How To Handle Emotional Pain and Use It To Your Advantage

How To Handle Emotional Pain and Use It To Your Advantage

This post will discuss How To Handle Emotional Pain and Use It To Make Money so you can thrive in these difficult times.

Emotional Pain is an unpleasant feeling or suffering of a psychological, non-physical origin. 

It’s “how much you hurt as a human being,” a “persistent, uneasy feeling of the mind and heart.”

Let me say that this blog post is not an attempt to diagnose any serious problems that need the attention of a medical professional.

The point of this post is to show how you can use dissatisfaction and turmoil as motivation to become a better p

How To Handle Emotional Pain – There Is No Shortage Of Pain

There is no shortage in the ways psychological pain is referred to, and that’s because emotions are one of the most powerful forces inside us.

For example, my emotional pain associated with past financial failures drove me to build my affiliate marketing business, which has allowed me to share this blog post with you.

Also, under the power of emotions, human beings can manifest tremendous accomplishments. Emotions are the fuel that propels us toward our goals.

The key to overcoming emotional pain and using it to your advantage is to completely change the way you view it.

Feeling Stuck Is A Place to Begin

Are you stuck in life? Are you disgusted with certain aspects of your life at the present moment?

Many who are “stuck” in life fail to use their emotions to their advantage. They don’t have the discipline to learn to use their emotions to fuel their desire for a better life.

People spend a tremendous amount of time talking about HOW THEY FEEL but they don’t USE “HOW THEY FEEL”, their emotions, as motivation.

Here’s the good news: feeling stuck is not necessarily a bad thing.

How can you use these emotions to your advantage?

By honestly reflecting on what is causing the negative feelings and what you need to do to move ahead.

Feeling stuck is a place to begin.

It can be a positive place to change the way we view emotional pain. The key is changing the way we view our pain.

This is critical in order to successfully move forward.

A Different Way Of Thinking

Consider this: when we think about how to handle emotional pain, the emotion of “being disgusted” it’s always viewed in a negative light.

Most people do not equate “disgust” as a positive motivator because of the negative aspects associated with it.

“I’m sick of this…” “I’m tired of this situation…” “I can’t deal with…” and so on.

The purpose of this post is to get you to start thinking in a different way about your emotions.

You, and only you have to get to a point where you MAKE A DECISION.

You MUST try to view your dissatisfaction from another point of view.

If you make a conscious decision to view the emotion of DISGUST in a different way then you can use those emotions as a powerful motivating force to change what you don’t like about your life.

Regardless of how difficult our circumstances are the greatest tool you have is your mind.

Right now, you’ve got to protect your mental faculties.

Your ability to correctly process daily events must be protected and strengthened.

When you have a functioning mental capacity there will always be a fighting chance to become unstuck.

Have You Reached Your Breaking Point?

How To Handle Emotional Pain and Use It To Your Advantage

There will be a moment in your life or moments when everything is going wrong.

It seems your world is literally falling apart.

You may have emotionally or physically abusive individuals who are running rampant in your life.

Before you realize it, the pain gets so intense that you finally HAVE TO CONFRONT IT.

It’s situations like these when people come to their breaking point and have to make a critical decision, the proverbial “fork in the road.”

This is the “emotional threshold” where people are forced to make drastic or radical changes that are fueled by painful emotions.

Once you reach that level of PAIN, the challenge is to effectively channel your emotions to use them as the motivation to reach your goals.

When you have a compelling reason, your “WHY”, you can become almost unstoppable in the attainment of your objectives.

The key is you must consciously change the way you think about the emotional pain you’re experiencing.

You are the only one who can accomplish this from within yourself.

Lies, Self Deception, and No Personal Responsibility

Would I lie to you?
Would I lie to you, honey?
Now would I say something that wasn’t true?
I’m asking you sugar
Would I lie to you?”

Words From the song “Would I Lie To You” by The Eurythmics

Most people LIE to themselves.

They really do.

The sad fact is people believe their own lies.

They fall for their own self-deception.

Likewise, when you say “My life is OK” when you know full well it isn’t, you’re lying to yourself.

Making the statement “I know how to make money” when you are FLAT BROKE is a lie.

You believe your own lie.

Here’s another scenario:

There’s a heated family “discussion” about a past incident that was never properly handled.

This takes place during dinner time when it should be peaceful.

Your name comes up as the irresponsible one.

You proclaim to a distraught family member “It’s not my fault!”

In the back of your mind, you know you didn’t do all that you could to prevent an unpleasant situation from occurring.

However, you repeatedly say “It wasn’t my fault!”

Once again, you believe your own LIE.

Here’s the frightening part:

You cannot change your life until you accept personal responsibility for the mess that you’ve made.

Most people have demonstrated that the mess that is their life is someone else’s fault!

They really believe that it’s “someone else fault”.

It’s mind-boggling to me the thorough self-deception that takes place on a massive scale.

Self-deception is so prevalent that the line between what’s true and what’s false has all but disappeared.

But at the end of the day, when you are alone with your thoughts you know your life isn’t OK.

Choosing to destroy what’s left of your weak conscience through self-deception just accelerates the feelings of hopelessness.

How To Handle Emotional Pain and Use It To Your Advantage

Why We Lie To Ourselves

The reason why people lie to themselves is they do not want to experience mental and emotional PAIN.

We don’t want the mental and emotional turmoil that comes with personal upheaval.

The lives of so many people are fragile and uncertain.

As a result, the mere thought of change can be downright frightening.

The feelings that come with the pain of turmoil, discord, and upheaval are the very internal feelings that can serve as the catalyst for creating a life of wealth and abundance!

What people have tried to avoid is the very thing that propels you to unimaginable success!

This is how it works. This is how it’s always worked!

The day I stopped lying to myself about the true state of my life was the day everything started to turn around!

EVERYTHING started to change because I changed!

My life got better because I became better.

How To Handle Emotional Pain – Use Disgust to Motivate You

If you’ve ever faced a significant crisis in your life you will have experienced the power of purpose to tap reserves of energy, determination, and courage you likely didn’t know you had.

In my own personal life, the emotions from disgust and pain motivated me to the point where I became obsessed with creating a better version of myself and a life I could truly enjoy.

It was during one of the most difficult times of my life I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

I did so because I wanted a way out of my emotional and financial pain.

I wanted to build an affiliate marketing business that would provide freedom from lack and limitation.

I’ve had some really bad times along with significant amounts of emotional and mental pain and disgust.

It’s a hard fact that the painful moments are the moments that define us, the proverbial “fork in the road.”

Having a clear, focused vision for your life – of how you really want your life to be, is an extremely powerful way to overcome emotional pain.

I have a Vision Board that I view every day of my ideal life – how I KNOW my life is going to be in the near future.

Therefore, I can tell you with 100% certainty that having a Vision Board has helped me to calm my emotions and refocus my frustration toward achieving my worthwhile goals.

Many Successful People Have Overcome Tremendous Pain

If you read the life stories of a number of self-made millionaires, they’ve all had a defining point in their lives.

The moment where they experienced overwhelming pain, a “defining moment” where a single decision was made that changed the rest of their lives.

They’ve learned how to handle emotional pain.

I want to make a point here: In my blog posts I will never say “you should be like” or “you should act like” a particular individual.

What I prefer to say is “what we can learn from this person is…”

My reason for that is there are far too many people nowadays who are overly sensitive and look for negatives in the character in others.

We all have flaws and imperfections, myself included.

However, there are life lessons we can learn by examining the lives of others.

Do You Have A Compelling WHY?

How To Handle Emotional Pain and Use It To Your Advantage

What’s your WHY?

Why do you do what you do?

If we can understand what our why is (and what it is not), we can properly focus on both our short-term and long-term goals.

Focus creates momentum.

Therefore, this is the reason discovering your personal “Why” is so critical for success.

We live in a world filled by never-ending distractions.

Most people live their lives in a state of constant distraction and are always reacting to events in life.

When you live in a constant state of REACTING to events in your day-to-day life, you will NEVER see true success.

Similarly, allowing time-wasting, meaningless activities to cause us to lose our focus means we’re reacting to our circumstances instead of creating them.

The reason why people FAIL when it comes to creating a life of wealth and abundance is this:

Most people live their lives by focusing on what they have to do.

Successful people focus on what they MUST do.

Focus On What You MUST Get Done

High achievers will tell you that the process of overcoming obstacles is what allowed them to live a life of abundance.

Having a vision of the future that excites and compels them, even in the face of overwhelming obstacles, is what made the difference.

That’s why they are where they are.

However, if your “vision of the future” is one of negativity, doom, gloom, and destruction, you WON”T thrive in today’s world.

This is what you see on most college campuses and in academia: doubt, conspiratorial thinking, dissent, lack of gratitude, all in the name of higher education.

And we wonder why so many young people are medicated and seeking psychiatrists.

You just won’t, not until you CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK!

You have to do this.

In conclusion, I want you to think about the thoughts in this blog post.

Re-read this post if you need to.

Really think about your own life and how you can improve RIGHT NOW – TODAY.

You only get ONE life.

One-shot to get it right.

Talk Soon,


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6 thoughts on “How To Handle Emotional Pain and Use It To Your Advantage”

  1. I actually haven’t thought about it that way. 

    But I really like the approach and philosophy. 

    Namely, using pain to make oneself accomplish truly great and magnificent things is a constructive and productive way how to go about it. I mean, if I have pain anyway, then why should I not mold it into something useful that can help me succeed or get me where I want to go? 

    I absolutely love that unconventional thought of not viewing pain as something negative. Instead, kind flipping the conventional thought on its head and in a way saying, “Pain is good; I want pain when something is not working the way I want it to work.”

    I really appreciate this. Plus, that last thought of focusing in on what we must do. That just really hit me. Thank you. Cheers.

    • Hello Matiss,

      I’m happy you’ve benefited personally from this blog post.

      The problem is the majority of people use addiction to cope with pain instead of dealing with the underlying source of it head-on.

      The thought of using pain as a motivator is a behavior you have to consciously choose to do.

      You have to make a CHOICE.

      This simple conscious action is rarely used as a stepping stone to a better life.

      Rather people CHOOSE to use drugs/alcohol/sex/gambling/etc as a coping mechanism.

      Thus the downward spiral continues…

  2. Wow, I honestly love this post! 

    I have thought of writing something like this for the WA blog, but I never found the words. is it ok if I borrow from this post? I would love to read more from you. 

    Thanks for this post! I look forward to reading more about this kind of topic. 

  3. Wow! I really love your article! I can relate to all of your points just about. I can easily map out a timeline of how I used to be and who I am now. I have discovered that whenever I am experiencing tremendous amounts of pain and pressure, it always makes me a stronger person.

    I remember always being depressed. I felt hopeless, unloved, and without a substantial purpose. Then, like you said in your article, when I began to change my thoughts, I changed. My feelings, actions, words, and beliefs changed. And as I am typing right now, I cannot help but smile.

    I deeply respect your bluntness, empathic nature. Even when I ready that successful people do what they must do, I thought I am successful people.

    Above all, this post reminded me to always get real with myself and to celebrate the entirety of my life. I am grateful for you!

    • Hello bethebest#128,

      Thank You for taking the time to read this post.

      This post took a lot of time and thought in order to be sure the reader would derive practical value from it.

      According to your great comments, you did benefit from this post.

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