Is Ascira A Scam Or Big Money For Your Wallet?

Is Ascira A Scam Or Big Money For Your Wallet?

Are you deliberating on signing up on Ascira and wondering Is Ascira A Scam?

Can you make money as an associate of this company?

You will need to read through this brief blog review before making your decision.

One thing to note is that Ascira is still in its pre-launching stage, trying to establish its base around the globe.

A lot of people may want to join this MLM because of the seeming benefits Ascira offers, but it is crucial that you know if it’s something you want to get involved with.

Is Ascira A Scam – What Is Ascira?

Is Ascira A Scam Or Big Money For Your Wallet?

Ascira is an educational and travel MLM where members can make money by building a downline of other partners.

Ascira is not much different than the other educational and travel MLMs that are available today.

The pre-launch was supposed to end by March 2020, however, there are aspects of the business that is still not working 100%.

Unfortunately, the price to join Ascria is not cheap.

The range of price to become a member of Ascira is about $499-$4999.

Ascira has not created any retail opportunities at the moment, signifying that members would only be able to make money through recruiting new members.

Normally, this is the part of the review where I start to outline the specific products the company has to offer, the compensation plan, and other details.

However, another issue that generates concern is the owner of the company and his associates.

Who Are The People Behind Ascira?

Is Ascira A Scam Or Big Money For Your Wallet?

When you are considering joining any MLM, the most important issue is not the compensation plan.

The most important issue is the integrity of the people running the business you’re thinking of joining.

Let’s take a look at the people behind Ascira.

The CEO of Ascira is John Sachtouras.

John Sachtouras was part of the Organo Gold coffee MLM when that company was supposedly doing well.

Organo Gold is a non-FDA-approved coffee product in the marketplace.

There have been complaints against the company for exaggerated income claims and the effectiveness of its products.

After leaving Organo Gold, he left in order to promote Juenesse.

Sachtouras stayed at Juenesse for a short while until he joined another MLM called FutureNet in April 2019.

The FutureNet MLM fell apart in June 2019 and it tried to resurrect itself but was unable to do so.

FutureNet started out as a matrix cycler Ponzi scheme.

Unfortunately, by 2019 it had become a cryptocurrency MLM and was promoting a worthless token called FuturoCoin.

However, the so-called “brand ambassadors” of Ascira also have their own checkered pasts.

The Ascira Brand Ambassadors

Is Ascira A Scam Or Big Money For Your Wallet?

Are these the type of individuals you really want to do business with?

Steve Martin: was part of FutureNet’s failed “corporate team.”

Hans Joerg “Happy” Hartmann: was also part of FutureNet

Gerti Navisotschnig: was also from FutureNet.

Daniel Grenon: Was involved with a number of failed Ponzi schemes. Grenon was the co-founder and the face of FXTV Global.

Grenon has a history of participation and promotion of Ponzi schemes such as:

  • Worldwide Cryptocurrency Investment (mid 2017)
  • CGI Limited (early 2018) and
  • Global Game Arena (early 2019)

Grenon was the type of individual, for whatever reason, who stayed in the shadows when it came to the operation of the business which is how he ran FXTV Global.

Andy Hansen: Hansen was involved with the Aspire Worldwide pyramid scheme.

Aspire Worldwide completely collapsed in 2014.

The losses for the unfortunate members of the Aspire MLM added up to $5 million dollars.

Not long after Aspire collapsed, Hansen had fled regulators in Australia for the United Kingdom.

At this point, the only 2 people that don’t seem to have a questionable multi-level marketing history is Dr. Obom Bowen and Cindie Wang.

Frankly, 4 “ambassadors” with questionable network marketing history out of 6 is still a concern from my point of view.

Therefore, my question to you is this:

Are These The Kind Of People You Trust And Will Give Your Hard Earned Money To?

Presently, the only way to earn money on Ascira is to become a member under the Pro Pack which costs $499, or under the Club Pack which costs $4999, or by recruiting people for the platform.

There is hope that there will be a retail opportunity for selling their education and travel packages, with a payment of 20% earnings to the company.

However, at the time of this writing, in September 2020, there is no specified retail opportunity for the general public.

At present, without retail products for sale to the public, the company only operates as a pyramid scheme.

At present, all we have are shady histories about the founder and 4 out of 6 Ascira ambassadors.

These individuals have been part of several MLM and Ponzi schemes that have collapsed as a result of low recruitment and terrible mismanagement of finances.

For the moment, Ascira operates as a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid schemes only earn money by recruiting new members because there are no products for retail sale.

Presently members’ earnings are limited to recruitment. This pyramid system is illegitimate in most countries.

Regarding Ascira we can only expect that things change after all its services are fully developed, and the launch is completely successful.

Income will only be generated from recruiting people into the MLM because there are no retail products to sell to the public, which has the makings of a pyramid business scheme.

There Are 2 Ways To Earn With Ascira

If you look at the main page of their website, Ascira covers 7 ways in which you can get paid as an Ascira member.

Basically, there are two types of individuals who benefit from Ascira.

There is the Retail Customer and the Independent Marketing Associate, or IMA.

  • Retail Customer – this is someone who purchases products or services from Ascira with the intention of benefiting solely as a consumer.
  • Independent Marketing Associate or IMA – this is someone who brings in new customers into Ascira. By bringing in new associates or IMA”s Ascira keeps the revenue coming in the absence of any retail products.

Ascira Product Packages

To become an IMA you will have to purchase one of two Ascira Product Packages.

Pro Pack: $499

Founders Club Pack: $4999


  • 4 months Smart Travel
  • 4 months Ascira Academy
  • 1 convention ticket
  • Activate all 3 marketing centers
  • Team Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Direct Sponsor Bonus
  • Digital Business Kit
  • Virtual Management System

Founders Club Package $4999:

  • Highlight on corporate Facebook Page
  • Founder club pin
  • Priority access to events
  • Priority access to customer service
  • Invitation to rank qualified training events
  • Private founders club events
  • Activate all 3 marketing centers
  • 4 VIP Convention Tickets
  • 18 months Smart Travel
  • 18 months Ascira Academy
  • Unlock 12 levels in the team bonus now
  • Digital Business Kit
  • Virtual Management System

At This Point, Is Ascira A Scam or Legit?

To be completely honest, it’s difficult to say at the moment because the rollout of Ascira is not yet fully completed.

In all fairness, Ascira is a new network marketing organization that’s still trying to work out the details so they can get up and running 100%.

At this point, I will say it’s a legit company.

Any MLM that fails to have some type of retail aspect in place, bears the burden of looking more and more like a pyramid scheme.

They’ve got to address the retail aspect of their business – this is critical to not being labeled a pyramid scheme.

If Ascira doesn’t soon address the retail aspect of the business and make retail products available to the public, they could eventually find the feds knocking at their door.

You can check out some examples of multi-level marketing organizations that are have proven to be pyramid/Ponzi schemes:

Save Your Time And Also Some Money

It is my hope this Ascira review will save your money and your valuable time.

Personally, I’ve been involved with a large number of network marketing organizations before I transitioned to the business I’m involved with now.

This business model that I’m involved with is experiencing tremendous growth right now and will continue to grow in the future.

There’s unlimited financial potential in this industry and you don’t have to recruit a single person to take advantage of it.

The money you can make in this industry is tremendous if you’re willing to follow directions and commit to the work that’s involved.

If you are truly an action taker and are committed to your financial success, get more information about building your OWN online business by clicking the banner below.

Talk Soon,


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