Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? – What You Need To Know

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? - What You Need To Know

When you see the opportunity Fast Income Generator says it can provide, the question arises:

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam you should avoid or can you actually make money with it?

Unlike my #1 recommendation for building a profitable online business, Fast Income Generator makes a lot of bold promises that it may not be able to fulfill.

Fast Income Generator claims to be a “work from home” opportunity with Amazon. The sales video states this is a brand new opportunity that will allow you to “exploit a $685 billion company”.

Also, they make the bold claim that with their “work from home kit” you can “add as much as $14,000 per month to your income”.

They claim you can do this with very little experience and a minimum of work.

However, I realized I’ve seen a similar page somewhere before.

When I figured it out and put the two together I knew that there were some shenanigans going on…

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam You Should Avoid? Let The Shenanigans Begin

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? - What You Need To Know

Amazon Cash Websites (pictured above) is a scam site that lures people into another program called (pictured below) Money Sucking Website System (or MSW System for short).

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? - What You Need To Know

However, people visiting Amazon Cash Websites get redirected to Money Sucking Website System.

Unfortunately, both of these programs are not legitimate.

It’s a scam that is ripping money out of your wallet at $47 to join.

The creators of these sites know full well that unsuspecting people looking for help financially will buy this garbage with the hope of making money online.

Fast Income Generator Review

  • Product: Fast Income Generator
  • Website: Various Websites
  • Price: $47
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Fast Income Generator Recommended?  Absolutely Not!

What Is Fast Income Generator About?

Fast Income Generator is a fake news report featuring a fake family with the sole purpose of getting you to buy the Money Sucking Website System.

You will watch a video that talks about how you can “quickly and easily” make $500 per day online with a simple website.

Notice how ALL of these SCAM sites love to use the words “quickly and easily”.

The first thing that pops out at you is the Amazon logo in the background and owner Jeff Bezos.

However, this is a deliberate effort to make this SCAM look legit and that’s why they use this image.

Scam marketers use these fake news stories called “advertorials”.

Advertorials look like fake news programs used as sales pitches on websites.

ALWAYS be skeptical of any website with so-called “news articles.”

Don’t be fooled by brand name logos or familiar faces on these fake news articles.

Their sole purpose is to build trust quickly – just enough confidence to suck your wallet dry.

Also, to prove my point about these fake news articles, at the bottom of the page you’ll see a disclaimer where these scammers actually admit using these advertorials in the fine print.

By admitting this they’re actually telling you they are scamming you!

How This Scam Works

These guys know unsuspecting people who look at their website don’t understand what’s involved in making money online.

They exploit your need for additional income by selling you a bag full of shenanigans and malarkey.

The sales video talks about how much money you will make and how easy it will be to make it.

Also, they tell you all you have to do is just set the system up and watch the cash start pouring into your bank account.

A LEGIT business building platform will NEVER make unrealistic promises or give false hopes.

In essence, these people flat out want your money and, they couldn’t care less about your results. They will create carefully crafted lies to get you to part with your hard-earned dollars.

They don’t care about you or your circumstances. All they want is your money.

After you get past the fake garbage in the sales video, you’ll end up on the order page where you will part ways with your $47.

However, all of these so-called “systems” have the same setup. You pay your money, in this case, $47, then are bombarded with annoying upsells.

What starts out with $47 ends up costing you a lot more money if you’re gullible enough to believe the sales pitches.

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam You Should Avoid? – True Signs of A SCAM

Let’s notice some hard facts about SCAMS:

When you hear about the wonderful story of Carol and Paul Miller in the sales video, it just warms your heart.

Well…IT’S FAKE. Here’s the picture of the FAKE family Paul and Carol Miller and the kids:

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? - What You Need To Know

Here’s where the FAKE family came from courtesy of Shutterstock:

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? - What You Need To Know

Here’s another one: the same “testimonial” for Paul and Carol Miller was also for another FAKE family, Chris and Karen Peters.

Notice how the text under both images is basically the same.

This one even has a yellow lab dog to get your emotions going!

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? - What You Need To Know

Obviously this is a completely different photo yet they have the exact same testimonial.

Unsuspecting, gullible, inexperienced people would fall for this garbage in a heartbeat.

Throughout the video and on the sales page supposedly are a whole bunch of people who’ve allegedly been making tons of cash from this so-called system.

More Fake Testimonials

Below is a testimonial for Fast Income Generator from paid actors on This truly has all the makings of a SCAM:

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? - What You Need To Know

Notice that the woman on the left is one of the supposed “testimonials” from  Fast Income Generator. She claims to have made $3,759 in a short period.

Meanwhile, as you can see from the picture on the right, this woman’s “testimonial” was nothing more than a paid actor from

To sum up, this is pure dishonesty made to look like a real success story.

Fake scarcity is another effective tool scammers use that works very well.

This page and the page lead you to, use fake scarcity to fool more people into buying.

Look at the image below. You see a timer embedded on the order page to make you think this is a “limited opportunity” with “limited spots available.”

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? - What You Need To Know

Why is this tactic used?

It’s a proven marketing fact that people who feel they are missing out buy at a much higher rate.

Scarcity is used to get people to buy on impulse and emotion.

Therefore, the reality is spots are NOT limited.

Try any given month and, you’ll see “Only 10 Spots Available” or “Only 6 Spots Available.”

Money Sucking Website System is full of it!

So, when the question is asked Is Fast Income Generator A Scam You Should Avoid, after considering the facts, the answer starts to become quite obvious.

Fast Income Generator is very similar to other “products” I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

A year from now this website will still say “only so-and-so spots are available”!

No doubt, this is classic 100% fake marketing at its best.

Conclusion: Avoid Fast Income Generator At All Costs

Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? - What You Need To Know

Fast Income Generator should be called “Fake Income Generator”.

The Money Sucking Website has the right name. It’s designed to suck your money right out of your wallet!

Therefore, both programs get my special Snake Oil Award! – aka Don’t Be A Sucker…

There’s no way on earth I will be recommending this to you.

Seriously, if you want to learn how to make real money online avoid ANYTHING that promises to be “quick and easy”.

Making money online requires real work and an investment of large amounts of time.

Also, websites like these are one of the main reasons people fail to earn money online – people fall for this fake garbage and once they find out they’ve been scammed they want nothing else to do with internet marketing.

These fake websites are littered all over cyberspace and give internet marketing a bad name.

There Is A Better Way

Like most people, my early attempts to make money online were a total disaster, but I eventually learned how to build a real online business and I want you to do the same.

However, I’ve been using a platform that’s been teaching affiliate marketing for over 12 years, and it’s the best place online to learn how.

The platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Therefore, if you’re serious about making money online, then you really need comprehensive training that will teach you how to build your online business.

You can pick a topic or “niche” you’re passionate about so you’ll be doing something you enjoy.

Check out my detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform so you can get an idea of how it can help YOU build your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need, all in ONE place.

It’s a step-by-step program that takes you by the hand and teaches you how to build an affiliate marketing business so you can quickly start to achieve your goals of making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate makes the whole process of building an online business just that much easier.

Each module or lesson contains a complete analysis of what’s working today so you can easily and almost instantly gain an understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

With a free account, you get to try out Wealthy Affiliate without any obligation.

That’s right – FREE – no credit card required!

With an opportunity like that, you literally have nothing to lose.

So, I hope you make the right choice… I know I did!

Talk Soon,


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4 thoughts on “Is Fast Income Generator A Scam? – What You Need To Know”

  1. Another very useful review. I can’t beieve how many scams are out there it is incredible. And so many people fall for it. I have fallen for a few myself. Thank you very much for explaining in details why people should go for this program and I will have a look at what you are reccomending, I have signed up for the free 7 days trail and it looks really promising

  2. People that are not experienced in the art of making money online are those that usually fall for these. You can hardly find a successful online entrepreneur falling for this. This is why it is always very important to do a lot of research before purchasing any online making money program as there are a lot of fakes out there.

    There are always signs to know these are fake and some of them have been pointed out in this post like fake testimonials, bold claims on making quick money and others and this is exactly the system fast system generator was going for that they even used fake family photos gotten from shutter stock to try and further sell their products.

    We all need to put on alert so we can identfy these scams and not fall for them.

  3. Thanks for this honest review on Fast income generator. It’d obvious that it us all scam and I can imagine many people that would have been a victim of this because they couldn’t have the opportunity to read a review line this. What they offer could be tempting but all are fake. They could even doctor a testimony to entice people. 

  4. Great review about the fast income generator Howard… this has all the elements of a scam, for sure!

    Fake testimonials, actors from Fiverr, fake images, false income claims, and claims of “easy money”…

    This has all of the red flags of many similar scams I have seen on the Internet over the last few years of working online!

    It’s such a shame that there are so many of these scam programs out there that they tend to taint the legit online programs with the same brush!

    Thankfully, reviews such as this shed a light on these rubbish programs… thanks 🙂


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