Internet Link Posting Jobs – Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Internet Link Posting Jobs - Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

If you are an active or passive user of the internet, you would have encountered numerous posts and comments that claim you can make a lot of money for doing Internet Link Posting Jobs.

Supposedly, these “jobs” include the simple task of posting links that you will be provided with on numerous online platforms.

As seen in the image above, these so-called “link posting” opportunities ALWAYS promise you can make LARGE sums of money ($369/Daily).

They promise it will take a small amount of time (Just 60 Minutes A Day) and with unrealistic guarantees (Guaranteed Home Based Business Job).

Understandably, due to the times we find ourselves in, many people take offers like this with the sole aim of raking in some cash while working from the comfort of their home. 

Therefore, people see these offers as an ideal work-from-home opportunity. 

However, little do they know that many of these “link posting jobs” are scams designed to steal your money.

Follow this article straight to its conclusion as I divulge things you probably don’t know about these dubious schemes.

There are a lot of shenanigans perpetrated on unsuspecting people in the name of Link Posting.  

Internet Link Posting Jobs – What Is Link Posting

Link Posting is an online scam technique that has been in existence for quite a while. 

Many people have fallen for these shenanigans; some have gotten ripped off once while some have been victims on multiple occasions. 

The reason people keep falling for these scams is that these scammers have been evolving and changing the “link posting” fraud over time. 

However, below is a screenshot from a website called Paid2Post which shows what a typical link-posting scam would look like:

Internet Link Posting Jobs - Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?
Internet Link Posting Jobs - Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Or they could look like this ad below from something called “At Home Income Package:”

It has become increasingly hard to pin a pattern to this scam due to how the perpetrators change their approach when busted and exposed to a current pattern. 

The offers that come with these Link Posting scams are always presented in such a way that makes you believe it’s the answer to your financial problems.

They make you believe you can make hundreds of dollars or even thousands just by posting and sharing big companies’ links. 

The first trait of a scam that is noticeable and confirmed on numerous occasions is the fees. 

You would need to move from a basic plan to a paid or premium tier that would allow you to earn the big rewards advertised at the initial stage of the advert or post you came across. 

In some cases, you’re asked outright for the $97 dollars it takes to get started without a trial offer because the opportunity is just too good to pass up.

Most people only realize the scam that lies in these programs only after paying these unscrupulous people the money that guarantees their place in a higher tier. 

However, the scammers go even further.

Some scammers hire dedicated scam marketers who are actually assigned to the victims to make them feel more positive about the whole scam agenda. 

Sometimes they may be called “coaches” in an attempt to make the victim feel that the link-posting opportunity is truly legit.

These so-called “coaches” would always be in touch and check on you as often as possible while reminding you of the benefits you stand to gain from upgrading your membership. 

They would promise you exclusive access to premium content that is high-paying and stress-free.

Sadly, these scammers’ constant change of methods has sometimes allowed them to shut down one site and create a new, different site all with the same intent: 

SCAM as many people as possible.

Similarly, after older sites are flagged, these Scammers are already lurking and ready to pounce on potential victims in a whole new pattern on a new platform. 

Authorities have also been having a hard time keeping up with the trend and patterns these scammers use.

Internet Link Posting Jobs Are Saturated With Fake Testimonials

What many people don’t realize is these so-called “link posting” websites are packed full of FAKE testimonials.

For example, below is a screenshot of one such link-posting website; notice the image on the right from someone supposedly named “April Matthews.”

Internet Link Posting Jobs -The Scam That Keeps Working

Now, look at how many other websites this image of “April Matthews” has been used on:

Internet Link Posting Jobs -The Scam That Keeps Working

I could show many more examples just like the above, but you get the point; ALL of these so-called “link posting” opportunities are full of FAKE testimonials.

These “testimonials” are designed to manipulate your emotions and cause you to reach for your credit card.                                                                                                       

Internet Link Posting Jobs – How Does The Scam Work?

With my experience over the years reviewing these scams, I can say some things could be attributed to these scams, although the website URL and pattern might be different. 

This section would highlight how these scams work in detail.

1st Phase: Signing Up

Internet Link Posting Jobs -The Scam That Keeps Working

By clicking on any link that is a front to a scam, the landing page, like the example displayed above, always requests you to sign up. 

This process involves providing your full name, email address, and in some cases, your physical address and/or telephone number. 

This information is a way to secure some leverage even if you eventually see through the whole scam. 

They can always spam your inbox or even sell your data illegally to others who would use it for the same purpose. 

Checking your spam box would give you a hint into what I just highlighted.

2nd Phase: The Sales Pages 

Once you have signed up for the program and hope all would fall in line as you proceed with high hopes, reading great reviews of how people have been making hundreds of dollars in a matter of minutes. 

Next comes the Sales Page where a certain amount, usually 97$, has to be paid. 

It is obvious they are preying on the eagerness of people to get more work done from their homes due to the times we have found ourselves. 

They make compelling arguments that make you want to give them a try and buy what they’re selling. 

It just shows how well they have mastered the art of scamming people. 

3rd Phase: Disappointment and Upsell

Should you pay the membership fees, you would gain access to the members’ area, where you would find common training on affiliate marketing. 

This page is where the main task for the money advertised at the initial stages is found. 

It is important to clarify that affiliate marketing itself is a great venture. 

Nonetheless, the sole aim of these link-posting scams is not to teach the art of affiliate marketing but to give an insight into what affiliate marketing is. 

They simply offer nothing solid on making money from home.

Keep in mind this fact: Once these scammers get your money, it’s virtually impossible to ever get it back. 

Scammers know this, which is why the sole purpose of the scammer is to get the credit card information -Period!

Nothing else matters to them.

As a matter of fact, this link-posting scam is similar to other scams I’ve exposed on this blog such as:

4th Phase: Incessant Boring Spams

Internet Link Posting Jobs -The Scam That Keeps Working

With the information you provided to them while signing up, they would continually bombard them with spam emails. 

Some even go the length of spamming you via SMS, or text messaging.

They would also sell this information to third parties to also spam your inbox. 

At this point many finally realize that they have been SCAMMED to believe you can earn with this Link Posting work from home website. 

At the end of the day, these heartless scammers are the ones stealing your money and illegally selling your data, all at your expense.

Internet Link Posting Jobs – Conclusion

I took it upon myself to shed light on this scam and expose what they truly stand for so that folks like YOU can stay sharp and informed about how this scam works. 

The link-posting scam has been around for a long time and will continue to be around for a considerable amount of years to come. 

It has become increasingly hard to name the person or persons, who started this scam, in all honesty. 

These websites use fake aliases and contact information that makes them hard to track down. 

Those behind this garbage have shown they have a great mission to scam innocent trustworthy people out of their money.

As long as there are mentally unbalanced, cruel, and heartless people in the world devoid of any right moral compass, there will always be scammers.

You would be doing yourself and others you know a great favor going through posts like this which would equip and inform you about this scam. 

To become successful working online, you must be patient and not explore shortcuts that would eventually get you defrauded of your money. 

You don’t become successful posting links online; only the perpetrators get rich by doing so.

Therefore, how do you build a profitable online business with an honest, reputable platform when the internet is saturated with massive dishonesty?

Is There Actually A Way How to Start Making Money With Posting Links?

The actual way to make money posting links is through affiliate marketing.

How it works is you become an “affiliate” for a company or a product which is an “affiliate agreement.”

When you are accepted, you get your affiliate tracking ID, which is your affiliate link.

Once you become an affiliate, you create or set up your affiliate website, post reviews of products, and add video content to your blog or website, all the while posting your affiliate links in every piece of content you create.

You make money when your blog or website starts getting organic visitors or traffic from Youtube, Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, Instagram, or whatever traffic source is available.

You can also enter into affiliate agreements with the likes of Walmart, Amazon, or any other website you enter into an affiliate agreement with.

Therefore, when someone clicks on your affiliate link and the purchase is completed and confirmed, you will earn your commission.

This is real, actual “link posting” that’s ethical and has been a part of affiliate marketing for decades.

Posting real affiliate links y to make a life-changing income online, if it’s done the right way.

That brings me to my final point you need to consider:

Leverage The Power Of The Internet So You Can Learn How To Make Money Online

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Talk Soon,


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4 thoughts on “Internet Link Posting Jobs – Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?”

  1. Hummm…This sounds very familiar.  

    I know I have tried a few of these before and the only gain is made by those who own these scam sites.  

    It’s sad there they are so abundant, and people are only looking out for their own personal financial gain.  

    I remember the days when I was pretty desperate to find work from home, as I was just getting on disability and had no income.  

    I don’t know how many times I was scammed by people who claim to want to help you.

    Thank you for highlighting this SCAM so we can avoid it in the future!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

      I’m happy you’ve gained benefit from it.

      If I can help just a few people avoid getting SCAMMED, then it’s worth it.

      Talk Soon,


  2. Thanks for shedding light on this Link Posting scams. 

    We need more people like you taking about this. 

    With so many people looking online for a home based business these days, it encouraging to see people fighting back against the proliferation of scammers.

    I think we have all come across scammers online. 

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hello Adam,

      Thank you for your comments.

      To be sure, people certainly need to be made aware of these SCAMS.

      Glad I could add value to your day.



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