Is Brand Institute Legit Or A Survey Site That’s A Waist?

Is Brand Institute Legit Or A Survey Site That's A Waist?

Brand Institute is a site where you make money for taking surveys; however, many want to know Is Brand Institute Legit?

To know if this survey platform is a scam or legit site, ensure you read this Brand Institute review completely.

Once you are done reading, you can tell if this platform is a scam, and if it is suitable for you.

Is Brand Institute Legit – Quick Summary

  • Company name: Brand Institute
  • Registration cost: Free
  • Rating: 3/10
  • Recommendation: Not recommended

Brand Institute is a firm that offers paid surveys and assist businesses with branding. I still don’t recommend Brand Institute even though it is legit and there are no reports of money theft.

Expect very few survey offers from Brand Institute; if you don’t meet the demographics needed for a particular survey, you have a slim chance of qualifying for surveys available.

Therefore, earning a decent amount of money will not be an easy task.

You Don’t Get A Lot Of Surveys

Is Brand Institute Legit Or A Survey Site That's A Waist?

Let’s discuss surveys in general before we talk about surveys at Brand Institute.

I don’t know if you have observed how a lot of survey sites make it look like you can easily earn good money, anywhere from $50 to $100 dollars or more when you participate in surveys.

However, that is nowhere close to the truth; if you have high hopes to earn good money on survey sites, think again.

If you’re fortunate, you can earn a few pennies when you participate in surveys that last about 30 minutes.

I have seen a lot of survey platforms, and many pay pennies after participating.

You get paid $0.1 sometimes for a survey or $0.5.

Similarly, trying to find survey website that pay more money is difficult to find!

Personally, trying to earn money through survey platforms is a poor use of valuable time, that’s why I hardly recommend it.

Imagine making $0.3 to $0.25 after working for a whole hour? It’s pointless if you ask me.

I recommend affiliate marketing if you are interested in making real money for your time.

Interestingly, Brand Institute has two types of surveys, non-medical and medical.

What happens is when surveys become available, you’ll receive an email notification.

Before you start the survey you’ll be able to see the length of the survey, what the survey is about, and how much money you can make from the survey.

Is Brand Institute Legit – How Do I Earn?

Brand Institute medical surveys can pay between $5 to $30 upon completion of the survey and can take from 15 to 45 minutes to finish.

Similarly, the “normal” surveys can pay anywhere from $2 to $5; this is more than the majority of survey websites pay out.

However, based on your demographics, you may only receive between 15 to 20 surveys a year – hardly enough surveys to make a full-time income.

However, although I’ve used the word demographics, with Brand Institute getting access to surveys seems to have more to do with your actual profession than your demographics.

Keep in mind that qualifying for a survey with Brand Institute is not an easy task.

Nevertheless, if you are a part of the medical or pharmaceutical field, then Brand Institute will be worth your time.

These rewards are high for a survey site, especially if you are a medical professional.

Basically, you can expect to get two to four surveys a month, which isn’t a lot.

Therefore, you still aren’t going to make much money, but you’ll make more than you would on other legit survey websites like

When you have been an active member for at least 6 months you may become eligible for VIP status.

Once you are upgraded to VIP, you don’t have to wait around for invitations anymore.

You will have access to an open survey page which allows you to view surveys for which you are qualified without an email invitation.

Although the site gives above average payment for surveys compared to many other survey sites, you will not be able to take very many.

How many, will depend on your demographics: where you live as well as a number of other things like your age, your health condition, your interests, your profession etc.

There are no prizes and no sweepstakes entries available in Brand Institute.

Taking surveys is the only way to make money on this platform.

But how is that possible when there are no surveys available after you sign up?

Brand Institute is in partnership with pharmaceutical organizations and other medical firms.

Therefore, if at all you receive a survey, it would be related to this niche.

How Do I Join Brand Institute?

Becoming a member of Brand Institute is simple.

You will be asked to provide your basic information: name, password, email address.

Also, you need to provide your address after filling out your information.

After you sign up, a welcome message will be sent to your mail, a link is attached, which you will be asked to click on to activate your account.

You will be able to take surveys when you click on the link forwarded to your email.

Unfortunately, very few surveys will be available immediately, and probably no survey at all.

Discontinues Referral Program

Referral programs are usually offered by survey platforms.

You earn a commission when someone joins using your link, and you earn when they partake in surveys.

However, Brand Institute does have a referral program, but it is no longer active.

Still, Brand Institute displays its referral program on the sidebar.

Receiving Surveys May Be Based On Your Profession Instead Of Demographics

Is Brand Institute Legit Or A Survey Site That's A Waist?

Usually, you will be given surveys when you join a survey platform.

You may not be offered the best surveys, but you can still make cents for your time since they have something to offer.

As mentioned earlier, I did not receive any surveys from Brand Institute when I signed up; I don’t know why, but it is a big turn off.

I feel the problem with no surveys is because their surveys are related to one primary demographic: having some connection to the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

The reason this may be true is upon account creation, they will ask if you have a family member in the health field.

However, you may not receive surveys if you don’t have someone in the health care industry.

Is Brand Institute Legit Or A Survey Site That's A Waist?

What I Like

Registration is free – But it is pointless since you will be getting very few surveys.

Higher fee for completing surveys – Compensation for surveys completed is above average from what most legit survey websites pay.

What I Don’t Like

  • No surveys – Joining a survey site that has no survey to offer is pointless. Expect nothing when you sign up. Another possible thing could be as a result of not fitting into the targeted demographic.
  • No earnings –You cannot make decent money from taking surveys, just “pennies on the dollar.”. However, you cannot make money on Brand Institute since there are no surveys to complete. Plus, you are paid peanuts after spending time to finish surveys. If you’re really good and really fortunate, you may make a dollar per hour from taking surveys.

Is Brand Institute Legit – My Verdict

Personally, I don’t feel Brand Institute is a scam, however, there is no need to join the site because it is worthless.

I have received a lot of surveys from different survey sites immediately after I sign up, and you can earn between 1-3 dollars.

Similarly, you can also earn from activities like playing games, watching ads, and so on.

The only way to make money with Brand Institute is to participate in surveys, but you will be getting very few, if any at all.

I did not see any survey when I signed up, and for some time after I signed up.

However, it may be possible to get a survey if you have someone in the medical field, but I doubt you will get survey even if you do.

From what I have seen so far, I don’t think any user of Brand Institute is satisfied; they are all displeased because they are not getting surveys.

Therefore, I don’t think you should join this platform since you cannot make money from it.

Regarding survey websites, you are literally working for pennies on the dollar when it comes to the amount of money you actually make in comparison to the amount of time spent on these surveys.

As a matter of fact, filling out surveys is one of the worst ways to make money online.

When you compare the amount of time spent with the money you make, the compensation isn’t worth it.

It doesn’t matter how active you try to be on these survey/GPT websites.

Regardless if you complete surveys, download cash offers, take polls, complete tasks and refer people to generate points and commissions, you will always make very little money.

Therefore, even if you try to combine a number of survey panels in an effort to make decent money, you will always fall short.

Survey panels were not designed for you to make good money from.

Another problem with survey websites is you don’t qualify for every survey and most survey websites don’t send you surveys on a regular basis.

Similarly, with survey/GPT websites, you are never in control of the money you make because you are not in control of the actual platform from which the surveys originate.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you can never rely on survey websites to make a full time income and that you really need to build your own online business.

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