Is Cash Website Success Legit – What You Need To Know

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

Is Cash Website Success Legit?

Absolutely NOT!

You may be asking why jump out against Cash Website Success right at the beginning of your blog post?

I’ll tell you why.

Look at this screenshot for Cash Website Success.

Notice in the top left corner it says “Cash Website Success”

So is it “Cash Website Success” or is this “Amazon Cash Websites”?

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

Wait…It gets better.

Is it “Amazon Cash Websites”?

Or is this “Real Profits Online“?

Wait! Is this “Money Sucking Websites“?

This screenshot was also used for Prime Time Profits and Fast Income Generator

Just what the heck is going on here?

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

Here’s what really makes me angry:

There are tens of thousands of people looking for a legitimate way to make money online.

However, when you see CRAP like this, it becomes very difficult to know who you can trust!

Cash Website Success Quick Overview

  • Name: Cash Website Success
  • Websites: OR OR whatever else they come up with.
  • Created by: “Willy Hancock” This is the owners fake name that is used in other SCAM products!
  • Price$47: Absolutely not worth it!

Is Cash Website Success Legit –  Are You Kidding?

Cash Website Success is a scam, pure and simple.

Money-grabbing scammers are heavily promoting these and the other websites I’ve mentioned. 

These crap websites are heavily promoted through email marketing.

The sole purpose of these websites is to take as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

This is done through emails sent by money-hungry scammers eager to extract cash from you.

All of these cloned websites use highly manipulative, dishonest shenanigans to emotionally suck you in so you will buy.

What you get from these garbage websites are the following:

  • fake earnings
  • false promises of so-called potential earnings
  • FAKE testimonials
  • False names of people who don’t exist
  • absolutely zero support if you need help
  • FAKE news reports

Look at the RIDICULOUS number of domain names used to promote these SCAM websites.

Look at how many domains these SCAMMERS use and rotate to keep these sites running!

This shows the level of dishonesty these individuals will go to in order to take your money.

Here is probably a partial list of domains used by these scammers. I’m sure there are more of them:


This is only a partial list. I could list at least 8 to 10 more domain names used by these scammers!

These people are ruthless and only care about one thing: how much money they can TAKE from unsuspecting victims at the end of the day.

Can We Stop With The FAKE News And Testimonials?

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

You’ll notice that all of these sites have a FAKE news report.

This fake news supposedly shows how making money online from home is the hot new trend.

They will show you the “happy” family of Karen and Chris Peters.

They even show smiling children to pull at your emotions…

All thanks to Cash Website Success.

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

Fake, Phony, and a Fraud!

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

This lady below is seen on quite a few FAKE make-money online products.

I guess business must be booming for FAKE testimonials.

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

Totally FAKE. She’s hired from

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

The same with this guy. 

I’ve seen him on other make-money-online sales videos.

He regularly relates how well he’s doing with these so-called programs…

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

Here is another FAKE testimonial used to mislead unsuspecting newbies!

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

Another “testimonial” for Cash Website Success…

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

Another paid actor providing a community service for us all…

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

You Won’t Get Fooled Again Because You Read This Blog

One of the reasons this blog, BIG Online Profits, was created is to help people avoid the traps set by online scammers.

Internet marketing is BRUTAL and UNFORGIVING.

You have to be able to avoid the SCAMS or you won’t last very long in this business.

I don’t mince words letting my readers know if a so-called program is LEGIT or a SCAM.

However, you can navigate through all of the CRAP and learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Making money through affiliate marketing is very lucrative!

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I use and have used for years.

They teach the right way to build an online business!

As a matter of fact, Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for close to 13 years!

They’ve had only ONE domain name for the entire 13 years, unlike the scam websites we’ve discussed in this post. 

Cash Website Success is similar to other scam websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

What You Don’t Get With Wealthy Affiliate

With Wealthy Affiliate, here’s what you DON”T get:

  • No FAKE “testimonials”
  • You don’t get exaggerated income claims
  • No false earnings screenshots
  • You don’t get promises of building a business “overnignt” or “in one weekend”
  • Never any fake owners – The real owners of Wealthy Affiliate are openly accessable to all members
  • No wild claims of “push-button” businesses that run on their own
  • There are no “magic bullets” or “secret formulas” or “secret systems” 
  • No promises of making money with little to no work 

The reason I, along with thousands of others, really like Wealthy Affiliate is they don’t hide anything!

Everything you need to build your business is provided with zero additions or upsells.

Will Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work For Me?

Let me say this as plain as I can:

The Wealthy Affiliate platform was designed for someone with 0 experience.

It’s designed to help ordinary people build extraordinary incomes.

The best way to show you is to give you an actual example of someone who is successful using Wealthy Affiliate.

The Story Of Chris Myles

Is Cash Website Success Legit - What You Need To Know

If you want to know if Wealthy Affiliate works for the ordinary guy, check out the story of Chris Myles.

He’s known in the Wealthy Affiliate community as “BenjisDad”

Let me say that this type of testimonial has been repeated thousands of times over with Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is Chris’s story in his own words:


As the father of a new family, I was immediately met with pressure to care for the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of my wife and new son.

This new pressure was compounded when my wife and I decided that she would quit her job of 8+ years to become the prototypical stay-at-home mom and care for our son.

All of a sudden we had to get used to being a family with one income and fast!

My day job paid decently well, but I needed a way to replace the income that my wife had brought in for all this time. Also, I wanted to diversify.

Believe me, I tried everything.

Youtube channel, moonlighting as a DJ on the weekends, doing other odds and end work, just trying to generate some funds.

These things were nice, and I made a little money with it but there were a few problems…

It was not bringing in enough income.

These activities took too much time away from the family on top of my regular 9-5 job.

It took too much time to cultivate with no ending in sight.

I needed a way to generate a “Passive Income”. Income that I did not have to do much work to cultivate.

Chris Miles AKA “BenjisDad”

Fast Forward To February 2020…And Check Out What Happened To Chris Myles.

It’s a REAL eye-opener.

I’m not going to tell you here…You need to read it for yourself.

When you finish reading his experience for yourself, it will have a greater impact.

After you read what happened to Chris Myles, if you are in a similar situation in YOUR life, you will know what to do.

You will know exactly what you need to do!

Talk Soon,


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