Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam Or Can It Be Trusted?

Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam Or Can It Be Trusted?

With all the hype surrounding 30 Day Success Club, Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam? Is this program legit?

The hype is with 30 Day Success Club, you’ll be able to make so thousands of dollars on a month to month basis.

All with very little work and without a lot of time.

This is a method used for years and is quite simple in its approach. 

So-called “systems’ like these use software inside to build basic websites filled with low-quality ClickBank products.

If you are a Clickbank affiliate, when someone buys something you get paid a commission.

when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

In this article, I will give you what I’ve discovered to help you make an informative decision. 

30 Day Success Club Review

Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam Or Can It Be Trusted?
  • Name: 30 Day Success Club
  • Website:
  • Price: $37.00 With Down-Sell For $17.00
  • Owners: Supposedly Debbie Joven”, but the real owner is unknown
  • Recommended? Absolutely Not!

Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam – Don’t Believe The Hype!

Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam Or Can It Be Trusted?

In a nutshell, 30 Day Success Club is a product based on affiliate marketing. 

It’s one of the best methods because you don’t have to deal with inventory or customer service.

Based on their sales video, I can tell you that they are totally misleading you on how affiliate marketing works. 

This is a first-class “Shiny Object” targeting those who know absolutely nothing about creating a website or affiliate marketing in general.

This “product” is designed to pull at you heartstrings and get you to part with your hard earned cash!

If you are new to internet marketing, then you’re the person they’re looking for!

First of all, there’s no way you can become a millionaire in 30 days with affiliate marketing as a beginner. 

Even if you could afford to invest money on paid advertising, it would cost you a fortune! 

30 Day Success Club reminds me of some other unfortunate products I’ve reviewed such as:

FAKE Testimonials – The Obvious Reason Why This Is A Scam

On their sales video, you’ll have their so-called customers tell you about how successful they are with 30 Day Success Club’s system.

But if you take a closer look, and listen intently, you’ll realize that they’re probably reading off a script.

And that’s because those folks are paid actors from a site called Fiverr, a content marketplace where you can hire people to do a spokesperson video for a few bucks.

The use of fake testimonials says a lot about what the company is all about.

For 30 Day Success Club, using fake testimonials mean that they are hiding the fact that there’s no way for you to earn money from the site.

Below is a FAKE so-called “testimonial” from the 30 Day Success Club sales video…

Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam Or Can It Be Trusted?

As you can see, the “testimonial” was bought from the websight.

Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam Or Can It Be Trusted?

Here’s another “testimonial” that was on the sales video…

Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam Or Can It Be Trusted?

Also bought from the freelancers at, where no FAKE testimonial goes wasted!

Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam Or Can It Be Trusted?

Extremely Difficult To Rank Done-For-You Websites

The fact that 30 Day Success Club creates the website for you makes me very skeptical. 

The websites you get are not optimized for SEO. 

They don’t even teach you how to use SEO to your advantage to get free organic traffic.

As a matter of fact, 30 Day Success Club teaches you nothing!

So what happens is, you’ll probably have to rely on paying for traffic through solo ads, Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc. 

Therefore, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it will cost you a small fortune.

Why I Don’t Like Done-For-You Websites

The problem with done-for-you websites is that you have little control over it. 

With most of these kinds of sites, you can’t control the products that you want to add.

Also, you’re unable to create content like this blog post.

For my blog, I can change my theme, edit and create posts and pages, completely rearrange important elements, and much more. 

With a Done-For-You website, you don’t have access or control over the admin cp page. 

Therefore, someone else can completely change your website without you knowing it.

Also, what happens if 30 Day Success Club gets shut down by the FTC? 

Frankly, you’re SCREWED.

It has happened to others before such as MOBE who was shut down by the FTC.

Remember, once 30 Day Success Club is gone, so will your “done-for-you” website.

You’ll Have To Spend Lots Of Money For This To Work

As I mentioned earlier, the websites created by 30 Day Success Club are not SEO-friendly because they are done-for-you websites. 

What that means is you’ll have to rely on other means to get traffic.

Social Media are poor on conversions because they are not super targeted.

If you want to make money, you’ll need an effective way to reach out to people who are highly targeted and fast.

That’s why a lot of these get-rich-quick schemes focus on paid advertisement such as Google ads and Facebook ads.

30 Day Success Club claims that you can use free traffic by spamming your website URL.

They suggest you do this on Social Media, posting on forums, commenting on other people’s blog, and creating videos.

While you may get some traffic doing so, it won’t be sustainable.

Similarly, if you’re spamming people online you’re probably going to get banned if the place you’re spamming your links on is actively monitoring user activities.

I’m not stating that you need Google or other search engines to keep your website alive. That’s why you should learn how to build an email list because your list will follow you.

Is 30 Day Success Club A Scam?

I have concluded that 30 Success Club is a scam. 

Even when a so-called “system” is giving you something in return for your money, it does not make them legitimate. 

Similarly, in relation to affiliate marketing, the question is this:

Can you become a millionaire as an affiliate marketer? 

Absolutely, but not within 30 days!

Again, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model. 

However, if you want a substancial income, you have to put in a substancial amount of work.

If you want to learn how to make money online, I suggest that you stay away from the 30 Day Success Club.

The platform that I use to make money online has been helping people build profitable businesses for over 15 years.

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