How To Make Money On The Internet With Minimal Stress

How To Make Money On The Internet With Minimal Stress

So, you want to know How to Make Money On The Internet With Minimal Stress?

Well, I’m going to get right to the point since that’s why you’re reading this in the first place.

You see, it comes down to three very important things:

  • Getting out of your own way
  • Finding a system that works
  • Taking MASSIVE, consistent action.

I have found that Wealthy Affiliate has a system in place that WORKS; you can get the FACTS about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

How to Make Money On The Internet With Minimal Stress – Your Attitude Toward Online Marketing

This post is not some quick “how-to” guide to make fast cash.

This post deals with YOUR ATTITUDE toward internet marketing.

Most people FAIL in online marketing because of one main reason:

They view online marketing THE WRONG WAY.

So many people think they’re not making money online because of having the wrong program or platform.

Also, there are some stresses involved in setting up your own online business.

However, the stress level can be minimized, depending on the platform you use to set up your business.

YOU are the reason why you’re not making money online. It’s YOU.

Therefore, until you address the way you think about and approach online marketing, you will NEVER learn to make money online.

You may find a way to make a few measly, weak dollars here and there.

However, you WON’T make a long-term, life-changing income until you address your ATTITUDE toward online marketing.

It’s quite obvious the reasons why most people never make any money online.

In fact, I’ve discovered why newbie entrepreneurs OFTEN fail to make money online.

Newbies fail to make money online because they are getting in their own way.

This happens due to a lack of discipline and focus.

Most new online marketers along with some who are experienced have contracted a disease called Shiny Object Syndrome.

How to Make Money on the Internet – By Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome

If you want to learn How to Make a Lot of Money on the Internet, you must understand Shiny Object Syndrome.

Shiny Object Syndrome is a disease that kills any potential you have of making money online.

Shiny Object Syndrome is the act of pursuing one “shiny” make money online opportunity after another “shiny” one.

You become distracted with one new system after another without ever investing the time needed to actually succeed with one.

It’s a TOTAL lack of focus and commitment.

It’s the most common problem facing newbie online entrepreneurs and many experienced ones as well.

For many, Shiny Object Syndrome is very difficult to cure.

Why Is Shiny Object Syndrome Hard To Cure?

Why is it so hard to cure Shiny Object Syndrome?

It’s because these Shiny objects are absolutely blinding.

When you consider how fast information is exchanged on the internet, brand-new “shiny opportunities” are popping up every single day.

From drop shipping to E-commerce.

Selling on eBay to Amazon Affiliate niche websites.

Your own tee-shirt business to selling solo ads.

What about your own Shopify online store to freelancing – and on and on and on…

Do you see how easy it is for some people to bounce around from one opportunity to another?

Do You Have Shiny Object Syndrome?

When you contract Shiny Object Syndrome it’s extremely difficult to focus on just one business.

What happens is this:

You pick a business opportunity you want to get involved with.

Out of nowhere, you come across a sales page or a forum post from some unknown dude.

This guy says he is making A LOT MORE MONEY with an entirely different business opportunity than the one you’re currently using!

(Meanwhile, you’re itching and clawing and scratching and fighting every single day without making your first dollar.)

A result of this disease is that your mind starts to question and wonder if you’re promoting the right product.

When no money is coming in, then you start to reason that you must be promoting the wrong product.

You then pack up and set sail for the new, “exciting” business venture just over the new horizon.

Another new “shiny object.”

A few months later, the same thing happens…again.

And you’re off to the races for the next “shiny” opportunity.

This vicious cycle repeats itself over and over and over, and you keep pursuing one business idea after another.

Ultimately, you never invest the time and hard work needed to succeed with just one.

This disease affects a number of more experienced marketers as well.

Its blinding effects can cripple and destroy efforts to build an online business.

Shiny Object Syndrome is very costly in terms of wasted money and wasted time.

How to Cure Shiny Object Syndrome

How To Make Money On The Internet With Minimal Stress

See that glassy stare in his eyes? This is Shiny Object Syndrome, and it affects a lot of newbies.

At its core, Shiny Object Syndrome REALLY is a lack of FOCUS and a lack of SELF-DISCIPLINE.

Therefore, here is the secret to how to make a lot of money on the internet:


The key to creating wealth is a commitment to staying focused on one thing until you get rich.

Internet marketers who make six to seven figures annually committed to one thing for a minimum of two to three years.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I’m going to repeat that very important statement:

Internet marketers who make six to seven figures annually committed to one thing for a minimum of two to three years.

Let’s Be Clear…

Please understand what I’m about to say next:

If you feel that 2 to 3 years is too long of a time to commit to building a six or seven-figure income, then online marketing is not for you.

Is it possible to reach that seven-figure goal sooner?

Yes, it is possible.

However, on average, it takes two to three years.

Are you still here? Ok, let’s continue:

Why two to three years?

Million-dollar marketers have documented the time it takes to systemize your online marketing business to the point where it can create daily passive income and work with a minimum of time.

If you’re determined to create wealth for yourself and your family, don’t even think of jumping around to different opportunities.

You commit to ONE business and you do what it takes to make it work. You stay FOCUSED!

The ONLY time you try something else is when it’s obvious that what you’re presently doing isn’t working.

There are times when even successful business owners have had to come to the realization that they needed to take a different route.

Are You Starting To Get The Picture?

(Hey…Here’s a little secret: When you’re focused, when you’re “all dialed in” it actually can take LESS time to start seeing money coming in.)

Two to three years may seem like a long period of time, but here’s a fact:

Two to three years of focused effort will get you to your financial goals faster than one year with Shiny Object Syndrome.

During this time, you commit to having unwavering focus.

You ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to opt-in to another “push button biz in a box-make money fast- get rich by next week-trust me I’m your internet guru- here’s my fake PayPal screenshot” garbage.

All of that is pure GARBAGE!

The secret is to stay FOCUSED and COMMITTED to ONE SYSTEM!

When you’re focused and committed, there’s no “shiny object” that will blind you.

You won’t take your mind off of what is necessary to get done daily, weekly, monthly.

And that leads us to the second issue: finding a system that works.

Wealthy Affiliate Helps You Stay Focused and Committed

How To Make Money On The Internet With Minimal Stress

There’s no better platform I know of that can help new and not-so-new marketers better than Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to systematically teach how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

It’s also designed to help you can create a six and even seven-figure income within a reasonable amount of time.

All you have to do is follow the well-arranged videos in each module so you can learn how making money online really works.

By completing each module, you’ll acquire the necessary skills you need to create a life-changing income.

But you still might be wondering:

“How am I going to survive the brutal paces of having to figure out complicated internet software.”

Look, I know exactly how you feel. That’s why I wrote this post.

In fact, I felt the same way when I started learning affiliate marketing.

And up until recently, there really was a brutal learning curve.

In fact, it was worse than most people realize.

However, by using Wealthy Affiliate I found a simple way to get my websites built that’s 100% tech-free.

I was able to build everything in a matter of weeks and it was so easy.

All I did was follow the videos – I rarely had to read the directions!

In fact, there was no software to install, no “code” of any kind.

Also, when I think about it …I actually enjoyed the process!

What’s outstanding about Wealthy Affiliate is this:

Even if you’re skeptical as to its effectiveness, you can try it for FREE to see if it’s the right fit for you.

If you’re not satisfied you don’t owe one red cent. Nothing.

Wealthy Affiliate Can Teach You How to Make a Lot of Money on the Internet

Wealthy Affiliate has what’s called Live Chat where you can chat 24/7 and ask ANY question related to your business.

It’s been said that on Live Chat, no question goes unanswered, and they are right.

I’ve used Live Chat many, many times and it’s saved me from making a tremendous amount of mistakes in my business.

Wealthy Affiliate also has outstanding technical support called Site Support that’s FAST…and I mean FAST.

(I think they pride themselves on just how FAST they can help you with your issues).

They are very quick in handling any technical issues you’re having with your website.

Also, they respond in a matter of hours, not days.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a try. Get more details on this outstanding platform by reading my thorough review here. Afterward, create a FREE account and test the platform out.

I promise you will not regret it!

Talk Soon,


PS: I’ve had my fair share of nights spent looking up at the ceiling.

Wondering if trying to learn how to make money online was a mistake…while tossing and turning.

Trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do to make a little extra money that month.

Well, Wealthy Affiliate changed all of that!

PSS: Every entrepreneur goes through a struggle trying to make money online.

That’s because the entrepreneurial journey is a struggle full of extreme joy and heart-breaking failures.

Let Wealthy Affiliate help you to enjoy more of the successes and less of the failure!

Talk Soon,


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20 thoughts on “How To Make Money On The Internet With Minimal Stress”

  1. Your post was so encouraging and informative! You really let your voice shine through your writing, and I feel that is what really kept me interested while reading this post. I think you definitely have the true principles of what it takes to make money online down. I just started Wealthy Affiliate about a month ago, and the courses are such a huge help! Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Sarah,

      Just stay focused and don’t deviate from the training, and you will be fine. NEVER hold back from asking for suggestions either from Site Support or Live Chat. PM Kyle or Carson if you need to. Always remember:


      Talk Soon.

  2. Wow, this is a great article and I wholeheartedly agree. Working for yourself takes a lot of focus and commitment because you make your own rules and goals. When you have a boss it is easier to stay on a task because you know there are consequences but when you work for yourselves you may slack more. Once you find that commitment it will help keep your business driven and keep you focused. One way to help is to get around like-minded people and Wealthy Affiliate can help you do just that. Thanks for the reminder and for putting failure in a whole new perspective.

    • Hey Melissa,

      You made a very important point when you stated “One way to help is to get around like-minded people and Wealthy Affiliate can help you do just that.”

      If you’ve ever read the book “Think and Grow Rich” one of the points the author Napoleon Hill emphasized is that you increase the success factor by being around a “mastermind” of like-minded individuals. That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate provides for individuals like you and I who want to be successful in this business.

      Stay in the training. Stay focused. Don’t ever quit. Never.

      Talk Soon

  3. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Focus and determination is so important. I often think that I’m in the wrong niche because people around me are making $$$ like nobody’s business and I’m not. Not yet anyway. Still, I do intend to build another website when things are more ‘stable’ on my current one. Right now, I just want to give my 100% attention to my ‘baby’. 🙂

    • Hey Yvonne,

      I’ve spent time on your website. It’s a GREAT site…You will do just fine. You have the right mindset by focusing on the health of your 1 website. Don’t compare yourself to anyone ends. Don’t do it. My advise is to send a pm to either Kyle or Carson and ask them personally to look at your website, tell them what your concerns are, and ask how you can best monetize your website.

      You will be just fine!

      Talk Soon.

  4. Great article with a lot of valuable information, especially for affiliate marketers just starting out. Any business startup requires a person’s total focus, dedication and commitment to get going. Internet marketing is no different. It is important for people to understand that affiliate marketing on a brand new website takes a lot of time before you start making any money. WA is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes a good six months to a year to start making any real money so you must be patient.
    My website is in great shape after my first three months but I am still working hard to get Google to trust my site.
    Thanks again.

    • Hey Curtis,

      Sounds to me you’re on the right track. From reading your comment it sounds as if you’re following the training and implementing the strategies at Wealthy Affiliate. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hello Howard
    I am a student and searching for passive income through an online job for a very long time. I have heard about wealthy affiliate before and was wondering to try it. I don’t have any knowledge about online business will it affect if I join wealthy affiliate and can you tell me whether it is free to join or not?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hey Bini,

      You can join Wealthy Affiliate FREE for 7 days. The 7 day free trial period is designed to give you a insight of the huge potential that Wealthy Affiliate offers. This gives you a chance to familiarise yourself with the platform and ask questions within the community.

      Don’t worry about your lack of experience or knowledge. What I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is it’s geared toward individuals like yourself who are new to the world of affiliate marketing. My experience is that Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform available online to start a profitable home business.

  6. Wow, that is so inspirational. Focus is so important in this line of work and it took me a year to figure that out. Everyone may suffer from a bit of SOS. I had 3 sites to care for and couldn’t figure out which should be more important until live chat and the webinars helped me focus on 1. Success takes time but Wealthy Affiliate makes it a healthy obsession and encourages the drive it takes for one to get to the end goal of their desires financially. I will bookmark your site for the extra push I need on occasion.

    • Hey Candice,

      More than likely, you understand how important that focus is. Personally I’ve seen over and over again how many entrepreneurs tend to forget about focus when starting a new online business.

      The problem with a lack of focus is that it leads to scattered resources. When you devote time, energy and money to multiple websites and marketing strategies at the same time it leads to none of them being executed well. It’s very difficult to do. What ultimately happens is that a lack of focus leads to wasted time, frustration, lack of progress for your business which leads to your marketing efforts failing.

  7. Nice post! You covered almost everything. I strongly believe that one of the keys to success is finding a niche you are passionate about. Don’t just choose something because it is the most popular. Choose a niche that you could write about easily without much struggle. Next is finding guidance and surround yourself with people that support your ideas: establish a stable (positive) environment around you when you are working on your business.

    • Hey Dira,

      The whole idea behind choosing a niche you are ‘passionate’ about is that you’re more likely to stay more motivated. The premise is that it’s easier to work on something that interests you than something you don’t really care about, right?
      Sometimes the problem is that people jump into niches they are “passionate” about without really thinking how they’re going to make money from it and then struggle to monetize it due to lack of available affiliate products. So always make sure you evaluate your niche for profitability first.

      So the best decision you can make as an affiliate marketer is to pick a niche that you both are familiar with and that’s profitable. It doesn’t have to be a passion but at the very least an interest or something you know about.My take on “passion vs. money” is do something you are passionate about BUT make sure you’re able to make money from it.

  8. Thank you for posting this! I often am blinded by a new experience and the excitement of what’s to come, that I DO get in my own way. One day I would love to be in a position where I am my own boss, you have definitely given me some tools and resources through wealthy affiliates.

    • Hello Mara,

      Sometimes, I still get in my own way! lol!  You CAN be your own boss!  Stick with Wealthy Affiliate, go through the training, and you can do it!

      Thank you so much for your reply!

      Talk Soon,


  9. Hi Howard,
    Nice article. Thank you for sharing.
    In fact, I enjoyed it. I must agree with you. Someone who wants to make money online or in some MLM, suffer from the syndrome of SOS often. I’ve already met this kind of persons, and unfortunately, if you don’t focus on a specify thing for a specified period, you can’t achieve anything substantial.
    Well, how do you think, how many times per week it’s okay to post articles on your website to make your business grow even in two years, for example?

    • Hey Marta,

      Thank you for taking the time to post. I really appreciate it. As to the frequency of publishing content on your website, I would say 2-3 times a week. That’s just my opinion, but it seems to be the amount most of the successful marketers seem to be doing; 2 th 3 posts a week.

      What I would do, if you would like, bring up the question on Live Chat and see the answers you get. They will probably be close to what I mentioned here.

      Talk Soon,


  10. Hey i really enjoyed this article, i made the decision to commit to one website now. I do have 2 websites but it became hard to juggle both so i stasrted putting all of my time and effort into my main site to try an grow that, then once revenue starts coming in ill start putting more content on my second one. I hate getting distracted, it tends to happen a lot.

    • Hey Justin,

      I think it’s a good move. You won’t believe this, but when I first came here on Wealthy Affiliate I was working on FIVE WEBSITES at one time! That lasted for about 2 weeks, then after presenting my situation on LiveChat, I cut it down to one. I still have the others, but I focused on the ONE website until I was getting the results I wanted.

      You are thinking and making adjustments…You certainly will go a long way in this business.

      Talk Soon,



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