HyperCapital Review – Was It A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

HyperCapital Review - Was It A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

You are welcome to my HyperCapital Review.

HyperCapital is a cryptocurrency MLM that had gained traction in Asia and Europe. I wanted to know if this is legit or another crypto coin Ponzi scam.

Well, I didn’t have to wait long!

HyperCapital Review Update June 2021

As expected, HyperCapital has collapsed into oblivion…

HyperCapital has reinvented itself into another crypto company called HyperferFund.

When you really understand the mind of a scammer, this is what they do.

They steal as much money as they can from gullible, unsuspecting “recruits” and shut down operations when the company can’t sustain itself.

However, the “owners” of these crapcoin operations are addicted to money, so they just start another Ponzi scheme to get more of it!

These scammers know how to manipulate people to get them to part with their hard-earned money.

If you “invested” into the HyperCapital dream and got scammed, is it possible to get your money back?

Unfortunately, you will not get your money back, because these guys cover their tracks. They have no intentions of giving you your money back.

What they do is start a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, close it down when the authorities almost catch up with them, then start another one and repeat the cycle.

With scammers it’s literally “rinse and repeat” until the appropriate authorities catch up with them, which in many cases can take years!

It’s situations like this that confirm what I’ve been saying to readers of this blog for years: STOP getting scammed and do the work necessary to build your own online business!

STOP believing the false promises of sick scammers whose only objective is to steal your money and move on to the next victum.

Below is the HyperCapital Review I wrote before the so-called owners shut it down. There are some points you can learn about how scammers operate by reading this review.

HyperCapital – About the Company

First of all, let me say that the HyperCapital website is a joke.

You would think that for all of the futuristic mumbo jumbo that this site talks about, the owners would have something more professional-looking.

Also, there are a number of spelling errors that you shouldn’t find on a website that’s trying to constantly attract new members.

Now let’s get back to the owners, whoever they are.

I don’t fancy any company that is not transparent about the owner or the people running it.

HyperCapital is guilty of this; the company did not provide any information about the owner or who runs it.

However, I discovered some marketing material that claims HyperCapital is “created by crypto industry giants.”

The supposed founder of this company is Ryan Xu, and he is the only executive listed.

HyperCapital Lavish Team…”

HyperCapital Review - Was It A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

HyperCapital is a Crypto Community Founded by four supposed, self-proclaimed Crypto Industry Giants. On its “lavish” team are:

  • Ryan Xu: well-respected angel investor, founder and board member with Hcash and founder of one of the biggest blockchain venture capital firms on the planet. Xu is the founder of Hypertech Group.
HyperCapital Review - Was It A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Sam Lee: the founder and chief executive officer of Blockchain Global and Blockchain Center.

HyperCapital Review - Was It A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Roy Lam: chief intelligence officer (What the heck is that???) at HyperCapital.

Often referred to as the smartest man in Hong Kong, Roy Lam is widely celebrated in China and he controls almost 12% of the National Stock of Australia.

HyperCapital Review - Was It A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

KK Choo: serves as HyperCapital’s Chief Strategy Officer.

It seems that whoever composed this was really trying to make this guy Choo seem experienced enough to be on this “team.”

HyperCapital Review - Was It A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Behind Hypertech Group is four principal blockchain ventures which are Digital X, Hcash, CollinStar, and Blockchain Global. These remarkable ventures power the systems of HyperCapital.

Despite claims that Ryan Xu is a pro in this niche, I still could not find any useful information about him besides the few failed crypto-companies he created.

It appears that Ryan Xu is related to HyperCash through HCash Tech; he is a co-founder of this platform.

HCash is a tech company based in Australia that offers technology consulting services.

To be honest, there is something fishy about this. Digging a little deeper, I discovered some interesting things.

Not Everything Is What It Seems…

HyperCapital Review - Is It A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Ryan Xu was known as Zijing Xu back then. And in December 2017, CollinStar America revealed that Ryan X is/was the Chairman of CollinStar.

There was also a press release, two months earlier, linking CollinStar to the development of HCash, currently called HyperCash.

So let’s connect the dots ourselves.

Ryan Xu is the same as Zijing Xu. CollinStar is connected to HCash, now called HyperCash.

Yet, you will not find this information in HyperCapital’s marketing. Towards the end of 2017, Ryan was occupied with launching HyperCash.

During this period, his Media Chain scheme (an MDC altcoin ICO primarily targeted at investors from China) was collapsing.

After the investors raised about 100 million yuan to participate in MediaChain ($14.4 million), Xu and his partners eloped with their cash.

Many blockchain projects backed by Mr.Xu are labeled as scams and have milked investors out of tens of millions of dollars.

So much for a cryptocurrency giant.

HyperCash has been operating since 2019, but I don’t think things will end well for them.

I’m sure I could follow the other three members of this “lavish team” down their own rabbit holes. Fortunately, I’m trying to make this review as brief as possible.

My point is All of these guys are cut from the same mold – they are all

So one needs to be careful. The next session will talk about their products or services.

Products Offered by HyperCapital

HyperCapital Review - Was It A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

To operate legally as a network marketing company, you need to have retail products or services to offer to customers.

If any MLM company does not want to be identified as a pyramid scheme, their retail sales must be greater than affiliate recruitment.

Besides affiliate membership, does HyperCapital have retail products or services to offer customers?

No. They don’t have any retail products or services to offer except promoting affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan

Affiliates are to invest 1000 USDT to get ROI of 2500 USDT.

If they claim to offer returns on investment, are they registered with the right financial authorities to offer securities?

To begin, all you need to do is to deposit USDT into HyperCapital application and buy a Hyper Wealth Package worth 1000 USDT.

After purchasing the package, you will begin to accumulate about 15-30% every month until you reach 3500 USDT.

All returns and commissions are paid by HyperCapital in HyperCash instead of USDT.

When it’s time to withdraw, all rewards are converted to Hcash.

Residual Commissions

HyperCapital uses a unilevel compensation structure to pay its members residual commissions.

In a uni-level plan structure, an affiliate is placed at the top of the team, and every affiliate they sponsor are directly placed under them.

These new recruits are placed in Level 1 of the original affiliate. Affiliates sponsored by those in level 1 are placed on level 2 of the original affiliates.

The same goes for level 3, and so on. The highest attainable level on the platform is level 20.

The platform pays residual commissions on daily returns as a percentage across all 20 levels.

Registration Cost and Withdrawal Restrictions

About 20% of commissions earned, excluding ROI’s, are withheld by HyperCapital.

This must be reinvested in HyperCapital’s tokens. Instead of allowing you to enjoy your rewards, you are forced into reinvesting.

Cost to Join

I believe the HyperCapital affiliate membership is free. But to partake in the investment opportunity, you will have to pay $1000 USD.

Is HyperCapital A Scam?

HyperCapital Review - Was It A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Is the HyperCapital opportunity a scam? In my opinion, this is a SCAM and a good, old-fashioned Ponzi scheme.

According to HyperCapital, they generate external revenue from:

  • Through fees from HyperPay wallet and spread from HyperCash on exchanges.
  • From commission and swap fees on the platform
  • Proprietary market making system through HyperLand, a blockchain tech incubator.
  • Through mining and staking of HyperCash token

If this is how they generate their external revenue, then they are trying to say they do not have any external source for income generation.

Another red flag that should change your mind is that HyperCapital is not registered with any finance securities authority; they are also not registered with any cryptocurrency body.

For instance, any company into securities in the United States must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

If for any reason they are saying it is not a must to register, then they are telling lies.

Ryan Xu, being from Australia, should have registered with a finance body there, the ASIC for instance.

However, their investment opportunity is not available to the ASIC.

Also, the ASIC is not known for the active regulation of MLM related securities fraud.

HyperCapital Is Not Legally Registered

HyperCapital is not registered in Australia or any relevant finance organization in any country for that matter.

Based on the history and background of the founder of this company, I don’t think it’s wise to join this platform.

HyperTech also claims to launch coins like NEM, TRON, and MONERO.

However, if you should search Google, you will see that HyperTech has nothing to do with these coins they claimed to launch.

Some affiliates also claim Ryan Xu was listed on Forbes. When I tried to confirm this; nothing came up when I searched.

Don’t be fooled – no matter how they paint this platform, they operate like a Ponzi scheme.

If you think they are legit, then wait till the SEC receives reports about their operations.

One thing you can count on: it may be sooner or later, but the SEC will catch up with these scammers.

HyperCapital is similar to other questionable business “opportunities” I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

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