Is Auvoria Prime A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Since this company is a multi-level marketing business in the foreign exchange market, many are wondering Is Auvoria Prime A Scam?

Their merchandise includes trading signals and “automated returns.”

They also have apps and give forex education.

However, the question remains Is this company legit? Can you make money with Auvora Prime?

Let’s find out.

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam – Let’s Take A Little History Lesson

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

What we have here in the form of Auvoria Prime is something that is NOT apparent to the gullible and inexperienced.

This is the third attempt by group of questionable characters to sell a non-profitable trading bot to clueless victims.

Let’s chart the history of this unsavory scheme.

This first started as SilverStar Live, which was a Forex trading bot securities’ fraud that rightly ended in a $75,000 CFTC fraud settlement to settle Commodity Exchange Act violations.

Did owners Hassan Mahmoud and Candace Ross-Mahmoud learn their lesson?


The Hassans resurrected the scheme and called it Eaconomy.

Hassan Mahmoud was running Eaconomy without Candace Ross-Mahmoud.

Hassan Mahmoud recruited the help of Sal Leto and named him Vice President of Operations.

We’ll get back to Sal Leto later…

On February 18, 2020 Eaconomy collapsed, apparently there was serious disagreements and infighting among the scammers running the business.

Imagine that! Real, honest scammers fighting among themselves!

On February 18, 2020, VPO Sal Leto and CTO Bill Wynne, submitted their resignation to Eaconomy.

They accused the Mahmoud’s with a hearty list of grievances among which they claimed that the Mahmoud’s violated their fiduciary duties to Eaconomy.

“Cry ‘Havoc!,’ and Let Slip The Dogs of War.”

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

A short time after Eaconomy’s collapse, Auvoria Prime surfaced.

Guess who is heading up Auvoria Prime? Chief Network Officer Sal Leto.

Apparently the scammers never settled their differences and when Auvoria Prime’s launched, Eaconomy filed a lawsuit in California on March 23rd.

Remember – Sal Leto was Eaconomy’s Vice President of Operations at the time.

This guy, Sal Leto, has his own unsavory history following him like a bad shadow.

Prior his activity with Eaconomy, Leto is best known for attempting to market a Ponzi scheme called OneCoin.

Leto attempted to market this scheme right here in the United States.

The OneCoin Ponzi scheme fell flat on it’s face and never saw the light of day.

When that failed Leto switched to iPro Network.

Was iPro Network a company without a shady background.


iPro Network was sued recently by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In the SEC”S lawsuit dated May 22nd, 2020 it’s alleged that iPro CEO Daniel Pacheco stole $26 million from investors.

The Rogues Gallery Of Scammers Keeps Getting Larger

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

There’s a rogues list of shady characters connected to the more of this drama but I’m trying to keep this blog post brief.

Getting back to Aurovria Prime, here are the rest of their executives:

  • Auvoria Prime’s Chief Financial Officer is Joshua Phair, who was brought on as an Eaconomy consultant in July 2019
  • Eaconomy’s former Chief Technology Officer Bill Wynne is now chief Technology Officer for Auvoria Prime.
  • Rosario Lopez is Auvoria Prime’s Corporate Director. Interestingly, Rosario Lopez is not her real name. It’s Sal Leto’s wife Vanessa Leto.

However, Sal Leto couldn’t help himself.

He recruited more scammers into the mix.

Leto hired Mariska van de Langenberg as Auvoria Prime’s Director of Compliance.

Compliance of what? Scamming?

Van de Langenberg was involved with the Eaconomy scam.

She also was the CEO of 5 Star Signals back in 2015.

5 Star Signals, was exposed as a pyramid scheme masquerading as an MLM trading opportunity.

Fortunately, 5 Star Signals was issued a securities fraud non-compliance fine by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (the AFM).

Insight Into The Mind Of A Scammer

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

What eventually happened to 5 Star Signals on Mariska van de Langenberg watch?

Not surprisingly, 5 Star Signals collapsed.

5 Star Signals collapsed amidst claims of $180,000 in commissions being stolen.

Subsequently, total investor losses remain unknown.

However, the more I researched this tangeled web of lies and deception, the more insight it gave me into the mind of a scammer.

What is facinating is while 5 Star Signals is under investigation, Mariska van de Langenberg chose not to respond to the AMF’s inquiries.

She just chose to ignore the serious charges she was accused of and forged ahead anyway.

Therefore, the AMF came to the conclusion that 5 Star Signals were offering what amounted to unregistered securities’.

Amazingly, Mariska van de Langenberg insists that 5 Star Signals’ unregistered securities’ offering is compliant and will not pay the fine.

Hows that for the mind of a scammer!

She chooses to ignore government regulations and keep doing business.

Scammers Refuse To Accept Personal Responsibility And Are Master Manipulators

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Scammers are mentally diseased. I’ve been able to come to that conclusion a long time ago.

Read this absolutely revolting quote from a Facebook post from van de Langenberg after the collapse of 5 Star Signals:

I have promoted opportunities that turned to scam in the past and have been even a topleader in a product based pyramid scheme that still goes around.

It is so easy to point a finger and play the blame game to a leader, to an upline.

BUT……no one has forced you to sign up, you all have been able to do your own due diligence, to do a sanity check on a business plan. YOU joined and you joined voluntarily for reasons that only you know.

Take that responsability (sic) yourself and admit you did a poor job or maybe even no job at all in researching an opp and owners before joining. You are very much to blame as well!

Mariska van de Langenberg

This woman is unbelievable.

However, I wanted you all to read this quote because this is EXACTLY how scammers think.

It’s YOUR FAULT you lots your money, not thiers.

YOU didn’t do your due dilligence.

This is online scum at it’s finest!

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam? You Bet – From TopTo Bottom!

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Yeah, you have a huge bunch red flags blaring at you.

I would get as far away from these scammers as possible.

These review some of wat we covered earlier in this post:

  • Auvoria Prime has a long list of scammers – People associated with the company are experienced scammers.
  • Sal Leto, the creator, has been associated with, Onecoin, $4 billion worldwide Ponzi system.
  • He was also associated with another fraudulent business scheme called Eaconomy. They are now filing a suit against him.
  • Unbelievably, he has been associated with ANOTHER fraudulent business scheme namely IPro Network. The SEC is presently suing as it is a pyramid strategy.
  • Not Registered Appropriately – If you are offering a passive investment opportunity (which the company is) you’ll have to register yourself with the appropriate regulatory offices in the countries you are function in.
  • As you register, you’ll give evidence of revenues and other relevant data to make certain you aren’t a Ponzi strategy.
  • The company doesn’t do it because it will show they are fabricating their revenue source. Their revenues come from new investments and not from a mystery algorithm which makes Forex deals.
  • US Banned – You aren’t allowed to market the company in the United States as it’s not appropriately registered. A huge red flag considering investment based MLM businesses.
  • If you are marketing this company in the United States, you most likely will be blamed for securities’ crime.

Auvoria Prime Is Using A Pyramid Strategy To Aquire Funds

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Essentially, there are two methods by which a pyramid strategy happens:

  • There are no items to be sold and enrollment is the sole way to earn money or there is merchandise and there are no bonuses for selling the items, leading to enrollment happening.
  • A major chunk of revenues are from associates buying and not by customers or clients buying.

Both of these things happen in this company. While you have a product their compensation plan is motivated towards enrollments.

This results in people most likely ignoring retail sales altogether and look to just enroll people who are looking to earn income as an associate and not through Forex trading.

Furthermore, if you would like to be capable of enrolling people you have to purchase the Ainsein / Alexander Package that costs $267 in advance, then $199 each month.

Again, many who enroll are looking to earn money through recruiting.

Logically, this tells you that the company’s revenues are going to originate from associates and not through retail selling.

It’s pyramid strategy 101.

The company is subject to change and devised to crumble in the future like other operations the proprietor was associated with previously.

Auvoria Prime’s Business Model Is Similar To A Ponzi Strategy

Yeah, I think it is.

A Ponzi strategy happens when a business is fabricating its investment opportunities and their sources of revenue.

Here, the company asserting to provide passive investment opportunities where one invests money and gets huge repayments.

The only problem is the company isn’t officially recorded anywhere that proves that they have a formula which is able to do this.

In truth, they do not have a mystery trading formula. If they have some secret formula, it’s not creating anything substantial.

As is with ponzi strategies, their actual source of money is new cash flow – so enrollment is motivated so much. This is why they ask new associates to buy a trading bundle.

The money from new cash flow is utilized to paying out people that invested earlier.

They are informed their repayments are from a trading bot that the company created, but it’s misinformation.

These strategies are essentially illegal worldwide and they are closely regulated in the United States.

This is why you are not permitted to market this in the United States.

It’s assured to collapse because new cash flow is eventually going to slow down.

When this happens, there will not be enough cash flow to give to your downline.

The scheme crumbles when this occurs and the majority will lose their investments.

This Is A No-Brainer!

The thing with an MLM business is that 99% people joining it lose money rather than making money with it.

We’re not talking about the SCAMS like Auvoria Prime.

This would include MLM’s which are legit and also have good merchandise or a solid compensation plan.

The company isn’t legal and it has a bad compensation plan meaning the success percentage is going to be even bleak.

Why the success percentage is bad is because MLM recruiting is hard.

For being successful with an MLM business, you’ll have to enroll like wild and have quite a few, if not a huge number of people downline.

Can you really enroll a huge number of people into this MLM strategy, maybe a few?

Do you want to really bring friends and family into an evident ponzi / pyramid schemes wherein they will most likely lose their investment.

No, you definitely don’t want to.

Auvoria Prime is similar to other SCAM network marketing operations I’ve reviewed:

Auvoria Prime Is A Hot Ghetto Mess

It’s fairly obvious.

You just have to look at Sal Leto’s history and the remuneration plan to decipher this.

Sal Leto is your regular serial swindlers visible in the MLM and investment worlds.

He bounces around from one to another constantly starting over as the businesses he associates with always crumble.

The compensation plan shows Auvoria Prime is the same as others that Sal Leto was associated involved with previously.

Everything is motivated towards enrollment, making it a pyramid business. 

Finally, they are not listed officially with any of the regulatory offices and haven’t proved their investment claims.


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