How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Fast – Is It Possible?

Hundreds of people every month search online to find how to learn affiliate marketing fast. There’s a reason for wanting to know how to learn it “fast”. The mindset of most people is “how much money can I make and how fast can I make it.”

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative business if it’s approached with the right motive and if the individual has the right estimation of how much work it really takes to produce a substantial income.

Usually someone who wants “fast” results have a personal need for financial relief in the shortest amount of time possible. The following facts are true about most of these particular online seekers:

Laziness Kills Long Term Financial Success

One of the reasons why someone would want to learn affiliate marketing “fast” could be flat-out laziness. The desire for quick money with very little work. The internet is saturated with ridiculous promises of “quick cash” with little to no hard work.

This type of individual may make some quick cash for a short period of time but will certainly fail in the long run. This type of individual NEVER experiences long term success.

If you’re the type of individual that has the tendency to try to find the “easy” way to make money, the “quick” bucks here and there, then you must change the way you think if you ever hope to have success.

It all starts with YOU, with your thought processes.

Why Do You Want “Fast” Results?

Here are some of the reasons why individuals search for how to learn affiliate marketing “fast”:

  • They’re sick and tired of being BROKE. They never seem to have the money they want to enjoy a stress-free life because their life is full of lack and limitation.
  • They are deeply concerned about getting older and not having the financial resources to live well in their later years. A gnawing feeling eats away at them because of feeling that they were not able to live the life they truly wanted to live.
  • Glairing personal financial failures are staring them in the face; Regrets due to not accomplishing important personal goals, which require money, are starting to pile up in the corridors of your mind.
  • Most of these individuals are either in serious financial difficulty or approaching serious financial difficulty and need to supplement their income QUICK. They need a way out of a difficult situation.
  • Serious medical issues are on the horizon that may require money that’s not available or an individual is in a position where they have to take care other family members they had NOT planned to take care of. There may be thousands of dollars of medical bills that are unable to be paid.

Look…I Know How You Feel

I can tell you that I’ve personally experienced some of the very situations mentioned above.

So, I know exactly how you feel. In fact, I felt the same way when I started learning affiliate marketing – I needed to make money FAST! And up until recently, if you didn’t know what you were doing the learning curve was brutal!

In fact, most people had no idea how difficult it was. But a few months ago, I found a simple way to learn affiliate marketing in a relatively short period of time that allowed me to get my websites built that’s 100% tech-free.

I was able to build everything in a couple of weeks, and it was so easy …All I had to do was follow the videos and read some instructions. And heck, technical support AND live chat was available when I needed it.

In fact, there was no software to install, no “code” of any kind, and when I think about it …it was actually fun, and I enjoyed the work

There Are No “Quick” or “Fast” Solutions

Although the method you choose to make money online is very important, this matter of getting sizeable “fast” or “quick” money from internet marketing is the wrong mindset to have.

Please understand that you MIGHT be able to make SOME money fast with the garbage “make money quick” websites that populate the internet, but for sizable four, five and six figure returns, you’ll need significant sweat equity.

You MUST do the work required and the work required TAKES TIME.

And that’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to create passive income streams, so you can free up your time and eventually quit your life sucking job (Just Over Broke) so you can focus on the things that matter.

Wealthy Affiliate: Learn Affiliate Marketing the RIGHT Way

Wealthy Affiliate will help you learn “fast” in the sense that you will learn the RIGHT way, the SUCCESSFUL, LONG-TERM way of making money online “faster” than if you tried to put all of the pieces together yourself, avoid all the mistakes, and hope you get it right.

So, in that since, using the Wealthy Affiliate platform is “faster” than cheap the do-it-yourself approach.

Wealthy Affiliate PROVIDES training on how to find a niche, so you can learn how to find profitable niches, and they offer personal support helping you select your niche and give you tools and techniques to come up with your own niche ideas.

Wealthy Affiliate PROVIDES FREE starter members 2 websites, so you can try it out and see how it works. As a Premium member, you can host up to 25 of your own domains, and 25 free websites on their domain.

Wealthy Affiliate TEACHES traffic, so you can learn how to get people in front of your website and convert them into paying customers. They know the best strategies and techniques to get your website ranked and do it in abundance!

Wealthy Affiliate PROVIDES one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online, so you can make good money promoting it. As a member you are going to be able to interact and work with some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world.

There is beginner to advanced training on how to find affiliate programs and how to effectively convert visitors into “sales” on your website. It will only be a matter of time before you become an expert affiliate marketer yourself.

Try It Free: You Have Nothing to Lose

Wealthy Affiliate offers a completely free, no obligation Starter membership. Think about it: How many online platforms do you know of that or have enough confidence in their service that they allow you to try it for free before you spend a one red cent?

That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is different and is focused on YOUR success.

There are so many benefits to the Wealthy Affiliate membership that it’s hard to list them all. For me, the Jaaxy Keyword Tool by itself is worth the price of the monthly membership fee! It’s an awesome tool that has made my keyword research much, much easier.

Try it for free. If you don’t like what you see, leave. You never need to come back and you have lost nothing, not one dime.

Which Will You Choose: “Fast” or “Right”?

So, the key to all of this is LEARNING AFFILIATE MARKETING THE RIGHT WAY, not the “Fast” way.

I cannot overstate this. To reach a very high level of income in the shortest amount of time possible you MUST learn how affiliate marketing works and become proficient at it.

So if you’re trying to find out how to learn affiliate marketing fast I have found Wealthy Affiliate by far to be the best platform today for individuals who truly want to learn affiliate marketing the right way.

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12 thoughts on “How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Fast – Is It Possible?”

  1. Excellent points! So many people think that because the world of the internet is fast that they can make fast money with little effort.
    They see people on youtube that make 5-minute videos and see that they make a great living doing it think they can just jump on and make the same money with one video starting tomorrow.
    What they don’t realize is those people worked hard to get there, well most anyways. They probably worked at for years, failed several times and started over.
    Then once they did succeed they still work hard every day making a new video…every day! They don’t just make a couple of videos then sit back and watch the money come in…they keep working.
    So that is why your article is so right on. It is not a get rich quick option, it’s a do it right option.
    I’ll be checking out your suggestions.

    • Hey Paul,

      Everything you said in your comments is spot on! I couldn’t agree more. This business takes WORK, but the rewards are absolutely worth it. The reason I’m in this business is to have TIME, MONEY and FREEDOM! Like you, I am willing to do whatever it takes (ethically, of course!) to have the type of lifestyle others only dream about.

      Thank you for the positive words. I wish you MUCH SUCCESS in your online business!

      Talk Soon!

  2. Yeah I’m afraid I’m one of those impatient people that come online to work, well, I was anyway!. I’m actually still looking for some internet marketing training, but in my haste I took on a relatively cheap course that promised me results fast. 

    Of course – this education was laden with ‘tools’ I needed to purchase to proceed with my training…and before I knew it – the course was becoming very expensive (and the education made little sense to me). 

    I’m interested in the Wealthy Affiliate option you have covered here in your article, mainly because it seems to have a free entry level for people willing to learn. Are there any ‘tools’ or upgrades I will need to purchase once I am in there?

    • Hey Chris,

      Sorry it took me a couple of days to reply…I’ve been dealing with some health issues.

      With Wealthy Affiliate, everything you need in in one platform. I’ve been saying this in many of my posts. With these other programs, you have to go outside the program to purchase tools you need to build your business.

      With Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to do that! WA really allows you to focus on your business…Everything you need is right at WA!

      You can try it for 7-days FREE without spending one red cent.

      You won’t be dissappointed!

      Talk Soon,


  3. Hi, and thanks for this great article.

    The points you raise are so true. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you can get rich super-quick if you are doing any sort of internet business. I hear it all the time. 

    But, internet marketing takes time just like any other business out there. Yes, you can reach a bigger audience, and that would speed up the results a little, but all in all, just like everything good in life, you need to give it some time to grow and mature.

    Wealthy Affiliate is great! They offer such good training that anybody with a will to succeed and work hard can achieve great things in affiliate marketing. 

    WA offers the opportunity for you to build and host multiple websites that are always your property, which is not always the case with other companies.

    The community at WA is supportive and full of advice and wisdom on all things internet!

    • Hey Alenka,

      Thank You for taking the time to read my post.

      You’re absolutely right – There are tremendous misconceptions regarding online marketing.

      The biggest challenge for aspiring marketers is treating this like a real business – because it is a real business.

      That’s the one thing that trips people up – they just can’t get past that one hang-up!

      You sound as if you treat this like a real business, and that’s why I know you’ll succeed!

      You Can Do This!

      Talk Soon,


  4. Hi and thanks for creating a very open and realistic article. Certainly in order to be successful you need to get the right online skill set, which will by its nature take an investment in time. Anyone promising a get rich quick scheme is a liar and a scammer, as these don’t exist. My question would be, how long realistically do you give something a try before you expect to see results? I guess it would depend on how much effort you put in right? Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks Kenny 

    • Hey Kenny,

      Thank You for taking the time to read my post!

      To directly answer you question as to How Long does it take to see results from affiliate marketing, I just created a post you need to read…Click Here to Read

      Let me know what you think.

      Talk Soon,


  5. You are so right about not trying to look for the fast way to learn affiliate marketing. Is it easy to learn and yes some people can learn it fast but the actually implementation of what they know can be a very long process, but onced everything is set, then its easy and very lucrative.

    • Hey Andrea,

      Thank You for reading my post!

      I have been reminded of this statement repeatedly while here at Wealthy Affiliate:

      Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

      The hardest part about affiliate marketing is the first 1-2 years. If you set up your business properly, you will be rewarded very well!

      Talk Soon,


  6. You know what I love about this article?  It’s your honesty.  You don’t over-sell the affiliate marketing avenue, you are very realistic about the fact that time and energy need to go into a website before it produces fruit, and there really is no “fast” solution to making money online.  I appreciate that, and I also appreciate this Wealthy Affiliate program you are talking about. 

    I’m super excited that we really get to sign up for 100% free?  That’s pretty amazing since everybody else wants a fortune, it seems, and believe me you don’t get anything for the money.  I am going to sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate program, I figure, like you said, what do I have to lose?  Thanks for being honest. 


    • Hello Babs,

      First of all, Babe is such a cool name! Love it!

      Your comments are spot on. Thank you for the complement. You MUST be honest with people because if you’re not it will affect your business either sooner or later, but you WILL pay a price for dishonesty.

      Everything you and I need to build a successful affiliate marketing business is right here at Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you sign up, you will not regret it!

      Thanks for reading.

      Talk Soon,


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