Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated: What You Need To Know

Is Affiliate Marketing Over Saturated: What You Need To Know

Many people who are interested in affiliate marketing want to know: Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated?

In other words, are there too many people trying to learn how to make money online, to the point where there’s little profit to be made?

The resounding answer is: Absolutely Not!

Why are people all over the world attracted to affiliate marketing?

  • Parents, caretakers, and those with health challenges desire to make money from home
  • Many who have devoted many years to their companies want a way out
  • The opportunity to work the hours you choose is extremely appealing
  • Tens of thousands of people want to spend more time with their families
  • The reduced stress of being you own boss

So, if affiliate marketing can provide this type of lifestyle, and it has proven it can, Is Affiliate Marketing Over Saturated?

Another question is: If it isn’t oversaturated by now, it will be in the future?

Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated – One Reason Why It Won’t Be

There are specific reasons why this won’t happen.

Affiliate marketing is definitely NOT over-saturated. Affiliate marketers who are successful really have nothing to worry about in the future.

Also, the main reason why affiliate marketing will never be oversaturated is that 75-80% of people who try to make money online simply give up after trying for 3 to 6 months.

You may have those brave souls who tough it out longer, say 6 months to a year, but eventually they quit too.

Meanwhile, every year the people searching online for a product, service, or solution to their problem is steadily increasing.

You Cannot Get Rich Quick with Affiliate Marketing, But You Can Get Rich Slow

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites, articles, e-books, and training programs that claim “without a doubt” that you can start earning money TODAY with affiliate marketing.

That is the biggest load of horse crap I’ve ever heard.

I have personally lost thousands of dollars to “online gurus” because I believed their bogus claims.

Similarly, my wallet got pillaged by “get-rich-quick” ninjas who promised they would show me how their “quick money-making system” worked.

If you’ve been taken advantage of, you’re not alone. Don’t get down on yourself.

Therefore, just take full responsibility for your actions and learn to make better choices.

Look forward to a successful future and not reminisce over past mistakes!

Moreover, What is the reason why you cannot get rich quickly with affiliate marketing?

No Shortcuts to Making Money Online

Here is the hard-core truth: affiliate marketing is a REAL BUSINESS! You MUST view it as a business.

It takes a reasonable amount of time for an affiliate marketing business to start generating revenue.

Thousands of people get into affiliate marketing and do not treat it like an actual business. They treat it like a part-time hobby on the weekends.

If you want to make “pocket change” by taking surveys, and promoting shopping websites – yes, you can make small money that way.

Maybe money to buy a few groceries or fun money on the weekends.

This post is not about that – it’s about the type of money that gives you financial independence – job-quitting money.

Why Do People Fail to Make Significant Money Online?

Is Affiliate Marketing Over Saturated - What Are The Facts?

They inconsistently give lukewarm attention to the necessary items that make a blog or a website successful.

Misinformed people sign up for some “shiny object” training course that makes all sorts of ridiculous promises in the sales pitch.

When those promises fall flat, those individuals scream that “affiliate marketing is a scam!” or “affiliate marketing is dead.”

So what is the real problem, the REAL barrier to achieving financial independence through affiliate marketing?

Actually, when you really look at the facts, the problem is the mindset of the marketer.

If marketers don’t have the right mindset toward affiliate marketing, then success will be a long time coming, if it comes at all.

Resource You Can Use: A Tried and True Platform That Will Teach You How to Earn Money Online

Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated – The Real Entry Barrier

The problem isn’t affiliate marketing.

The problem is YOU.

Affiliate marketing isn’t over-saturated.

The problem is that the vast majority of people do not treat affiliate marketing as a business. A REAL, ACTUAL BUSINESS!

  • As soon as the work gets too hard, they give up
  • When they see that they have to sacrifice TV time, they give up
  • If family members, boyfriend or girlfriend start to criticize and complain, they give up
  • When they realize they may get less sleep or rest to pursue their dreams, they give up
  • Less sex?! Definitely giving up
  • Not enough patience to go through the process, they give up
  • Lack of determination to reach goals to measure your progress, time to give up

All the above reasons, and many more, are why people fail to have success in affiliate marketing.

Traditionally when people try to start up an actual brick-and-mortar business, most of the time the biggest obstacle is having enough start-up capital.

When you set up a brick-and-mortar business it involves various forms of risk that need to be considered.

However,with an affiliate marketing business, it’s the lack of hard work, lack of patience, failure to persevere, and the absence of determination that kills your business.

As long as these barriers to entry exist, the affiliate marketing industry will NEVER be oversaturated.

Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated – Not When People Won’t Do The Necessary Work

People will not do the work necessary to become successful in affiliate marketing.

They don’t want to grind out the years it may take to reach a six and seven-figure annual income.

They just won’t do it.

Likewise, when they find out it isn’t easy, that it’s actually hard at times, they will quit so fast you wouldn’t know they were trying to build an online business in the first place.

Impatience is What Keeps the Market from Becoming Oversaturated

A HUGE problem with people is everyone wants to make money right now; right away!

It’s impatience that keeps the market from over-saturating. People aren’t willing to work hard for a sustained period of time to do what is necessary to change their financial future.

In order to create a six and seven income in affiliate marketing, it will take 4 to 6 years to build your business up to that point.

The hard fact is most people won’t stay in the game long enough to get to that point.

With affiliate marketing, you need very modest start-up costs and you can have a website up and running in about a few hours. From then on, the only real investment is your time.

This is when people lose their focus and their desire to continue. They come to realize they don’t know what the heck they’re doing and they become impatient.

Frustration sets in early.

They put in what they consider “a lot of time and effort” trying to copy a “system” they learned from a so-called guru.

Since you never learned affiliate marketing the RIGHT way, the whole thing ends in disgust and frustration.

They aren’t making money, they have no idea if their efforts will even result in any income.

I can tell you for a certainty, that having this type of mindset will only end in failure in online marketing!

Additional Resources

Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated – End The Frustration NOW!

Is Affiliate Marketing Over Saturated - What Are The Facts?

In order to truly succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to have a plan of action.

You need to find the platform that is going to give you the best opportunity to WIN and SUCCEED!

You need to learn how to do keyword research correctly, and how to write content on your blog or website that people actually want to read.

How to find a niche that isn’t overly competitive and the proper way to do search engine optimization or SEO.

Those are but a few of the areas you need to learn about.

It’s been estimated over the years that around 95 – 98% of people who try to make money online through affiliate marketing never see one red cent.

For some reason, new affiliate marketers seem to think they can make money right away – fast, quick money.

When they see the hard facts for themselves that there’s no quick or fast money in affiliate marketing, they quickly give up and swear that affiliate marketing is oversaturated and a huge waste of time.

Here’s the really good news – that DOES NOT have to be YOU! You can build a REAL online business that gives you the kind of lifestyle you really want.

When I first started I took advantage of this 7-Day Free Trial that helps me to clearly see what I wanted to do.

After I read a review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and how others are experiencing success, I knew I wanted to earn money as an affiliate marketer, and I was determined to do it.

You CAN Do This!

Talk Soon,


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7 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated: What You Need To Know”

  1. I so agree with you on this. 

    It seems like millions of people are trying to make money online, but not many have the patience to wait and see the results. 

    Hence, this is why you have to be really determined and persevere to make it work. 

    I have some amazing success stories myself and this is what keeps me going to working on my online business! 🙂

  2. Wow. I really love this site and the mind-blowing contents here.
    I just joined wealthy affiliate marketing through a link I saw on Facebook, and knew not much about it. This site is just an eye-opener in terms of a guide on key words, quality of posts, and reviews.
    I have asked myself questions such as what if affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate are oversaturated? But the answers to my long reserved questions are right here on this site. Thanks a lot!

  3. Wow. I really love this site and the mind-blowing contents here. 

    I just joined wealthy affiliate marketing through a link I saw on Facebook, and knew not much about it. This site is just an eye-opener in terms of guidance on key words, quality of posts, and reviews. 

    I have asked myself questions such as what if affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate are oversaturated? But the answers to my long reserved questions are right here on this site. 

    • Hello Nathan,

      Thank You for taking the time to read this post.

      I’m glad I could provide value to you and your business.

      Talk Soon,


  4. Howard, thank you for this honest assessment of what it takes to break into affiliate marketing.  

    And you’re absolutely correct:  most of the people who get into it want to start earning money now. 

    The reality is that it has to be built up.  Yup…just like any other business.  

    I currently work my affiliate marketing business 25+ hours a week in addition to my regular job.  

    Anyone who wants to be instantly rich with having to work should buy a lottery ticket and hope for the best!


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