How Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam

How Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam

For those of you sitting on the fence, I will give you 3 Facts Showing How Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam.

If you’re thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate but just aren’t sure, then you need to read this blog post.

First of all, let us understand what exactly is a scam.

What Actually Is A Scam?

Let’s look at the definition of a scam from Wikipedia:

A scam is attempting to defraud a person or group of individuals by gaining their trust under false pretenses.

Scams are accomplished because they take advantage of an individuals lack of experience.

The one niche in which their are thousands of such “scams” is in “make money online.”

This is the one niche that attracts hordes of dishonest people and where inexperienced marketers are easy pickings for scammers.

Also, keep in mind that scammers are hard, cold, and uncaring individuals.

All they want is your hard-earned money and don’t give a rats behind how much you lose.

What About Wealthy Affiliate?

How Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam

Wealthy Affiliate owners Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon have created a platform that thousands of online marketers have benefited from.

Without a doubt, Wealthy Affiliate is not a “SCAM” program.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform that has been in business for over 12 years.

It provides way more value than the cost of the membership.

Wealthy Affiliate provides outstanding training for individuals who are completely new at online marketing.

You can click here and review the success stories of ordinary people who have benefited immensely from the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

When you read these success stories, you will see these are everyday people who are making extraordinary incomes.

Therefore, in this blog post, I will outline as promised 3 facts showing how Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a SCAM.

Fact #1: Complete Training Step-By-Step

Wealthy Affiliate has some of the best affiliate marketing training online.

If you are a complete “newbie”, or brand-spanking new to online marketing, you CAN follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate with great success.

Below is an outline of the first 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can have access to these pieces of training at no charge if you create your FREE accoun:

How Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam

Here’s another amazing fact about Wealthy Affiliate:

They will also allow you to access the first 10 lessons in the Affiliate Bootcamp as well!

Even if you have a FREE account, you are allowed into these Affiliate Bootcamp lessons:

When you decide to become a Premium Member you’ll have access to ALL of the training material!

I can tell you that Wealthy Affiliate does an excellent job of providing great step-by-step training.

Regardless if you are brand-spanking new or an experienced marketer, the important aspects of affiliate marketing are covered.

You are taught from the beginning how to attract organic traffic (free traffic).

The modules teach how to build your business with effective SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

With the Premium Membership you have a comprehensive blueprint on how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

The 2 main courses offered are the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Kyle Loudon, one of the owners at Wealthy Affiliate, even has a Super Affiliate Program for those who are extremely motivated!

Fact #2: Awesome 24/7- 365 Support

Frankly, this is the #1 point that made me join Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve had dealings with many so-called make money online platforms over the years, and here’s one fact I can tell you:

No other platform delivers the kind of support that Wealthy Affiliate does!

Site Support is 24/7 support for ANY technical issues you are having with your website.

And they are FAST.

Site Support will answer your inquiries QUICKLY!

I can honesty tell you that with Site Support, I usually get a decent response in 1 hour or less.

That’s HUGE!

It’s a fact that none of the other platforms I’ve been involved with has that level of support.

That’s not all when it comes to support.

Wealthy Affiliate has a feature called Live Chat where you can usually get answers at an instant from experienced affiliate marketers.

Wait… There’s more.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a feature where you can private message an experienced affiliate marketer.

The platform allows you to contact them one-on-one if you need additional insight from an experienced marketer.

You can have one-on-one help with private messaging so you can discuss specifics without having the whole world know about your online business.

They also have Live Chat help that’s opened 24/7 as their are members from around the world.

You also have the option to “Ask a Question” which gets you answer from a variety of members because your question will be seen by the whole community.

The level of support is absolutely not seen on other training platforms.

Everyone at Wealthy Affiliate has a pay-it-forward attitude and willing to help you, including the owners themselves!

Fact #3: You Can Try Out Wealthy Affiliate For FREE

It’s been my experience that most make money online platforms have many hidden cost.

There are so-called “up sells” that people aren’t deliberately told about from the start.

Therefore, many programs definitely are not free to join.

The only thing these product owners are concerned with is making as much money as possible.

Their greed consumes them.

These scammers want to squeeze every last dollar they can get before their “product” is found out for what it really is.

Not so with Wealthy Affiliate.

You can actually join with a FREE membership.

No credit or debit card required.

What is the point of the owners, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, doing this?

However, Wealthy Affiliate makes it so that you can join for FREE with a Starter membership that is free for life.

Additional Facts: The Affiliate Program For Wealthy Affiliate Is Lucrative

Many who sign up for Wealthy Affiliate decide to follow the Affiliate Bootcamp course.

With Affiliate Bootcamp you’ll be learning how to build an online business that specifically promotes Wealthy Affiliate.

I have researched a number of affiliate marketing platforms and walked away with one conclusion:

I can say that Wealthy Affiliate is honestly the best make-money-online training there is.

Wealthy Affiliate is easy to promote because of the tremendous value you get with the program.

Every member (even Starter members) have their own unique affiliate link for Wealthy Affiliate.

When someone joins Wealthy Affiliate through your link, you make money if they purchase a Premium Membership.

The affiliate program is very lucrative–even if your referral does not purchase Premium, you’ll still earn $1 if they fill out their profile.

Here’s a breakdown showing exactly how much you earn for each referral:

If you follow the Affiliate Bootcamp course on Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll be learning how to build a website that promotes Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is honestly the best make-money-online training there is, making it easy to promote over anything else.

Below is just a partial list of benefits when you join Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Pros And Cons

Wealthy Affiliate Pros

  • The starter membership is 100% FREE and no debit or credit card is required
  • The online training is task-based and encourages you to want to get to the next lesson
  • Starter members can create 2 websites for FREE
  • Premium Members can create up to 50 websites
  • Premium Members have access to the Jaaxy Keyword Tool, one of the best keyword tool on the market
  • Starter members get 30 keyword searches with their free account
  • Wealthy Affiliate hosts LIVE video classes weekly and these classes are recorded and saved
  • You can watch any of the past video training whenever you want You can watch any of the past video training whenever you want
  • Wealthy Affiliate prides itself on being a spam-free community of like-minded individuals
  • Wealthy Affiliate has support 24/7, 365 days of the year
  • You need absolutely zero experience to navigate Wealthy Affiliate
  • The Wealthy Affiliate platform is completely “newbie friendly” and quite easy to follow
  • There is training on EVERY aspect of building an online business – virtually no area is left uncovered

Wealthy Affiliate Cons

  • There is a small portion of outdated training on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. However, when you consider the tremendous amount of content on the WA platform, this would be somewhat understandable.
  • As of this writing, 7 countries aren’t able to have access to the free starter membership.

Real-Life Success Stories Of Wealthy Affiliate Members

Take some time to view what some successful online marketers had to say about Wealthy Affiliate:

To read GarenArnold’s entire testimonial Click Here.

Click Here to read the rest of dylanrieger’s testimonial.

To read MattThomas entire testimonial Click Here.

To read JasonHeard entire testimonial Click Here.

You can Click Here to read AlexSol’s entire testimonial.

Click Here to read the rest of Josh From Oz’s testimonial.

To read the rest of littlemama’s testimonial Click Here.

The actual customer testimonials prove what I’ve been saying for a long time: Wealthy Affiliate works.

The above testimonials are but a small fraction of the success stories posted throughout Wealthy Affiliate.

Try Wealthy Affiliate FREE To See If You Like It

The reason is you can try many parts of the Wealthy Affiliate platform for the first 7 days after you join.

At the end of 7 days, you can decide either to keep your free membership or upgrade to a Premium membership.

However, let me tell you the best part about this:

If, for whatever reason, you decide Wealthy Affiliate is not for you, you aren’t charges one red cent!


Now tell me, does that sound like a SCAM to you?

When have scammers ever allowed you to try anything of theirs for free?

The free Starter Membership will allow you access the first 10 lessons, along with the opportunity to build 2 free websites.

However, if you want the best possible chance to succeed, you will need to upgrade to a Premium membership.

With the Premium Membership their are ZERO up sells and hidden surprises.

A Premium Membership costs $359 annually, $234 for 6-months, or $49 monthly.

Regardless which plan you choose, their are no up sells or sneaky surprise fees whatsoever.

elow is a chart outlining the benefits between the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership and the Premium Membership.

Below is a video walkthrough of WA from one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle Loudoun:

What’s Holding You Back?

Many of you reading this post are still undecided as to the best way to start an affiliate marketing business.

A number of you are thinking: “Is Wealthy Affiliate going to be the platform to help me make money online?”

So, What Are YOU Waiting For?

Similarly, I didn’t want to overwhelm you with more and more facts, although I could’ve added many more positive aspects about Wealthy Affiliate.

Likewise, if you still can’t make a decision, you need to ask yourself Why?

Either you want to build a profitable affiliate marketing business or you don’t.

Either you want to become financially independent or you don’t

What do you REALLY want?

Are you really sick and tired of being broke?

Or are you a tire-kicker; someone who can’t make a decision when you need to?

I would highly recommend you read these blog posts:

In conclusion, do yourself a favor:

Get the FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership and try it out.

Try. It. Out.

You won’t lose anything.

Talk Soon,


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10 thoughts on “How Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam”

  1. Scams are everywhere online and are designed to rob you of your money and don’t offer any value in return. whether it’s product or services. 

    What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is it provides an educational platform where people come together to learn how to build an online business. 

    Although there’s a learning curve, it’s not more than a “newbie” can handle.

    Naturally, some people will grasp it more than others. As great as the training itself is, it doesn’t on its own make you money. 

    It’s the action you take along with the training at Wealthy Affiliate that will produce the desired results. 

    Great blog post, Howard!

    • Hello Cathy,

      Thanks for your reply!

      I definitely agree with your comments. 

      You are spot-on regarding how great the Wealthy Affiliate platform is.

      I know from personal experience that Wealthy Affiliate has been the game-changer that has helped me build a successful online business.

      As far as taking action is concerned, it’s true that no online platform is a substitute for focused, determined action.

      I’ve written blog posts that talk about the importance of taking massive action in order to achieve your goals.

      How To Be Relentless And Create A Success Mindset

      Why Goal Setting Is Important To Success

      I wish you much success in your online business.

      Talk Soon,


  2. Your blog post is very informative. I am convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to start building an online business. 

    Everything you need for your business is provided on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The Jaaxy keyword tool is awesome and I am using it regularly for my keyword research. 

    Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, my blog posts have started ranking on Google. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is truly awesome! 

    Thanks so much for such a useful blog post. Reading this helped me to have a greater appreciation for Wealthy Affiliate.

    I hope everyone will learn how to build a successful business online in the days to come! 

    • Thank You for your comment, Lalita.

      I wanted to present just a few facts that showed how Wealthy Affiliate is quite different from the other so-called business builders online today.

      I agree with you about the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

      Jaaxy alone, in my opinion, is worth the price of the $49 monthly Premium Membership! 

      Jaaxy has literally saved me hours of painstaking research and has freed me up to focus on writing content.

      Thank You for taking the time to read this post!

      Talk Soon,


  3. Wealthy affiliate is not a scam. It is only an ignorant person that will claim wealthy affiliate is a scam. I really hope that people can just give it a trial and see themselves. I joined the platform after much deliberation in 2018 and I must say that has been the best decision of my life. Simply a great platform. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Thumbs up

    • Hey Rodarrick,

      Thank you for your comment.

      It took me only 2 days to figure out how great Wealthy Affiliate was.

      It’s the best business decision I’ve ever made!

      Talk Soon,


  4. Hi Howard, 

    I also think a wealthy affiliate has a lot of value in comparison to the price. 

    As a beginner in the online business arena, I truly believed Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best options because their support if is top-notch.

    I really like the community inside the program and I’m really enjoying it. 

    Every time I get stuck, they are fast responding to any of my questions. 

    Also, the fact it is free to join for me was a no-brainer.

    It didn’t last too long when I upgraded to a premium membership.

    When I upgraded to get premium membership, I used the yearly price because I was confident that by using the Wealthy Affiliate program, I would learn a lot of business, and I’m positive that they will help me in my journey.

     You’ve really nailed it on this review!

     Thank you so much.

    • Hello Christopher,

      Like you, when I created my free account at Wealthy Affiliate, it took me only 2 days to figure out that WA was the place where I could build my online business.

      Thank You for reading my blog post.

      Much success to you in your online business.

      Talk Soon,


  5. Thank you for putting forward information about Wealthy Affiliate. 

    You’ve illuminated the blurry part and readers can see the exact picture of what they would have in joining this platform.

    I think the scammers are now running out of ways to distort the truth about making money online. 

    Thanks for the education imparted by reviews like this.

    • Hello Abagatan,

      You are welcome.

      I’m happy I can help anyone avoid getting scammed and direct them to a platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

      All The Best,



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