Is 1Q A Scam Or Easy Money In Your Wallet?

Is 1Q A Scam Or Easy Money In Your Wallet?

You might be doing some research on this website called 1Q and wondering Is 1Q A Scam or can you make money with this?

You can download it on Android phones. It’s basically a survey site only for your cell phone.

The way 1Q works is simple. You, you sign up, you engage, you get some questions, you respond.

Then they analyze it and then you get paid for your answers.

The only drawback about 1Q, currently it’s only available in the US at the present time.

And it’s very easy and super simple to use the app.

Is 1Q A Scam – How Does 1Q Work

Is 1Q A Scam Or Easy Money In Your Wallet?

1Q literally sends you 1 question at a time. (That’s why it’s called 1Q)

You get 1 question – you answer one question.

What’s great is you get paid either 25 cents or 50 cents per question that you get.

But here is the problem. You can’t sit there and answer 100 questions a day.

That’s not how it works because 1Q works for other corporate companies and clients that are seeking information.

Depending on your demographic, you will get a different amount of questions per week.

So sometimes you get one question per week. Sometimes you might get three or four questions per week.

You basically will make 25 cents or 50 cents per question.

Is 1Q A Scam – Can I Make Money With This?

Is 1Q A Scam Or Easy Money In Your Wallet?

1Q is totally legit and is not a scam. There’s no hype or fake testimonials and is very straightforward and easy to use.

However, it’s not designed to make large amounts of money.

You will make a small amount of money with the 1Q website.

For example, let’s say you make the high-level 50 cents per question, and you get four questions a week?

That means you’re making $2 per week.

When you add it up, in one month you’re making eight bucks.

The bottom line is this: Are you making some money? Yes. But $2-3 dollars a week isn’t going to change anything.

Although 1Q is definitely one of the better survey sites around, it wasn’t designed to pay an individual a large sum of money.

The reason I say it’s one of the better ones is that it’s very straightforward.

You don’t have to go through too many hurdles in order to get your money.

You can withdraw it from PayPal without any hassles.

Is 1Q A Scam – The Reality Of GPT Sites

The problem is you can’t make that much money.

People visiting and signing up for these sites have to understand one fact:

Survey websites and survey apps are not designed to make a lot of money.

You can only make a few bucks here and there.

If you sign up for some of those big survey websites like Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars, guess what will happen?

Even if you spend all day on those websites, you’ll only earn maybe 30 or $40 dollars a month.

They’re designed to make you just a little money.

What on earth could you do with $30 – $40 a month in today’s economy?

You’re not going to be able to retire, start a business, travel the world, or hardly anything.

You could buy some groceries and use the money for gas or public transportation.

Therefore, 1q is quite legit. It’s a great app, but can you make a lot of money with it?

No, you can’t.

You could make eight, nine bucks, maybe 10 bucks a month. Most people earn even less.

Do You Really Want To Learn How To Make Money Online

Is 1Q A Scam Or Easy Money In Your Wallet?

How do you make a lot of money on the internet?

Learn how to market products and services to the right group of people.

That’s where affiliate marketing comes in.

With affiliate marketing, you find a group of people that have a problem they need to be solved.

Help these people solve their problems by presenting relevant products and services.

You connect them together through your content from your blog or website.

When you connect them together, you make a sale and when you make a sale, you generate a commission.

What most people don’t realize is affiliate marketing is a skill.

Anyone can learn affiliate marketing but you MUST have a desire to do so.

The reason is that when you are setting up your business, there’s a learning curve during which you aren’t making money.

It’s during this period most people just give up.

They give up because they don’t have the patience or discipline to persist until their blog or website starts making money.

You need the right information to build a profitable business.

You need the right tools to accomplish your goals.

That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

The Best Platform To Build Your Business Is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to build an affiliate marketing business.

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The bottom line is this:

If you don’t build a profitable affiliate marketing business, you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

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The choice is yours, my friend!

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