Is Comex Trades A Scam? – 6500% ROI?

Is Comex Trades A Scam?

Welcome, today I’ll be reviewing COMEX Trades and endeavor to answer the question Is Comex Trades A Scam?

It’s an investment opportunity that has popped up recently and I’ve decided to look a little closer.

You might have been approached by somebody from the company who claimed that you would be able to make 6500% returns on your investment (ROI) with them.

You have now come here to see whether it’s legit or not.

I have good news for you. I will be walking you through COMEX Trades, their merchandise if any, and compensation plan so you’ll be able to take the correct decisions.

PAY really close attention to all the facts as you read through this post till the very end…

Is Comex Trades A Scam? – Company Overview

Is Comex Trades A Scam?

When you visit their website you’ll notice that there is absolutely no information about who operates or manages the company.

After I viewed the company’s marketing video, we find out that someone named “Raymond Stokes,” is acting as their CEO.

I say “acting” in all seriousness because this marketing video looks like a bunch of actors were lip-syncing their parts. The words didn’t look like they were naturally coming out of their mouths.

“Raymond Stokes” looks like he’s reading from some que cards.

This “sales video” borders on comedy because it’s so absolutely fake and lip-synced.

Look at this scam video fro yourself:

This sales video looked pretty fishy to me.

Also, it seems the office is a rented one…As a matter of fact, this is a rented office!

Raymond Stokes does not exist anywhere outside of COMEX Trades, which means that he has no digital footprints.

This means that the CEO is fake, another growing trend with these latest investment businesses.

The company’s domain ‘’ has been privately listed on December 31, 2018.

COMEX Trades did not exist previous to December 23, 2019, as that was the time when COMEX Ltd. was created in the United Kingdom.

Here’s what you need to understand about UK incorporation – it’s is dirt cheap and effectively unregulated.

The UK is a favored jurisdiction for scammers looking to incorporate shady companies and many scam businesses take this route to establish themselves.

many scam business take this route to establish themselves.

COMEX Trades is falsely asserting that they’ve been functioning from April 22, 2019, onward.

A fake CEO is falsely asserting that they’ve been functioning for more time than they have existed; yeah, this sounds about legit…. or not.

Comex Trades is similar to other multi-level business opportunities I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Comex Trades Has No Merchandise For Retail Sale

Is Comex Trades A Scam?

The company does not have any retail services or products whatsoever. You will be able to become an associate and market their associate membership program though.

To top it off, you will be able to invest with the company for maybe receiving guaranteed returns on your investments.

Compensation and Joining Costs

COMEX Trades associates invest between $10 and $500k based on these promise advertised return:

  • Till 20 days, every day 2.1%
  • Till 35 days, every day 2.5%
  • Till 55 days, every day 3.5%
  • Above 35 days, 650%
  • Above 55 days, 1500%
  • Above 70 days, 3000%
  • Above 100 days, 6500%

Referral fees are paid for the deposited funds based on 3 levels as percentages:

  • 5% for Level 1 (individually sponsored associates)
  • 2% for Level 2
  • 1% for Level 3

COMEX Trades associate membership does not attract any fees.

If you wan to become a part of this investment opportunity you have to invest between $10 and $500k.

Is Comex Trades a Scam?

Is Comex Trades A Scam?

So, is COMEX Trades a scam or not?

Although it’s my opinion, I believe it’s safe to say that Comex Trades is a SCAM.

We’ll quickly review some facts again…

Their CEO is not real, and I could not find digital information about him on the internet.

The company does not have any retail services or products, which according to government regulators makes this a pyramid system or a Ponzi scheme.

Other than this, the company is offering securities as they’re promising indirect returns.

Still, they have not registered themselves with any government authorities for doing this…

Their claims are:

COMEX Trades offers its clients a profitable investment opportunity in trading futures in the commodity market, the stock market and the foreign exchange market as well as in a relatively young cryptocurrency market.

You don’t have any proof for this and there have been no 3rd party audits as they are providing securities in an illegal manner.

If someone has figured out ways to get 6500% returns on investment every hundred days, why on earth would they need your money?

Anyone with that type of investing skill would be on every TV interview show you can think of telling people that they’ve found a way to get 6500% ROI in around 3 months.

Anyways, newly deposited funds are being used to pay off existing associates…

Once the enrollments slow down, COMEX Trades will go down.

The fake CEO or the administrators behind the business are just going to start another business and create another scam all over again.

I cannot recommend this business…

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