How To Write Good Blog Content

How To Write Good Blog Content

Let me make this clear: learning How To Write Good Blog Content is critical for the success of your online business and to make money online.

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate Back in January 2018 writing good blog content was quite difficult for me.

I was struggling to understand How To Write Good Blog Content.

All I desperately wanted was to get to a five-figure income per month.

If I could do that, I could quit my day job and become a full-time online marketer.

During the short time I was working to build my business, something became quite evident to me.

Writing good blog content is challenging. Very challenging.

Frankly, you could outsource writing the content for your website.

However, it’s not an option for 99% of new online marketers, because outsourcing your content writing can be expensive.

I kept thinking to myself: “If I could earn a few grand per month, I could earn 8 or 10 thousand per month by aggressively scaling up my content creation using the same marketing methods.”

Also, what I quickly found out is one of the challenging aspects of owning a blog is content creation.

Creating relevant content is one of the most difficult aspects of online marketing.

However, I’ve found a way to help motivate me to really get work done.

How To Write Good Blog Content: Getting Motivated

There is one thing that I do to “jack myself up”.

I listen to motivational audio before I sit down to write blog content.

I also watch motivational videos to get mentally “psyched-up” or “pumped-up.”

This gets me in the right frame of mind right before I start to work on my online business.

I always gained motivation from “personal development” material.

So, I looked up books or audios from my favorite motivational or self-improvement speakers.

Years ago I remember having a monthly subscription to a website called TSTN, which stood for The Success Training Network.

TSTN has long disappeared but, I can remember having TSTN playing in the background of my laptop while I was working online.

(The Facebook page IS NOT anywhere close to the original TSTN and IS NOT the same!)

Self-Motivation Really Works

One of the main reasons I did this was my day job was such a stressful grind.

By the time I got home, I needed a shot in the arm to encourage and motivate myself. I was tired and didn’t feel like writing blog content.

However, I remained focused – I was absolutely clear on what I had to do day by day.

If I wanted to push forward and take massive action, I HAD to get motivated! No one was knocking on my door to rescue me from my lack and limitation.

Many of my goals are deeply personal and I did not want to jeopardize reaching them!

Where Can You Find Motinational Material

Today, there’s a ton of free motivational content on YouTube that’s available.

There are excellent short videos that motivate and inspire, especially when you are struggling and don’t feel like writing a single word of blog content.

The videos I really find exceptionally motivating I’ve set up in a folder in my YouTube account.

My folder is called “Motivational Videos,” and I save them so I can watch them as many times as necessary.

There is even free software online that will allow you to create a downloadable audio version of a YouTube video to listen to while working out or riding in your car.

These short motivational videos are very helpful tools I’ve used to help me get in the right frame of mind to write blog content that people can really use.

How Self-Motivation Can Help

How To Write Good Blog Content

What happened was motivating myself in this way had a positive effect on my desire to write blog content.

Also, I became more aggressive regarding business matters, bolder in taking action, and less concerned about what other people thought.

I became more motivated when it came to setting goals for my business and inspired to take massive action in order to reach the goals I had set.

I had a more “I could care less” attitude about the possibilities of ridicule, abuse, or failure.

Pushback of any kind from anyone didn’t bother me as much anymore. All the things that people try to avoid as entrepreneurs I started to take head-on.

I can tell you this technique really worked!

Motivating myself in this way also gave me ideas I could use in my blog posts.

I started to think of points that could genuinely help people solve their problems.

That technique put me in a certain “state of mind” that allowed me to take bold, action, and just do it. 

As a result, every possible outcome or barrier that is standing in my way did not worry me as much.

It’s true that fortune does favor the bold and success gravitates to those who take action outside their comfort zone.

Learn To Do Whatever It Takes To Motivate Yourself

How To Write Good Blog Content

Below is an example of a motivational YouTube video that is mentally and emotionally inspiring…

When viewing videos similar to these it reminds me of one of the most inspiring statements I’ve heard. It is simple, yet powerful.

“Nothing in your life will ever change unless you change. Nothing in your life will get better until you get better.”

The Late Motivational Speaker Jim Rohn

Too many “internet marketers” focus on chasing money and not on improving themselves. This is “the secret” that 95% of people miss! They chase money and that’s why they fail.

As individuals, WE MUST GROW! We must.

If you focus on growing yourself, then life is not as difficult, you tackle the problems you encounter with greater mental clarity

If you continue to transform and grow yourself, opportunities will open up to you that you would never think possible. That’s “the secret” my friend.

Here’s A Tip You Can Use

Where did I get ideas for actual content in my blog posts?

Here’s one practical example: What I’ve done is I’ve used the emails I’ve received from other online marketers, extracted the relevant ideas from these emails, reworded them, and used them for blog posts.

The sales emails from many of these so-called “gurus” have a ton of information that you can either re-write or use as ideas for some of your own blog posts.

Why This Works So Well

The reason this works so effectively is many email campaigns that you receive from other marketers are full of good content. Yes, some of them are not very good, but many of them are.

Regardless of the niche, you’re in, this will work.

You have to opt into about 5 to 10 email lists related to your niche to get enough good content from the emails.

The email content is easier to re-write because typically the messages in email campaigns have not been used in blog posts or websites, so they have not been indexed by Google.

What I did was create a separate G-Mail account just for opting into other marketers’ lists, and then I go about extracting the “juice” from the best of these email messages.

When I’m done with them, I immediately delete them, and in a few hours, I get a fresh new batch of emails I can get ideas from.

So there – I just gave you one of my sources for getting content I can use in my blog posts.

Wealthy Affiliate: A Bloggers Best Friend

How To Write Good Blog Content

What also helped me in ways I could never imagine was Wealthy Affiliate.

After what I had been through online, I didn’t want to spend one red cent until I could really see the benefit of joining Wealthy Affiliate. However, there was another problem.

I HATED WordPress! I found it confusing and complicated. When I found out that the blogs and websites are WordPress themes, I almost didn’t join.

The only reason why I tried it out was the 7-day FREE trial. I figured I had nothing to lose so I took a chance and tried it out.

The Wealthy Affiliate website made it a point to state that it’s very easy to set up your blog or website using WordPress and the platform will walk you through step by step.

I was extremely skeptical at first, but with the 7-day FREE trial, I didn’t have to spend a dime to see what Wealthy Affiliate was all about.

The Best Business Decision I Ever Made

How To Write Good Blog Content

If you’ve been searching online for a legitimate way to make money online, then Wealthy Affiliate is your answer.

There are no hyped-up sales pitches, fake testimonials, and lying earnings screenshots designed to take your money and run.

For myself, I can honestly say joining Wealthy Affiliate it’s the best business decision I’ve made.

No bogus claims that you will make thousands of dollars within a week, a day or even a few hours.

The scammers and fake gurus well know that it’s impossible for you to start generating thousands of dollars within a very short period of time if regardless if you are new at this or not.

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Online Choice for New Internet Marketers and has Helped People from Around the World to Learn the Correct Way to Make Money Online.

People always talk about taking risks in business, and how it can be detrimental if your decision ends up in failure.

There is NO RISK with Wealthy Affiliate. NONE.

It’s mind-boggling to me why people who are “just thinking” about trying it out don’t do so!

At the end of the seven-day FREE trial, you are not obligated for one red cent, and you can go about your business.

You don’t even need a credit card to sign up for the free trial! How crazy is that?!

Wealthy Affiliate Allowed Me To Write Good Content

The wonderful thing about Wealthy Affiliate is it helped me tremendously when it came to writing good blog content.

I say this because the way the platform is designed I didn’t have to stress about the actual setup of my website.

I could focus 100% on what I wanted to say in my blog posts and formulate my thoughts and ideas without the distractions of complicated web design and setup.

That’s huge – because if you don’t have the distractions of website design and set-up, that frees your mind to focus primarily on content creation.

Look…You can do this!

Now, get 10% more aggressive in your business today and take inspired, motivated, bold, abundant action… right now!

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Wealthy Affiliate is the Most Downloaded Affiliate Marketing Program on the Internet Today with More Than 12 Years Helping People to Make Money Online!

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