How To Sell Amazon Products on Your Website With Less Stress

How To Sell Amazon Products on Your Website With Less Stress

In this post, we’re going to discuss How To Sell Amazon Products On Your Website in a way that will help you get consistent sales.

We’re going to talk about the following points:

  • Using customer reviews to Sell Amazon Products On Your Website
  • Use customer reviews to create content & How to spot fake reviews
  • Applying as an Amazon affiliate
  • The best platform to build your website
  • How to write good content

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How To Sell Amazon Products on Your Website By Using Customer Reviews To Your Advantage

Customer reviews are very important. Reviews alone have influenced a lot of purchasing decisions; they have helped buyers commit to buying a product.

Good marketers take time to learn how to use customer reviews to their benefit.

However, a word of caution about reviews: the rating of a product could have been affected by fake reviews.

Yes… I did say fake reviews! Just remember: Scammers have no shame-even when it comes to product reviews; they only care about themselves and their wallets.

How To Detect Fake Reviews

As you endeavor to sell Amazon products on your website, you will need to learn which reviews are possibly fake.

The first way: Very few if any product facts– A review that does not give specific details about the product is probably fake.

For example, if the product is a laptop, a real review should have details about the length of battery life, screen resolution, and so on.

A fake negative review would probably say something like this- “I hate this laptop, it is not a good purchase,”

A real review would say the following:

“The screen resolution is good, but it could be much better” or “The fan wouldn’t turn on and the laptop started overheating after just one week.”

The second way: The same wording or style.

When you are looking at product reviews, take time to scroll down to see if you can find other reviews that are written in a hasty manner or with the same style.

It would surprise you how many similar reviews you find about one product. If you see this repeatedly on the same review, it’s a really good chance the review is fake.

However, there is something more you can do to validate the accuracy of product reviews. There are websites that you can use that measure the authenticity of Amazon reviews.

Go to and paste any Amazon product in the browser. You can also use

Both of these sites analyze reviews for any product listed on Amazon and give a rating for the user review authenticity.

How to Build Your Website Worry Free

At this point, you’ve decided on a niche so you can sell amazon products on your website.

Also, you’ve come up with products that fit in with your niche.

In order to begin selling Amazon products, you’ll definitely need a website.

For a complete novice who is new to affiliate marketing, this might seem like a very difficult task.

However, it’s easier than you think!

Whether you are a complete beginner or not, building a website in a few days is one task you’ll be able to overcome easily.

All of my websites are built and hosted by a platform known as Wealthy Affiliate. This platform has helped thousands of online businesses build websites and blogs to successfully sell Amazon products on.

How To Sell Amazon Products on Your Website With Less Stress

In fact, it’s through this platform that I learned how to become an affiliate marketer.

They have made the process very easy. You’ll have a site builder at your disposal, and by simply inputting your domain name, you can instantly have the basic structure of your website prepared.

WordPress is the platform used by Wealthy Affiliate to build websites and blogs.

With the SiteBuilder tool, I was able to build my first website in a couple of days even though I was a complete beginner.

With literally thousands of themes to choose from and an unlimited number of plug-ins, WordPress has been the number one choice of successful six and seven-figure online marketers for many years.

How to Get the Look You Want on Your Site

Already bought and registered your domain name on some other platform? No need to worry.

If you’ve decided to use Wealthy Affiliate just transfer your domain name to their platform. The transfer process is simple and automatic.

Once that has been accomplished, you can go through each of the modules that will help you build your website using the SiteRubix platform.

If you need to get a new domain name you can register a new domain name on Wealthy Affiliate as well.

At this point you will decide how you want your site to look by choosing what is called a “theme”.

In Wealthy Affiliate you can scroll through hundreds of website and blog designs.

When you find a design that you like you can literally try each to see if you like it.

Depending on the WordPress “theme” you’ve chosen, once you add any relevant details to your site, it will be built almost immediately.

Learn To Write Great Content As You Sell Amazon Products on Your Website

The Wealthy Affiliate platform can help you with this process as there are lessons you can follow especially if you are a complete beginner.

These lessons will help you build your affiliate website as you’ll learn how to write and post product reviews as well as create traffic.

I have created additional posts that can help improve the way you write your content:

Your Affiliate Application Status On Amazon

After you have successfully built your website or blog and have revenant content posted on it, now is the time to apply for affiliate status with Amazon.

Their process is simple: after providing some basic information and your website or blog URL, Amazon checks the web address to see if the site is valid and relevant.

After you are accepted, you’ll have access to Amazon’s affiliate platform which includes affiliate links, banners, and other relevant and helpful marketing tools.

Once your affiliate links, banners, and product descriptions are in place you can start to focus on driving traffic to your content and ultimately provide solutions for customers in the form of sales through the Amazon marketplace.

How Long Does It Take to Start Selling Amazon Products

How To Sell Amazon Products on Your Website With Less Stress

There isn’t a specific time frame for this, but from my personal experience, I’d say that you should give yourself about six months to build enough traffic and make some sales.

There are many instances in which people have made sales in less than six months; for some, it took a little longer.

However, for the majority, it usually takes six months to a year, if you want to build your business the right way.

Keep it in mind that this totally depends on the chosen niche and you, the marketer.

Much also depends on the amount of time you devote to your business.

But be rest assured that sales will come; just be patient.

Always focus on creating new content as well as regularly updating your existing content in order to build your website’s Google rankings.

Set Yourself Up for Success As You Sell Amazon Products On Your Website

I hope this article has provided you with enough information on how to sell Amazon products on your website.

The aforementioned steps are necessary to set up your success; so I’m not telling you anything I haven’t had to do myself. To recap in short, you need to do the following:

  • Choose an evergreen niche
  • Choose products related to your niche
  • Create a website with a platform like Wealthy Affiliate
  • Get your affiliate status with Amazon
  • Put a lot of hard work into content creation.

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  1. Hi Howard, this has been really helpful.

    I am registered on Wealthy Affiliate but I never knew about the Amazon affiliate status. It sounds really nice and easy although I know it is not as easy as it sounds. 

    I have chosen a niche and I am just starting. Wealthy Affiliate has been really helpful and I hope to achieve my goals in the next two or three years. Thank you for information on the Amazon Affiliate status which will definitely boost my affiliate marketing.

    Great article. Nice job. Keep up!

  2. Thanks for sharing this article. I must say that your time and effort to put this together is really appreciated and helpful. I am about opening my website as well through wealthy affiliate which I know it’s the first stage in affiliate marketing in selling Amazon products. My question is what advantage does buying a paid domain for my has over free domain affiliate marketing? 

  3. this is a great article with sound exipository skill. in the line of making money online I have seen a lot of fake review some being paid to make such reviews while some just wanted to have traffic or followership and they don’t care about you all that matters is that they make money. though for pro like you a fake review can be smelt a mile away and anyone newbie or not reading this can see the fake review for what they are – fake! 

    you’ve pointed out all to look out for. 

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