Is Clicxads A Scam Or A Platform You Can Trust?

Is Clicxads A Scam Or A Platform You Can Trust?

Welcome –  You are here reading this Clicxads review because you want to know Is Clicxads A Scam?

Can you make money with this online platform?

Clicxads is a platform that allegedly gives you the opportunity to earn money by recruiting people and buying adpacks.

If you are reading this, it means you’re probably wondering Is Clicxads A Scam?

The answer to that is provided in this review.

All you need to know about Clicxads, from its background information, the sign-up fee to how money can be made from it, and more, are discussed below.

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know if this company is good for you.

Let’s get started!

Is Clicxads A Scam – Clicxads Summary

  • Product: Clicxads
  • Business model: Adpacks, recruiting
  • Price to join: Free to .004619 BTC per month
  • Overall rating: 0 / 5

You earn money at Clicxads when you invest in adpacks and help the company to recruit people.

The problem here is that the company has no product, and its revenue entirely comes from the investment made by newly recruited members.

As a result of this, Clicxads can be classified as a pyramid or Ponzi scheme that is certainly bound to fail.

Stay away from it completely.

What is Clicxads?

Is Clicxads A Scam Or A Platform You Can Trust?

It is basically a recruitment and investment opportunity.

In addition, while it is revealed on the company’s YouTube channel that the owner/CEO is Frank Nii Okanta Ankrah from Ghana, this information is not listed on the website.

Is Clicxads A Scam Or A Platform You Can Trust?

When the owner is not mentioned on their own website or is purposely hiding his or her identity, that’s a HUGE red flag.

Ankrah, who is a known digital marketer from Ghana, Africa, did not have any prior negative MLM experiences on his resume.

In other words, at this point, we didn’t find anything negative about him on the web.

With Clicxads I’ve mentioned, money can only be made here in two ways:

1. Build a downline and. recruit people into the system

2. Start an investment in adpacks and get a return after a particular period of time.

Does It Have Any Red Flags?

It has a lot of red flags, and one of utmost concern is that the company is a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

Moreover, another red flag is that Nii Okanta Ankrah has been involved in some way with other pyramids/Ponzi schemes such as:

  • Appi Travels
  • Global Dynamic Marketing
  • iMarketsLive
  • Dunamis Network

You will definitely agree with me that when someone gets involved in lots of bad businesses and companies, it is indeed a bad sign.

You should have trust in the owner of any website you decide to do business with.

Similarly, since you can’t physically meet the owner or probably will never have a conversation with the owner, then how do you trust them.

You trust them by their previous online history.

If the owner of a website has a history of getting involved with a pyramid or Ponzi schemes, then why on earth would you trust your money with that individual?

As a matter of fact, Clicxads is similar to other scam cryptocurrency MLM websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Is Clicxads A Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, it is!

Although not every business that uses a multi-level recruiting system is a pyramid scheme, this one obviously is.

The suspicious thing about Clicxads is that it doesn’t offer any real service or product, which means that its only source of revenue is recruitment.

This is the classic Pyramid Scheme 101.

In most cases, money can only be made by those at the top of the pyramid, who usually have a very large number of recruited members beneath them.

Since recruitment can’t continue forever, there is a 100% guarantee that at some point the pyramid scheme will fail.

It becomes impossible to pay everyone when there is a decline in recruitment.

Pyramid schemes are considered 100% illegal in nearly all countries.

Is Clicxads A Ponzi Scheme?

As far as Ponzi schemes go, Yes it is!

A company is regarded as a Ponzi scheme when it only generates income from new investments.

Once more, no service or product is involved here.

You receive money after a certain period of time when you invest in an adpack.

The new investment made by people who buy adpacks is absolutely where this money comes from.

In essence, when someone makes an investment, that money is used to pay those who have invested earlier.

So, when there are no new investments, which is inevitable, what happens?

The system will collapse due to insufficient funds for payout.

Ponzi schemes are not any different from pyramid schemes, as they are also considered illegal in almost every country.

What Are The Required Fees For Joining Clicxads?

Clicxads has three different levels with different costs, which include:

  • Basic (Free)
  • Professional (.001733 BTC)
  • Enterprise (.004619)

The higher your payment, the higher your earnings.

Clicxads Compensation Plan

There are different components of the compensation plan of the business.

The possible ways of making money from the business are explained below:


One way of making money here is to invest Bitcoin and get a return on your investment.

The level you subscribe to will determine how much you earn.

Depending on your level, you can get the following returns:

  • Basic (capped at 105% returns)
  • Professional (capped at 111% returns)
  • Enterprise (capped at 115% returns)

Referral Commissions

By recruiting people into the system and building your downline, you can get money in the form of commissions at all levels.

The commissions paid for each membership level are as follows:

  • Basic level membership gets a 3% commission on personally recruited affiliates.
  • Professional level membership gets 4% on level 1 and 1% on level 2.

Enterprise-level membership gets 5% on level 1, 2% on level 2, and 1% on level 3.

Clicxads Pros And Cons

Here are my likes and dislikes about this company.


I don’t like anything about Clicxads.


  • Questionable leadership: Various other pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes have also been run by the owner of this company. This is definitely a serious sign of trouble.
  • Ponzi/pyramid scheme: The company has no real products, and new investment is its sole source of income. Therefore, this makes it a ponzi scheme. It also has a multi-level recruitment structure, which makes it a pyramid scheme. Both schemes are considered illegal in many countries and their collapse is inevitable.
  • Pay to play: The pay to play in the company’s compensation plan – where you earn more when you pay more – is another serious concern. It is advisable to join a program that rewards you based on your performance instead of how much you invest.

Is Clicxads a Scam?


The business model is not only horrible, but it is also a pure scam (Ponzi scheme with a pyramid structure).

Considering that the business can collapse at any moment, it is very possible that you may not make any money.

As soon as new investment stops coming, the scheme collapses and everything is over.

It is a completely bad opportunity that everyone needs to avoid.

Clicxads Update September 2020

It NEVER fails – websites like eventually bite the dust.

At the time of this update, when you try to pull up the URL, you will see the following:

Clicxads are history.

Make no mistake about it – Ponzi and pyramids eventually collapse from the weight of their own dishonesty.

Also, guys like Frank Nii Okanta Ankrah will start another scheme in an attempt to lure unsuspecting, trusting individuals to fork over their hard-earned money.

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