How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Earning online is a wish come true for many people. Though we all have varied reasons for wanting so, at the end of the day we can all agree that it is a liberating experience. In this post I’m going to outline how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners.

The reason this post is geared toward “beginners” is because there are hundreds of Google searches weekly by people who are absolutely new to internet marketing.

Many of these people are looking for a training platform that will help them build an online business.

Perhaps you want to earn extra on the side to pay debts like mortgage, or maybe you just want to earn something during your free time. Some people want to escape the corporate rat race. And some people are just done with the 9 to 5 routine.

For example, every day aspiring entrepreneurs visit various online forums and make it clear that if they could just earn $100 a day extra, it could have a tremendous impact on their family.

Earning $100 per day online sounds like a tall order for many, but it is achievable. For so many people, earning an extra $100 a day would truly change the course of their lives.

As you take a look at the different ways of earning $100 per day online, you must also take into consideration several factors such as time, effort required, resources needed, and your own level of expertise.

Set Goals So You Can Experience Success

Many pundits insist that you set goals for yourself, not only in terms of financial goals but tasks that you need to accomplish on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Some examples of these tasks are setting a goal for the number of videos you need to wrap up and upload and the frequency of releasing them. Another example is the number of articles you need to write and where to publish them.

These activities are the foundations by which you can achieve your milestone goal of earning $100 per day online. Without these goals, you essentially do not have a plan. And we all know that any business that does not have a plan is likely to fail.

Step 1: Choose a Niche That You Like AND Can Earn Money With

Just what exactly is a niche? We have heard this so many times, but its definition remains elusive. A niche is a specialization. It is a topic or an area that you can further breakdown.

An example of a niche is toys. You can break this niche further down into drones, remote control cars, baby dolls, and so on. Another example is beauty products.

You can drill down this niche further into make-up or perhaps whitening products, nail polish, eyeliner; as you see you can keep breaking down the niche beauty products to a product or topic that is of interest to you.

Without the right niche, you will not get to your $100 per day online goal. The niche you select must be something that you really find interesting. Better yet, it must be a niche where you have a certain degree of expertise on.

Working on a topic that you like makes work enjoyable. As a result, you do not view your efforts as labor, but you look at them as fun and fulfilling activities.

The niche you select must also have a high demand. Despite doing what you love, you cannot earn money if there is no demand for the product you sell. There has to be enough people out there who are willing to buy what you are offering.

A profitable niche is something that has a lot of potential to scale and develop. The best example that I can give you are digital products. Selling digital products can be a great way to start to achieve your goal of earning $100 per day online.

A great example to demonstrate this is the niche of weight loss. Perhaps you find it exciting to help people learn and understand ways on how to lose weight. You feel satisfied to help people live healthier lifestyles.

Weight loss is considered as an “evergreen” niche because it is a product that people will always be interested in.

Another example is pets. This is a multi-million-dollar industry and pet owners spend crazy amounts of money for their pets—cats and dogs and anything in between-from food to toys and pet clothing.

You name it. You can also sell books about pet training and healthcare. When it comes to pets, the options are endless.

The key to selecting a niche is finding the right balance between your interest and its potential to earn.

You need to concentrate on topics that you love, and at the same time these topics must be marketable.

Step 2: Plan Your Business and Stay Focused

The common pitfall of affiliate marketers is their inability to focus. They do so many things at once that they lose sight of the more important activities that must take first priority.

They try to do too much at one time and therefore they accomplish nothing. enroll in many affiliate programs at a time, in different niches, and they get bogged down with the ton of work they need to do.

New marketers also fall prey to “Shiny Object Syndrome.” They allow themselves to be distracted by every Tom Dick and Harry online business opportunity that comes their way.

To make matters worse, they lose large sums of money falling for these scams and never recover enough to get their business into profit.

The core of “shiny Object Syndrome” is a total lack of focus. In order to be successful, you MUST FOCUS on ONE website or blog and get that blog/website healthy and in position to generate traffic and create revenue.

Although many so-called “experts” will tell you to launch multiple niches all at once, I must disagree to this because there is no way you can get organized and focused if you tackle too many niches all at once.

I believe that people must start with one niche, plan the approach carefully, stay focused on the activities, and then launch the product. Once it becomes profitable, then it is time to move on to the next.

This approach is exactly the way Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to build an affiliate marketing business.

People who are new to the online marketing business must also have a marketing approach. Just posting online will not make the cut. You need to have a focused strategy as there is too much room for error. And one error can cost you.

What I recommend is for you to start a blog. Make sure you load articles regularly. After mastering the blog, and only after, then it is time to move to social media. As often said, you must lay one brick at a time to build your house.

Here’s a quick review of what you need to FOCUS on as a beginner:

  1. Choose your niche. Something you have an interest in and can make money from
  2. Research affiliate programs and products that fit with your niche .
  3. Build a website or a blog
  4. Consistently produce excellent content
  5. Build an audience and have them comment on your posts and reply to their comments
  6. Drive traffic to promote your affiliate product(s) and engage in social media

7. When you’re just starting out, repeat steps #4–7 as often as you can!

Please keep in mind that All the above steps are discussed in detail in the training modules of Wealthy Affiliate!

With Wealthy Affiliate, you will understand every aspect of affiliate marketing and making money online. I strongly recommend that you sign up now if you haven’t yet.

The training you’ll receive are world class and will benefit your affiliate marketing business for years to come.

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10 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners”

  1. Thanks a lot for this post, Howard. I still consider myself at the beginner stage even though I’ve been at it for almost a year. I’ve earned a bit of money but nothing close to what I’d consider a ‘comfortable’ income.

    If I’m producing 2 or 3 posts per week, how long do you reckon it would take to get up to $100 per day?

    • Hey Stephen,

      Here’s my two cents worth:

      I would send either Kyle or Carson a pm and outline where you are at present. Let them know exactly how many posts you’ve produced, how long you’ve been working on your websites, and where you would like to be in relation to your income. 

      $100 a day is the benchmark for a lot of people and that’s one of the main dollar amounts you see new marketers strive for.

      There guys know affiliate marketing since they’re the owners of WA. They will be more than happy to help readjust your efforts to get you to your financial goals as soon as possible.

      I hope this suggestion helps

  2. This is a great article, why was reading it I also took the time to look around your website I like that it is not clustered straight to the point and honest. Your affiliate marketing for beginners has helped me to see and realize affiliate marketing to make an online income is definitely possible with some hard work and determination

    • Hey Nekko,

      Thank you for your reply!

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches a real skill and helps people to build a real online business. This is real stuff! And it takes time and hard work – lots of it! You can do this!

      Talk Soon,


  3. Wow, these are all excellent tips for anyone wanting to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. It’s definitely important to set goals for yourself and choosing a niche that you enjoy and are passionate about as well as have a lot of knowledge in. Avoiding the shiny object syndrome is a must. Have you achieved any of your goals since you started affiliate marketing?

    • Hey Brian,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

      Yes, I’ve set some goals here at WA and I can honestly say some I’ve achieved, and others I’m still working on. But one thing I know, if I want BIG results I have to set BIG goals. So I’m setting BIGGER goals so that my business and income will get to the next level.

      Keep moving forward and don’t give up. You WILL reach your goals if you persevere!

      Talk Soon,


  4. This has to be one of the most comprehensive guides for affiliate marketing beginners. Focusing on one thing is the key to success. Some people just can’t prioritize I guess. Creating content that is engaging and interesting is the most important thing. I started my website one year ago but I still consider myself a beginner slowly progressing towards the intermediate level of understanding how to go about my business. Thanks for this awesome post.

    • Hey JohnB,

      Thank you for the awesome reply!

      One thing I’ve learned at my time here at Wealthy Affiliate is how important actionable, relevant content is. You’ve got to have content that will solve peoples problems and provides value.

      Thanks for taking the time to read.


  5. Hi Howard,

    I’m a newbie at Wealthy Affiliate and the trainings are really easy to follow even for us beginners.

    Like you said , we really need to focus on one niche/website, otherwise we ‘ll be overwhelmed and not accomplish a lot.

    For me, time is my struggle because I work full time and with other responsibilities at home and outside.

    I really plan and focus, thus publish a blog at least once a week.

    I try to persevere and be patient, I know that money will come with hard work.

    Thanks for the tips, they’re really helpful for beginners, like me.


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