Is Cash4Clickz A Scam – What You Need To Know

Is Cash4Clickz A Scam Or Will You Be Clicking To The Bank?

If you’re reading this blog post, you are no doubt wondering Is Cash4Clickz A Scam?

You may have come across this website and you’re wondering Is this a scam? Is it legit? What exactly is it?

I reviewed a lot of sites like this, so I’m just going to tell you without hesitating that this website is a SCAM, and I’m going to show you why.

And I’m also going to talk about a real way to make money online if you stick around to the end of this blog post.

Cash4Clickz Has Fake Testimonials

First of all, let’s take a look at these testimonials down here, and then I’m going to scroll back up there for a second.

Okay. So we’ve got this girl here. I’ve seen this girl before on other fake websites. She’s on CashOG, NiceCash, Influencer Cash, and Paid 4 Clouts.

On Cash4Clickz, she is known as Ashlee N:

Is Cash4Clickz A Scam Or Will You Be Clicking To The Bank?

However, on CashOG, She is known as “Ambria N.”

Is Cash4Clickz A Scam Or Will You Be Clicking To The Bank?

Here she is AGAIN on a scam website called Paid4Clout:

Is Cash4Clickz A Scam Or Will You Be Clicking To The Bank?

All these websites are exact clones of one another and they’re all just the same testimonials. They’re the same website.

The other testimonials are fake as well, because the other images have been used on other websites to promote the lies that people are making money from there websites.

They’re all the same thing, and they’re all shady, and they’re all scams.

Cash4Clickz Has Fake Proofs Of Payment

Is Cash4Clickz A Scam Or Will You Be Clicking To The Bank?

Cash4Clickz is promising you can make $500 per day, get a $25 sign up bonus, and invite friends and get $10 for everyone you invite.

Really? I’ve seen these fake promises and payment proofs before.

Cash4Clickz claims to have paid over $68 million dollars to over 225,000 members.

Now here’s a big red flag.

If you go to go the Whois database and input, you will see that this website was registered on 10/22/2019.

At the time of writing this blog post, Cash4Clickz would have been in existence for less than 1 year.

How on earth would they have been able to pay out $68 million dollars in a span of 8 to 9 months?

Frankly, that’s absolutely not possible!

Cash4Clickz Won’t Pay You

Cash4Clickz has given the impression that they’ve paid out money to many of its affiliates.

However, Cash4Clickz has never paid anyone; it’s a bogus website that tries to lure people to join and collect their information. 

The Better Business Bureau has warned consumers about websites that claim to be “the #1 Influencer Site” on the web.

These are nothing more than data harvesting sites that are set to collect your personal information so they can spam the living daylights out of you.

The owners of websites like Cash4Clickz also sell your personal information to third-party black-market vendors who endeavor to use your identity and siphon money from your bank accounts and credit cards.

Cash4Clickz Has Major Red Flags

Let’s briefly review the reasons why you want to stay away from Cash4Clickz:

  • Cash4Clickzs has an unknown owner
  • they show over-hyped earnings.
  • they don’t pay anyone, though they claim that they pay a good amount of money.
  • you won’t get paid even though you show money accumulating on your dashboard.
  • using absolutely fake testimonials.
  • the same testimonials are published on all the #1 Influencer sites.
  • Cash4Clickz has not provided any training.
  • The owners of Cash4Clickz has not provided a privacy policy to explain how your personal data may get used.
  • all #1 Influencer sites are blacklisted by BBB.

I have reviewed some similar scam products before like:

Instead of wasting time and money with fake sites like Cash4Clickz, if you’re serious about making money online you need to give serious thought to building your own online business.

Update April 2020 – Cash4Clickz Is No Longer Working

When you type in, you get a message saying “This domain may be for sale.”

It’s as I’ve said for years: Scammers put up a fake website, collect as much information as they can, and sell your information to the highest bidder.

This type of scam has been going on for decades.

The reason why these scumbags are hard to catch is because right at the point where people start to notice the whole operation is a scam, the owners of the website shut it down.

Afterwards, they build another fake website and start the process all over again.

Rince and repeat.

At this point, the primary defense you have against creeps like these is to know how to spot a FAKE website or so-called business opportunity.

This is why I HIGHLY recommend that you seriously consider building your own online business where YOU are in control and you can learn to make a life-changing income.

Build Your Own Online Business With Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a step-by-step program that takes you by the hand and teaches you how to build an affiliate marketing business so you can quickly start to achieve your goals of making money online. 

Wealthy Affiliate makes the whole process of building an online business just that much easier. 

Each module or lesson contains a complete analysis of what’s working today so you can easily and almost instantly gain an understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

In return this allows you to create a high-converting website of your own in a fraction of the time. 

However, you might be wondering how you’re going to figure out the technical aspects of building your business. 

I Know Exactly How You Feel

In fact, I felt the same way when I started!

And up until recently, there really was a brutal learning curve.

In fact, it was worse than most people realize!

But with Wealthy Affiliate, I found a simple way to get my website built that’s 100% tech-free.

I was able to build everything in a few days, and it was so easy …

I didn’t even have to read the directions!

In fact, there was no software to install, no “code” of any kind.

When I think about it …it was actually fun!”

Even better, you can create a FREE account so you can try out Wealthy Affiliate and actually have a look around without spending one dime.

You can keep the FREE account as long as you need to.

The Premium Membership is only $49 dollars a month – or you can save money by paying your membership annually.

Check out what these folks have to say about getting extraordinary results with Wealthy Affiliate:

Is Cash4Clickz A Scam Or Will You Be Clicking To The Bank?

Is Cash4Clickz A Scam Or Will You Be Clicking To The Bank?

Is Cash4Clickz A Scam Or Will You Be Clicking To The Bank?

The choice is yours, my friend…

Before you decide that this is not the right time or you’re “too tired” or you have “other commitments”, consider these words:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

The above words, from motivational speaker Jim Rohn, are a fact of life.

I’m fully convinced I’ve made the right decision by building my business with Wealthy Affiliate…

What are you going to do?

Talk soon,


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