just “17 clicks in 5 minutes”, the system is said to be able to make a person access the secret to quick riches and earn money from the comfort of your home.

Are you kidding?


This I can promise: no one has built a sustainable, long-term profitable business with “just 17 clicks in 5 minutes.”

For the so-called “owners” of Five Minute Profit Sites to make such a phony claim is totally irresponsible.

Online marketing takes months, sometimes years of hard work before you reach the point where you are making exceptionally great money.

As I show in my Wealthy Affiliate review, many ordinary people like you and I are succeeding in making money online.

They do it with hard work, and a sacrifice of time, not with some shiny object like Five Minute Profit Sites.

Why This Will Not Make You Money

To be blunt, Five Minute Profit Sites is a crappy, cheap so-called “system” that will not make you money.

It’s designed to make money for the owners of this FAKE product,

This is your average get-rich-quick scam similar to the following programs I’ve reviewed:

However, there are a few specific reasons why these types of sites won’t work.

They’ll not going to tell you but I will.

Google and Other Search Engines Don’t Like One Page Sites

The “website” you’ll get with Five Minute Profit Sites is only one page and you can’t create content for it.

The way to get free, organic traffic to your website on a daily basis is by providing useful, meaningful content to your readers.

You can’t do this with your one page site and it will never rank high enough on the search engines to get free traffic.

Similarly, if you can’t provide content to your website, your business is dead before you even get started.

You can’t build an online business by just advertising and buying traffic alone.

When you’re just starting out, advertising is expensive and not a smart move.

You can run through hundreds if not thousands of dollars before you see one red cent in profit.

Therefore, getting free, organic traffic from proper search engine optimization is always a better idea than advertising alone.

One page sites, also known as “done-for-you” sites, should not be used as a long term business strategy.

This Is Not A Good Business Model

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

When Five Minute Profit Sites creates your one page site, you don’t actually own it.

Since your one page site will be hosted on their servers, they will have complete control over it.

Think about this: What will happen to your website if the “owners” decide they’ve had enough and shut down Five Minute Profit Sites?

Then your “business” is gone.

If the “owners” of Five Minute Profit Sites disappear off the face of the earth, so will your website, and there’s not a thing you can do about it.

You have ZERO control over what happens to your website.

Is that what you really want?

No Training on Traffic Generation

As I mentioned earlier, generating traffic is an absolute MUST.

Your website may be outstanding, but you don’t have traffic going to it on a regular basis, you will never make consistent, life-changing money.

The “build it and they will come” mentality does not work in internet marketing.

You cannot create a Five Minute Profit Site and expect readers to visit it.

That’s NOT how it works.

The problem with Five Minute Profit Sites is there is ZERO training of generating traffic to your site.

None. Not one sentence or video.

They certainly don’t give you any help here. There is no training on any of this.

You are left on your own to figure out one of the most difficult aspects of online marketing – traffic generation.

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam – Zero Testimonials

Usually this is the place where I document the FAKE testimonials that are displayed in a phony program.

However, I find it odd that Five Minute Profit Sites does not show the usual FAKE testimonials showing how people are making a fortune with very little work.

When I think about it, they don’t have testimonials of this product working because it doesn’t work.

Perhaps the “owners” decided they wanted to dispense with the lies and shenanigans connected with the use of FAKE testimonials.

Without testimonials showing that your product works, you’re basically saying your product does NOT work by default.

The bottom line is no one has really made money with it except the owners.

My Conclusion On Five Minute Profit Sites

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam

Five Minute Profit Sites was designed as a cheap funnel to promote other garbage ClickBank products – a total waist of time and money

As I update this blog post in 2023, it seems that Five Minute Profit Sites is CLOSED.

Don’t believe this garbage that it’s “Sold Out…”

Five Minute Profit Sites has been removed – shut down.

Why is it closed?

Shouldn’t a platform with this much so-called potential be open to everyone ant all times?

Yes, it should.

However, Five Minute Profit Sites is not, because it’s a deeply flawed program.

In my opinion, Five Minute Profit Sites is a flat-out SCAM.

One good aspect with hosting a product on the ClickBank platform is that they are very good with giving refunds.

Clickbank has a 60 day refund policy that they adhere to.

My main reason for calling this a SCAM is the promises that this product makes do not come true.

Five Minute Profit Sites – An Example Of A Terrible Product

Five Minute Profit Sites is designed to play on your emotions and failes to deliver on the promises made in the sales video.

You will not make money with this if you cannot rank high enough in the search engines.

With a cookie-cutter website you can’t create content for, your business is basically going nowhere.

The search engines, especially Google, will see that hundreds of others have the exact same website you do and will

However, a better alternative is the platform I’ve used to build my online business.

The name of the platform is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to create an online business that is based on a niche of your choice andshow you how to make money from it.

If you want to check out my detailed Wealthy Affiliate review, then click here.

In the meantime, remember that Five Minute Profit Sites is “Sold Out!”.

What A Joke!

Talk Soon,


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