The Residual Income Code – What Happened?

The Residual Income Code - What Happened?

If you’ve come across The Residual Income Code you’re probably wondering if it’s really going to make $567 a day or is The Residual Income Code a scam to waste your time and steal your money.

Therefore, I’m going to give you my honest review about The Residual Income Code.

Also, we’ll examine how it all works and if this is a realistic way to make money online.

There are similar “systems” like The Residual Income Code all over the place online.

I have reviewed many of them on this blog, so I appreciate the opportunity to help you make the right decision.

UPDATE: Here’s a big update regarding the Residual Income Code!

The Residual Income Code is no longer available. The website has ceased to exist and the Facebook group has been taken down.

Similarly, tracking down the owner, Jon Moss, has been very difficult.

Apparently he has started another affiliate website designed to reel in unsuspecting wide-eyed newbies and empty their wallets.

So-called “done for you” programs like these are time-waisters! Take a look at where I learned how to build a long-term affiliate marketing business. It’s a legitimate and proven platform to teach you how to make money online.

What WAS The Residual Income Code

Program Name: The Residual Income Code

Website: – Update: Website no longer available

Price: “Program” was free to join + additional unexpected costs to set up

Owner: Jon Moss

Recommended? No

The Residual Income Code WAS a free marketing sales funnel from owner Jon Moss that you could use to promote online offers with and earn commissions on.

Sales funnels drive traffic and make sales in conjunction with affiliate marketing. The Residual Income Code tries to make use of both of these business models.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that you can use to make consistent money online.

However, the way The Residual Income Code was, or other sales funnels like it, are not in your best interests.

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Online Choice for New Internet Marketers and has Helped People from Around the World to Learn to Make Money Online.

The Residual Income Code: Everyone is the Same

The Residual Income Code used a cookie-cutter marketing funnel, the exact same funnel everyone else who signs up was using.

The very same site that you used to sign up is the same site you’ll use to sign others up. This is an example of a DYF or “Done For You” system.

The Residual Income Code - What Happened?

What happens next is you will have up to 4 products to sign up for so you can access your affiliate links to these products.

1 out of the 4 products was made by The Residual Income Code, the rest are online tools you will need to implement the system.

Also, you will have to pay out of your pocket for some of these tools.

At this point, after you’ve signed up for the “necessary” accounts to run your business, the person that sent you the initial Residual Income Code landing page was positioned to make money.

You were to get your own version of the Residual Income Code’s landing page to promote.

When people sign up on your landing page they will be clicking on your affiliate links and if they buy, you will earn commissions.

How the Residual Income Code Really Worked

Once you set up your account, you were taken through their members’ area to sign up for the following tools:

· Engagely$27 one time fee – A product that Jon Moss created to help you with your social media marketing, and it looks like everyone MUST buy this in order to get an affiliate link.

· Online Sales Pro$25 – $37/month – A lead generation, marketing automation, and direct sales software tool that you MUST buy in order to get an affiliate link and run your business.

· AweberAlthough a free trial is available, you pay $19/month after 30 days. Your monthly fee will increase as your list increases. This is an email autoresponder tool that you’ll need with this type of system, so whether you buy through Aweber or not, you’ll need one.

· Easy 1 Up$25 – $2,000 one time fee – This is what they call their high ticket offer on the “inside”. You MUST buy into Easy 1 Up to be an affiliate. High ticket multi-level marketing type programs are very risky and prone to get shut down by the Federal Trade Commission just as MOBE and Digital Altitude were shut down.

Clickmagick – $17 – $97 per month – This is a online tracking tool that you may have to use in order to know where your traffic is coming from. The price for a monthly Clickmagik subscription also increases as your list increases.

Wealthy Affiliate is the Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Program on the Internet Today with More Than 12 Years Helping People to Make Money Online!

Compensation Plan Overview…Or Maybe Not

The Residual Income Code did not have a compensation plan associated with it.

The program was designed to earn commissions from the 3rd party affiliate programs that are inside of the affiliate funnel.

Similarly, there were no pay scales or ranks. There was no “main program” through which you earn affiliate commissions.

The only way that you could earn commissions with the Residual Income Code was by becoming an affiliate through the products and services that you sign up for and make up the affiliate sales funnel.

That really was the compensation plan! No kidding…

Why The Residual Income Code and Programs Like It Are Extremely Risky

The Residual Income Code: Born:  April 30th, 2018  –  RIP:  October 3, 2018

You should buy or promote programs you really want to buy or promote, not ones you’re forced to buy to make a program work.

Also, signing up with programs like Easy 1 Up l is highly risky at this point or in the future because of what the FTC did to MOBE and Digital Altitude.

If the FTC shuts down 1 Easy Up, you lose your entire business.

Getting started with The Residual Income System or other types of so-called “systems” like this is expensive.

However, My online business doesn’t cost anywhere close to this.

Heres something else to consider: newbies should not fool with paid traffic. It’s expensive and you can lose the shirt off your back if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In conclusion, The Residual Income System had no training, no helpful community, nothing.

Can I please recommend something that will actually teach you how to build a successful affiliate marketing business?

Stay Away From “Done For You” Systems

Any made-for-you system has drawbacks.

If you’re willing to invest in all the tools they recommend, you will probably make some money, but you WILL NOT make thousands of dollars of income in 30 to 90 days!

Thats just not how online marketing works…Period.

In the case of most of these “done for you systems,” there isn’t enough training involved. It’s set up for you to just follow the steps, no questions asked.

But what happens when you have technical issues or legitimate questions?

What happens if the owners shut it down, or move to another “platform?”

If the system collapses, will you know how to carry on without their made-for-you sales funnel?  Will you be able to start back up on your own?

I highly doubt anyone could make a genuine success out of “done for you” systems similar to this.

Why You’re Reading This Review

The reason why you’re reading this review is because you want to make an online income.

However, I know a safer route for you to take.

I’ve been marketing online for some time now, and I can tell you the platform I currently use has all the training you’ll ever need.

It will help you to properly set up your own business and earn an income. You can even start for free to try it out for 7 days!

When I say you can start for free, that’s exactly what I mean.

No surprises, hidden fees. or upsells. You can start your business without spending one red cent. If you decided later to upgrade, you can.

Also, your cost would only be $49 monthly, or $359 for the annual membership. That’s it.

You get thorough training in all the different aspects of building a real online business.

You get to choose the affiliate programs you want to promote, choose the “niche” you want to work with and the appropriate products that you feel will benefit your readers.

No one forces you to do anything. You get to make your own choices, and at the end of the day, they are choices you feel good about.

Thank You for reading!

Talk Soon,


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9 thoughts on “The Residual Income Code – What Happened?”

  1. There are so many cookie cutter programs like the Residual Income Code that it amazes me they still manage to get people to sign up for it.  It amazes me more that even with options like Wealthy Affiliate around, people still opt for them.  

    I can only conclude then that people really are looking for the dream that those programs sell.  But what they fail to realise is that programs like the one you’re promoting, Wealthy Affiliate, can give them their dream.  But instead of promising instant success, they emphasise commitment and dedication to making your dreams come true.  These are realistic expectations if one is to become successful in any business.

    I appreciate seeing write-ups like yours.  Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hey Howard –  I think the topic is a great one and a terrific niche to work with.  So many people are interested in going down this road and most of them (all ?) will make mistakes and blow some money along the way.  You say you want to help folks and if they heed your advice you will.

    Your site is neat and crisp – easy to read. I like the theme …name please…as it is easy to stay focused.

    Your “about me” page is funny and engaging along with being informative.  That style is evident in most of your blogs and it bodes well for you business.

    I am now a follower – Thanks – Mike

    • Hey Mike,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

      I’ve always tried to keep in mind what Tony Robbins has said for decades: If you model someone who is already successful, it can only increase your rate of success. I say that because I wanted to model my blog somewhat in the style of Neil Patel, James Clear, and other multi million dollar bloggers.

      The theme I use I GeneratePress. It’s not in the WA list of available themes because I had to pay for it.

      My About Me page is in the style of another favorite marketer of mine: Frank Kern.

      I wish you much success in your online business.

      Talk Soon,



  3. Hello Howard,great review. I had not heard of The Residual Income Code and I am glad that I had not. This one did not last as long as some of the others and through your review I can understand why.  Having signed up for a couple of made already scams, I am sceptical of any business that offers that kind of business online. Thank you Howard for exposing another shiny object.

    • Hey Harvey Brown,

      Yes sir…Shiny Object Syndrome is a bona-fide ailment that wreaks havoc on unsuspecting wallets.

      This makes the scammers very happy!

      Glad you received value from this post. I wish you much success here at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Talk Soon,


  4. It is funny how you said: was born….RIP… lol. It was completely a scam, it didn’t last a year !. I think it was because the scam was very obvious. In all those programs that I have seen saying is free, later the payment is higher and higher. Good to know it is “resting in peace” 😉

    • Hey Maria,

      Thank You for your comments. I really appreciate that you took the time to read my post. I wish you much success here at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Talk Soon,


  5. Hi Howard, I want to thank you for the insightful review of the residual Income code. I was nearly involved in one such system which was shut down by FTC. I even signed up for the program, but I realized that it wasn’t what I was looking for. I demanded a refund.

    They offer no practical training. You could obtain the stuff they offer as training all on the internet. It is like you are being forced to promote their programs.

    I read reviews upon reviews before I landed on the platform that you are recommending. This one offers systematic practical training to enable you set up your own business. Keep up ‘opening our eye’ with your reviews.


    • Hey Seth,

      Thank you for your insightful comments. I’m happy you didn’t fall for the shenanigans that so many others do.

      I wish you much success in your online business.

      Talk Soon,


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