How To Get People To Click On My Link So I Can Make Money

How To Get People To Click On My Link So I Can Make Money
  • Would you Like To Know How To Get People To Click On My Link?
  • How Would You Like to Train your new subscribers to open and read your emails?
  • Are You Interested In Increasing Your Opt-In Rate?
  • How Does Having More Subscribers appeal to you?

Many online marketers aren’t getting conversions and thus are wondering How To Get People To Click On My Link.

A squeeze page or pop-up is a huge factor in getting conversions, however, getting readers to click that link so you can make that sale can be a real challenge!

Usually, what marketers do is have a big promise in their headline, followed by 3 bullet points.

Then comes the opt-in form or something similar.

However, here’s something you may not have thought of:

Give Your Readers More Promises On Your Opt-In Page And Pop-Up

How To Get People To Click On My Link So I Can Make Money

What would happen to your conversion rates if, instead of ONE big promise, you give your readers 12 of them?

To some, this may sound like information overload.

However, one online marketer recently tested a pop-up that contained 12 “Secrets” instead of the usual big headline and bullets.

It read something like this:

Yours Today… Free

12 Potent Attraction Secrets

Secret 1: A method for winning hearts from Sir Lancelot

Secret 2: The one thing you can do to get a deeper commitment from him

Secret 3: How to have the BIG relationship discussion without alienating him

Secret 4: The secret “D Word” that will make or break your relationship

Secret 5: Tricks to making a man fall in love with you, Etc.

And then a box for entering the email address, and a button that says, “Get Access Now!”

I’m paraphrasing the secrets, and in the real copy all 12 were listed.

I wasn’t thrilled with the wording – frankly, with some work, the “secrets” could have been sharpened a great deal to invoke a good deal more curiosity and heightened benefits.

And it would have been more effective if testimonials were added, too.

But the overall concept is an excellent one.

Make 12 bold promises to reveal the ‘secrets’ in your niche.

The odds are at least 2 or 3 will resonate with each person.

Frankly, you only need one that makes them so curious, they HAVE to subscribe.

Send Out 1 Secret Each Day In Your Email Autoresponder

How To Get People To Click On My Link So I Can Make Money

Send out one secret per day. In your first email, explain that you’ll be sending one per day, and restate the list of 12 so they’re reminded of what to expect.

Give them the first secret on the first day – don’t keep them waiting.

You want to start to satisfy their curiosity immediately, to build further anticipation of the other 12.

At the end of each email, remind them of what’s coming tomorrow.

Send your emails in the morning.

Also, send the email again in the late afternoon to everyone who did not open it in the morning, with the addition of, “In case you missed this…”

Start Each Subject Line With A Different Secret

Start each subject line with, “Secret #X” to make it stand out from the other emails. (Replace “X” with the appropriate number.)

If you’re doing this in a pop-up, it will in fact be a large pop-up, but that’s okay.

With not one but 12 exciting “secrets” or bullets or benefits, I suspect most readers won’t mind a bit.

Test this method on your squeeze page or pop-up and see if your conversions improve.

And one more thing – you’re training your new readers to look for your emails, open your emails and read your emails.

Here’s how to now train them to also CLICK your links:

Offer 3 To 5 Choices At The Bottom Of Your Emails

At the bottom of each of these emails, offer them 3 to 5 choices.

That’s right, we’re going contrary to the usual advice of offering only ONE option to click.

We’re going to offer 3 to 5, and each one will be another enticing benefit or teaser, like this:

P.S. Which Of These Irresistible Insights Are Right For You?

Get Him To Cherish Your Relationship

Develop Alluring Confidence With Men

Dating Profiles that snag REAL Men

Help! I Love A Man Who Isn’t Right For Me

The Secret to First Date Chemistry

Note: Each of the 5 is a hyperlink. You can link to an article or post, or sales letter or sales video… whatever you like.

Again, test this method against offering just ONE call to action, and see which one works best for you.

If You Implement These Suggestions, You Could See An Increase In Conversions

How To Get People To Click On My Link So I Can Make Money

Try out the suggestions presented in this blog post, and you could experience some increase in the number of readers who respond to your offers.

The reason I have to say “could experience” is because when it comes to online marketing, results are not typical.

Not everyone will experience the same level of success.

As a matter of fact, legally, you cannot promise people that they are going to make money or you can get sued.

The conversion rate of your website is by far one of the most important metrics in your online business.

Everything you do in connection with your blog or website is designed to convert visitors into paying customers.

Conversion rates aren’t just about sales — A conversion can be any of the following:

  • people who make appointments
  • potential customers who fill out contact forms
  • people who call you on the phone
  • anyone who requests free quotes

A conversion is any desired action that brings your business closer to making a sale.

The cheapest way to boost your profits is to increase the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns.

Additional Resources To Help You Increase Conversions

I Have A Confession To Make

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Although I had some experience, my online business was going nowhere.

It was going nowhere because I was making critical errors that I was unaware of.

What Wealthy Affiliate did was help me to build a successful affiliate marketing business from the ground up so I could see where I was making mistakes.

It was the best business decision I ever made.

If you are an “experienced” online marketer struggling to get conversions and make sales, you need to seriously consider Wealthy Affiliate.

You could join and enroll in the Affiliate Bootcamp, which is what I did.

WA’s Affiliate Bootcamp is for people who have some marketing experience and want an accelerated business builder.

I can’t speak highly enough about Wealthy Affiliate.

Nothing In Your Life Is Going To Change Unless You Take Action…Today

How To Get People To Click On My Link So I Can Make Money

However, it’s not what I say that matters, it’s what you do that counts.

Are you going to continue to struggle with your business hoping you can “just figure it out.”

Hoping you can “just figure it out” is not going to work.

You’ve got to have a solid plan of action to build your business the right way.

Let Wealthy Affiliate help you do that!

What You Need To Do Next:

OK…Here’s what you need to do next – It’s very simple:

First: STOP making excuses! The hard reality is if you don’t have enough money to create a better life for you and your family, you need to DO SOMETHING NOW.

Not tomorrow, not next week or next month.

You need to take action NOW.

Second: Sign up for a FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate

Third: Get to work!

Why You Need To Do This:

You need to do this so you can give yourself and your family a better quality of life. 

No one is going to knock on your door and give you a way out of your money problems.

YOU have to participate in your own financial rescue.

It’s as simple as that. 

Talk Soon,


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