How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Business

How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Business

Once you understand How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Business your revenue will consistently increase.

Below are tips regarding using Twitter that will certainly help the bottom line of your business.

1. Don’t Focus On Numbers, Focus On Quality.

When you talk about how to use Twitter to promote your business, there is one particular mistake marketers make.

Marketers make the mistake of focusing on how many thousands of people they can follow.

They do this in the hopes these individuals will follow back.

The key to how to use Twitter to promote your business is this:

Focus on finding the highly targeted members who are a good match for what you’re promoting.

One way to do this is to read their profiles and follow people who have a similar interest in your niche.

Whatever niche your blog or website promotes, whether it’s gardening or race car driving, or Internet marketing, look for people who have similar interests.

Here’s another point to consider:

One thousand highly target people who are truly receptive to your products are worth far more to your business than 100,000 randomly selected people.

Therefore, think of your Twitter followers as you would a mailing list.

Similarly, Twitter isn’t about who has the biggest follower count – it’s about making real connections with real people.

2. Always Provide Great Content and Endeavor To Connect With People

How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Business

As a marketer, you want to promote your brand with your latest blog post or product.

However, you won’t get the results you seek unless you’re also building connections, growing relationships, and developing networks as well.

Focusing too much of your time trying to sell your products will not help you gain followers on Twitter.

If your followers feel your only concern is making a sale, they will eventually abandon you.

Also, if you’re not interacting with your followers, they are quickly going to forget who you are.

3. Don’t Slave Over Content.

If you are producing content elsewhere on your blog or website, then marketing on Twitter is not going to be difficult.

For example, make it a habit to craft 3 or 4 tweets for each blog post.

Doing this consistently after writing your blog post will start to become a habit.

In your Tweets, highlight something interesting you covered in your post and articles.

Your followers would appreciate the nuggets of information that you share with them.

4. Only Share Points That Are Relevant to Your Audience

Learning how to use Twitter to promote your business means knowing what to tweet and what not to tweet.

The only thing you want to tweet is relevant content, nothing else!

Don’t tell your followers things that have no impact on their lives.

Some folks on Twitter feel it’s their duty to report every little thing in their lives.

If you’re on Twitter to market, then leave irrelevant chatter out of your tweets.

5. Always Share The Latest News In Your Niche.

This is a 5-minute step that can help you to reach out to more people with your Tweets.

and you become the informed person people want to follow.

Sign up for Google Alerts and lookup terms relevant to your niche in order to receive the latest news each day.

Write a few tweets based on this content. That’s it!

Eventually, you become the informed person people want to follow on Twitter.

6. Encourage Feedback From Those Who Are Following You

How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Business

Encouraging customer feedback is always a good idea on Twitter.

You can ask relevant questions such as, “What is the toughest challenge you face?” “What would you like to know concerning how to ____ ?”

Other relevant questions are: “What obstacles is your business facing today?”

“What goals would you like to accomplish in the next year?”, and so forth.

This is also a great way to get information on how to improve your blog or website.

Also, make it a point to acknowledge the responses you receive.

7. Retweet When Possible

Reposting useful content to your followers can serve a useful purpose.

Retweeting allows you to build goodwill and increase your number of followers along with getting your own content retweeted as well.

Relevant content is ALWAYS beneficial, regardless if it’s on Twitter or your blog or website. People will follow you if you consistently provide useful content.

Similarly, here is a point to keep in mind:

Your Twitter account should be an extension of your blog or website.

As you increase your following on Twitter, you should have a blog or a website you can always refer them back to.

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