How To Increase Conversions For Your Website

How To Increase Conversions For Your Website / 6 Minute Read

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How To Increase Conversions For Your Website

How To Increase Conversions For Your Website is a subject EVERY marketer is keenly interested in.

However, with the constant algorithm changes with Google, conversions are going to be influenced more by content.

Yes, my friends, content is still king!

Online marketers are aware of the fact that a squeeze page or pop-up is a huge factor in getting conversions.

It’s been established you have 3 to 5 seconds to grab their attention with a squeeze page or pop-up.

Nonetheless, this is what MOST marketers do:

Most marketers have a big promise in their headline, followed with 3 bullet points.

Then comes the opt-in form or something similar.

However, here’s something you may not have thought of:

How To Increase Conversions For Your Website By Making More Promises

How To Increase Conversions For Your Website

What would happen to your conversion rates if, instead of ONE big promise, you give your readers 12 of them?

To some, this may sound like information overload.

However, think about it for a few seconds.

What if your pop-up contained 12 “Secrets” instead of the usual big headline and bullets.

For example, it could read something like this:

Yours Today… Free

12 Potent Attraction Secrets

Secret 1: A method for winning hearts from Sir Lancelot

Secret 2: The one thing you can do to get a deeper commitment from him

Secret 3: How to have the BIG relationship discussion without alienating him

Secret 4: The secret “D Word” that will make or break your relationship

Secret 5: Tricks to making a man fall in love with you

Then you list 5 more “secrets”.

At the bottom you have a box for entering the email address, and a button that says, “Get Access Now!”

I’m paraphrasing the secrets mentioned above, but in the real copy all 12 were listed.

 How To Increase Conversions For Your Website By Promising More Benefits

How To Increase Conversions For Your Website

What you are trying to do by listing these “secrets” on your squeeze page or pop-up is two-fold.

As a marketer, you’re trying to invoke a good deal more curiosity and increase the possibility of heightened benefits.

Similarly, adding a few brief testimonials would have been effective as well.

As you can see, the overall concept is an excellent one.

What you do is make 12 bold promises to reveal the “secrets” in your niche.

Odds are at least 2 or 3 will resonate with each person. 

Frankly, you only need one that makes them so curious, they HAVE to subscribe.

Heres how you do your e-mail follow up:

Send out only one secret per day. 

In your first email, explain that you’ll be sending one “secret”per day. Doing this builds anticipation.

Also, in that first email restate the list of 12 secrets.

What this does is remind them of what to expect in the days ahead. 

In that FIRST email give them the first secret on the first day.

Don’t keep them waiting. You MUST satisfy their curiosity immediately.

This builds further anticipation of the other 12 “secrets”.

Similarly, at the end of each email, remind them of what’s coming tomorrow.

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When Is The Best Time To Send Out Your Emails?

How To Increase Conversions For Your Website

Contrary to what some well-meaning “experts” may tell you, there is no perfect time to send out your emails.

Think about it.

If there was a “perfect time” to send out emails, don’t you think every marketer on earth would do it?

The best time, not “perfect” time, to send your emails is in the morning. 

Also, send the email again in the late afternoon.

Therefore, by sending out your emails in the afternoon, you’ll catch some who did not open it in the morning.

When you send out your afternoon email you must add in the subject line: “In case you missed this…”

Start each subject line with, “Secret #X”.

This makes it stand out from the other emails. 

(Replace “X” with the appropriate number.)

You’re probably thinking: “If you’re doing this in a pop-up, it will in fact be a large pop-up.”

In this case, having a large pop-up is ok. 

Don’t freak out about having a large pop-up. 

Heres the point: By offering them not one, but “12 Exciting Secrets”, my experience suggests that most readers won’t mind.

I encourage you to test this method on your squeeze page or pop-ups and see if your conversions improve.

Additional resources:

How To Increase Conversions For Your Website By Giving Them More Choices

How To Increase Conversions For Your Website

Some “gurus” say that it’s better to give your readers few choices.

I somewhat disagree. To me, it depends on the circumstances.

In this case, we’re trying toincrease conversions.

Also, you’re trying to train your new readers to do the following:

  • look for your emails 
  • open your emails 
  • read your emails.

However, no conversion take place if they don’t click on your links.

Here’s how to now train them to CLICK your links:

What you want to do is offer them 3 to 5 choices at the bottom of each of these emails.

The usual advice online marketers have been given for years is offer ONLY ONE option to click.

That’s right, we’re going contrary to the usual advice of offering only ONE option to click.

However, I’m suggesting offering 3 to 5 choices.

You make each choice another enticing benefit or teaser.

For example:

P.S. Which Of These Irresistible Insights Are Right For You?

How To Get Him To Cherish Your Relationship

URGENT: Develop Alluring Confidence With Men

Dating Profiles that snag REAL Men: What You Need To Know

Help! I Love A Man Who Isn’t Right For Me

The Secret to Great Chemistry On Your First Date

The great thing about the above method is each of the 5 call to actions is a hyperlink. 

Also, this allows you to link to an article or post, or sales letter or sales video.

I would encourage you to test the above method as opposed to offering just ONE call to action. 

You may be surprised how your conversion rate increases.

Try using some of these methods and see which one works best for you.

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10 thoughts on “How To Increase Conversions For Your Website”

  1. Many promises compared to one huge promise is really a nice concept. Now I get why I have been bombarded with so many ‘bonuses’ in one program. Truth is, I have always loved the bonuses, while wondering why the owner would give me all those.The tip on what time to send emails and how to send then is really helpful. Getting them to click your email is something that online marketers are hoping to achieve and your explanation of this is awesome.

    Thank you for these very insightful strategies. I am implementing everything you have suggested.

    • Hello Carol5162,

      What marketers always need to realize is people want to know “What’s in it for me?”

      That’s why in many cases, offering more to your customers, even more freebies, is great fo building up your list.

      Just my two cents worth.


  2. Hello Howard, this is really a big help to me.  All the tips you have shared are really excellent and worth giving a try. Using all these simple tricks would definitely increase the rate at which I can build my email list and how best to reach out to them to make them tale actions that would lead to more conversions for me. Wow! I have learnt, unlearnt, and relaern some cogent and vital tips that if well mastered could help to maintain my stand in the affiliate marketing world. Thumbs up

  3. Hello Howard, this tips on getting conversion is heavenly. I have not set up my email list yet because I take training Ona platform for affiliate marketing for now. We weren’t thought about this strategy on promises yet but I think it is very good. Logically, everyone wants something when they are subscribing somewhere, whether they are paying for it or not. Giving that suspense is also a good idea that’ll make them stay. You have also added when to send emails. It’s very nice to learn all this and I must say a big thank you to you. I will bookmark this. Do you know any online platform I can use to organise an email list?

    • Hello Henderson,

      AWeber is the best when it comes to email marketing.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

      Talk Soon,


  4. My dear about jumping into email marketing has always been about spamming. I have heard how people get to make money from it but I have never given it a thought before. You have really explained how one can get conversions from it and the best time to send emails. With this, I can easily jump into the business without having to think about being tagged as spam. This is good information and I’m grateful to you. Cheers!

  5. Hi, Howard Spinney
    I dare say that the methods you mentioned How To Increase Conversions For Your Website are really very useful. I tried to increase the conversion rate via email last month, which was done according to the method mentioned in the Is The Best Time To Send Out Your Emails section. It has achieved good results. Thank you for sharing these useful experiences.


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