Is Agency Incubator A Scam Or Social Media Money Maker?

Is Agency Incubator A Scam Or Social Media Money Maker?

Is Agency Incubator A Scam in these days of social media marketing?

One of the biggest trends to make money at home is the Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) business model.

New courses and training programs are released every week, and a number of them are not legit.

Some of you want to know Is Agency Incubator A Scam? Can you make consistent money with this platform?

If you want to know if Agency Incubator is a legit or scam platform (given the amount you will be paying for it), you have come to the right place.

This brief, straight-to-the-point Agency Incubator review will provide the answers you need.

Is Agency Incubator A Scam – Quick Summary

  • Product name: Agency Incubator
  • Cost to join: $991
  • Owner: Iman Gadzhi
  • Rating: 5/10
  • Recommendation: Not recommended

Iman Gadzhi is very famous in the SMMA niche, and it’s obvious he has done well for himself over the years.

When it comes to social media marketing, Gadzhi has certainly become an expert in this niche.

However, many people are unable to pay almost $1,000 to purchase this product with the hope of making big money.

I know when I first started, I had very little money and no credit cards I could use to fund my business.

Wealthy Affiliate was perfect for me because everything I needed to start building my online business was included for one low monthly price of $49.

Also, with Wealthy Affiliate, there were no annoying surprise upsells or one-time offers I had to deal with.

Along with the fact that the initial cost to get Agency Incubator is expensive, there are important aspects missing from the course I will mention in this review..

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About SMMA And Why They Are Popular

SMMA or Social Media Marketing Agency is one of the common ways to earn on the internet.

It’s a fact that many small and local businesses that lack the knowledge of social media marketing.

There is a big gap in the market for individuals who can create online leads for brick-and-mortar businesses; this is why SMMA is becoming popular by the day.

SMMAs differ drastically from their traditional agency counterparts in the past.

What sets SMMA businesses apart from their older counterparts is that the new SMMAs typically offer one, maybe two services.

Focusing on a few, or just one specialized service allows the agency to become highly specialized.

Typically, a “highly specialized” agency can outperform other SMMA agencies that offer multiple services.

They’re in a better position to understand the needs of their clients based on the industry, or niche, they’re marketing in.

A streamlined agency spends far less time onboarding potential clients because they already have a working knowledge of what’s needed to get results.

What’s more appealing is today’s SMMAs can work remotely, from anywhere in the world, and are more profitable than traditional agencies because they have far less overhead.

This brings us to the owner of Agency Incubator, Iman Gadzhi.

Iman Gadzhi – Who Is He?

Is Agency Incubator A Scam Or Social Media Money Maker?

Iman Gadzhi is well-known in the SMMA niche.

At 17, he dropped out of high school to start a business of his own.

Gadzhi has an active YouTube presence, with more than 100,000 subscribers.

Gadzhi was into fitness before switching to social media marketing.

He made a lot of money afterward and launched a popular course titled Six Figure SMMA; he also owns a business known as Grow Your Agency.

I really respect what he has done, as well as his accomplishments; he has done quite well for himself.

Iman Gadzhi has proven that hard work, a laser-like focus, and unrelenting determination absolutely pay off!

About Agency Incubator

This course is designed to train you for 7 weeks, and it has about 20 hours of course material.

The training covers SMMA foundation, training your mindset, training on lead generation and sales, delivery, and so on.

Personally, I feel Gadzhi’s previous course (Six Figure SMMA) is much better than Agency Incubator.

However, Agency Incubator could be a nice course for beginners, but the cost is too expensive for new marketers just starting out.

Asking a “newbie” online marketer to spend almost $1,000 before making their first dollar isn’t something I’m willing to recommend.

See the breakdown of the course:

Week One – Foundation

This aspect covers the fundamentals of SMMA and how to be successful with the training. You will be introduced to different niches you can make money.

Week Two – Mindset

Personally, I feel this section is fluff. What you will find here is the usual motivational talk on how to be the best version of yourself and how to overcome obstacles.

Week Three – Systems and Process

This session covers how to handle different accounts and how to address or communicate with your clients (the good ones and the difficult ones).

Week Four – Finding Leads and Meetings

This section will teach you how to acquire clients and the different types of techniques/methods used by people in the SMMA space.

The main technique taught by Iman is cold calling and cold messaging/email.

Week Five – Sales

This section is about making contact with prospective clients. It will also introduce you to many scripts you can use to convince your prospects to work with you.

Week Six – Service Delivery

This section will teach you how to help your clients get customers, manage Facebook ads accounts, and create ads on Facebook.

You will be taught how to create an audience (vital), scale your ads, and a few copywriting tips.

Week Seven – Operational Summary

You will be taught how to build a team to work for you, as well as how to outsource tasks so you can have more time for yourself.

At this point, you can see that Agency Incubator is a very detailed course for people who want to start their own social media marketing agency.

However, if you feel this isn’t right for you, and that you want to learn how to build your own profitable affiliate marketing business step by step, then click on the banner below:

In My Opinion, The Price of Agency Incubator Is Too High

This course would have received a better grade if the price was between $300 to $500 dollars.

Agency Incubator is a great course – but not if you barely have two nickels to rub together.

Agency Incubator costs nearly $1000; in my opinion, that’s too expensive of a price tag for people who are just starting out.

Aside from the expensive price, there are key pieces of incomplete information, such as:

  • dealing with unsatisfied clients
  • comprehensive info on how to generate leads
  • examples of actual contracts

Another key thing this course lacks is real-life examples of clients who have used Agency Incubator to make big money.

Also, the training on lead generation and Facebook ads are not enough.

The section on Facebook ads needs to be more detailed because you can lose a lot of money with ineffective Facebook ads.

Agency Incubator is similar to other platforms I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Things I Like About This Course

  • Decent course for first-timers: If you are a beginner and want to know the basics of SMMA, you will learn a lot from this course.
  • Live questions and answers every two weeks: If you want to consult Iman Gadzhi, you will be charged about $2000 per hour. Paying for this course gets you 2 hours of live questions and answers with the creator of this course every two weeks.

Things I Don’t Like About This Course

  • Limited info on lead generation: The course only provides four videos on Facebook Adverts, a topic that must be properly addressed. The course also lacks information on other methods of acquiring customers.
  • Live examples are not enough: Reading what to do is one thing; seeing it live and direct is another. Agency Incubator would be better if it had more life examples or illustrations of cold calling, closing, as well as hearing from students who became successful by applying the content of this course.
  • Short course: The course is short. It lacks information on how to keep a customer for a long time and templates for contracts.
  • Outrageous price: At close to $1,000 the course is just too expensive.

Is Agency Incubator A Scam?

Absolutely not! Agency Incubator is not a scam. It’s a great SMMA course by a truly legit marketer, Iman Gadzhi.

Regardless, in my personal opinion getting this course is not worth your money if you are new to online marketing.

If you are a more experienced marketer, you can navigate some of the missing elements of Agency Incubator that would make this a more complete product.

Some key information such as dealing with unsatisfied clients, how to generate leads that are profitable, and examples of actual contracts are missing from this course.

If the price were lower I could recommend this program, however, for the above reasons I do not recommend Agency Incubator for new online marketers.

If you are experienced, then Agency Incubator could be a good fit for you.

Is There A Better Option?

If you’ve made the decision that Agency Incubator isn’t right for you, there are other ways to make money online.

From my experience, the best and easiest way to make money online is with affiliate marketing, especially if you are new at trying to make money online.

I say this because with affiliate marketing cold calling complete strangers and trying to convince potential clients to do business with you isn’t required.

Also, you can start affiliate marketing on a shoestring budget.

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The best part?

Wealthy Affiliate is free to try!

Since it’s FREE to try, you literally have nothing to lose.

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The Wealthy Affiliate platform makes the whole process of building an online business just that much easier.

Each module or lesson contains a complete analysis of what’s working today so you can easily and almost instantly understand how affiliate marketing works.

In return this allows you to create a high-converting website of your own in a fraction of the time.

However, you might be wondering how you’re going to survive the brutal paces of having to figure out the technical aspects of building your business.

I know exactly how you feel.

In fact, I felt the same way when I started!

And up until recently, there really was a brutal learning curve.

In Fact, It Was Worse Than Most People Realize! 

However, with Wealthy Affiliate, I found a simple way to get my website built that’s 100% tech-free and I was able to build everything in a few days. 

In fact, there was no software to install, no “code” of any kind. When I think about it …it was actually fun!”

Even better, you can create a FREE account so you can try out Wealthy Affiliate and actually have a look around without spending one dime.

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The choice is yours, my friend…

Talk Soon,


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4 thoughts on “Is Agency Incubator A Scam Or Social Media Money Maker?”

  1. Thank you for your review of Agency Incubator. I came across them the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about. Oh wow, it is pretty expensive to join them for just only learning how to promote through social media. Anyways, I am going to check out the link for the other option. 

    • Glad I could provide value to you, Nuttanee.

      I hope you are checking out Wealthy Affiliate because WA is a great place to start if you are new to online marketing.

      Thank You for reading this post.


  2. Hi, I’ve just gone through this amazing and helpful review about Agency Incubator. The cost of this Agency Incubator platform is very high of course especially for beginners and I agree with you for not recommending it at all. But looking at the services they provide, one would like to enroll in their courses especially us beginners because we need more information and knowledge about how to make money online before we can start making money. What matters most is the fact that the platform is legit and thanks for sharing this helpful review.

    • Hello Kokontala,

      Agency Incubator is a good course but it’s way overpriced.

      Also, social media is not what new marketers need to focus on.

      New and intermediate marketers need to focus on the core skills necessary to become great affiliate marketers.

      Wealthy Affiliate certainly can help an aspiring entrepreneur do just that.

      Thank You for taking the time to consider this post.


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