How To Gain Clarity In Your Life

How To Gain Clarity In Your Life

How To Gain Clarity In Your Life is a very important issue.

When I started blogging, one of the main benefits of building an online business is it helped to teach me the importance of clarity – knowing what you want and how you want to attain it.

When it comes to making money online, you must have clarity of purpose in order to succeed.

There is a tremendous peace of mind that comes with having mental and emotional clarity.

Knowing exactly what you want in life gives you certainty and purpose.

Sadly the majority of people living today do not know how to gain clarity in life.

Is that true of you? Let’s find out…

The One Question You Must Ask Yourself

Here is the ONE question you need to have the answer to:

What do you REALLY want in your life?

Are you truly clear about what you want and how you want to attain it?

The reason why this is such a critical question is that most people have no idea, or at least think they have no idea, what they want for themselves.

Please understand this point: Most people have NO CLARITY in their lives!

Getting clear on what you truly want is the single most important step to realizing your short-term and long-term goals along with calmness of mind and heart.

How can you possibly manifest your desires if you don’t know what they are?

Now Is The Time

How To Gain Clarity In Your Life

NOW is the time to get crystal clear on what YOU want, not what someone else wants.

When we are unclear and uncertain we will not manifest what we want, but what we don’t want.

This is not a dress rehearsal. This is Life. You only get ONE shot at it.

You have to get the most out of it because once it’s over, it’s over.

So now is the time to seriously focus on the next 5 to 10 years and set a course for our life we are truly happy with.

The only way to get clear on what we want is to focus energy inward, looking at ourselves as we really are rather than trying to control the outer circumstances of which we can do nothing about.

For most of us, gaining clarity in our lives will require massive action to implement the strategies that will propel us forward.

The first and most critical step is the realization that you are completely responsible for your life.

YOU and YOU alone are the reason for the circumstances that make up the sum total of your life.

The decisions you’ve made—even the ones where you felt like you had no other choice—are all up to you. Period.

Stop blaming others.

Every time you blame others, you lose a piece of yourself.

You give control of your life to others and you don’t even realize it.

Take complete ownership of the drama in your life. Right now.

Not happy with how things are?

Make a different decision, preferably one that scares the crap out of you.

Usually, it’s the best decision for you and you’ll thank yourself later.

Accept Your Weaknesses

How To Gain Clarity In Your Life

Most of us, to some degree, are already aware of our strengths.

The problem is we try to hide those dispositions, thoughts, and personality flaws and never actually embrace them.

Therefore, certain characteristics that we’re not happy with we try to hide.

When we pretend they don’t exist and try to live in a state of disconnect, this is what weighs us down.

As a result, we’re stuck in the morass of fear because we’re constantly denying or glossing over our weaknesses.

When this occurs, we are constantly stuck in fear and denying our areas of weakness.

Also, as you fail to embrace the entire person, you always feel “I’m not good enough,” to have what I want because I have these issues.

Here’s the point: Embrace the fact that you feel inadequate.

Most of us feel like we’re not good enough to have abundance in our lives, and we feel this way most of the time.

You cannot gain clarity until you embrace and understand your weaknesses.

Openly admit to yourself that you feel inadequate in certain areas of your life.

Talk to yourself about it and share it with someone you trust who will listen to you objectively.

Gaining Clarity and Getting Focused 

The problem with most people is they don’t have a target to aim for, a goal.

You can’t reach a target that you don’t have.

Once you get clear on what you want, you’ll know what you’re aiming for and you can get extremely focused on it.

Please keep in mind that your ability to focus is one of the most powerful assets you have.

Therefore, the clearer you get on what you want, the more effective your focus will be.

As you learn to spend more time getting clear on what you want, you’ll increase your chance of attaining your goals.

The only way to get really clear on what you want is to look inward, to look inside yourself.

When you do this you’ll learn more about your core values and position yourself to make better decisions that are in alignment with who you truly are.

Once you gain clarity, you stop wasting time doing things that have nothing to do with your vision.

You will find it easier to make decisions because you know exactly where you’re headed.

In the process, you will come to understand how extremely valuable your time and your mental and emotional energy are!

Gaining clarity means you will say no to things that don’t serve your purpose and won’t commit to activities that take you off of your focus.

Tap Into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

How To Gain Clarity In Your Life

Many people fail to take into account the power of the subconscious mind.

Having clarity gives your subconscious mind a sense of direction.

We as individuals are the goal-setters but it’s our subconscious mind that attracts the circumstances that allow us to reach our goals.

When you give your subconscious mind a specific goal, it will work day and night 24 / 7 to help you achieve it.

The subconscious mind is a magnificent GPS.

Give it an address – your goals – and it will help you reach your final destination.

It’s important to make sure your goals are as precise as possible.

The more specific the goal, the better the subconscious mind can work to help achieve it.

Therefore, clarity is key.

At this point, you may already have some idea of what you want.

I strongly encourage you to start a journal, either an online one or writing in a physical book.

If you use an online journal, make sure it’s a website-based journal and not an app.

Putting your ideas on paper helps give you clarity because the very act of writing or typing thoughts and feelings allows you to focus on areas of life that need to improve.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings will also help you gain new insights.

Keeping a journal will help motivate you to keep pressing forward toward your goals.

Additional Resources

Know What You Want and Reclaim Your Power

Most people spend their whole life reacting to situations and fail to realize how much of their power they give away each day.

Each and every excuse they make becomes a missed opportunity to take full responsibility for their lives and change their situation.

When you fail to get clear about the direction of your life you give a big chunk of your power away.

You deny yourself the power to be proactive, to go after what you want, and keep going until those goals and dreams are fulfilled.

Failing to get committed to anything specific in life allows distractions to infiltrate your day-to-day activities like a hostile invading army.

You’re always easily distracted and susceptible to the influence of people who do have clear goals and focus in life.

Once you get absolutely clear on what you want, this stops happening.

You stop dragging through one situation after the next in your life as if you have no power to change it.

You stop working on other people’s dreams and begin cultivating and nurturing your own.

Each day becomes a new and exciting opportunity to make progress towards your goals.

How To Gain Clarity In Your Life

You actually can’t wait to get up in the morning and have a hard time retiring at night because of the excitement gaining clarity and pursuing your goals and dreams have bought to your life.

When things don’t work, you keep making adjustments and relentlessly carry on until you finally achieve your goals.

So, let me ask you this:

Do you really know what you want?

Talk Soon,


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3 thoughts on “How To Gain Clarity In Your Life”

  1. Great topic and excellent timing if I understand it correctly. Focus and internal clarity need to address only the things you can control.  We can not allow our desires to create new be overshadowed by repairing the old.  When our thoughts drift to our handicaps, our handicaps grow, but when we are centered on increasing our abilities, our handicaps will dissolve beneath the accomplishments.  Thanks for the early morning wake up call.

    BCNU Rod 

  2. Dear Howard,

    Thanks for the Great inspiring post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational.

    To be honest with you, just yesterday one of my coach spoke about the importance of Clarity and your post means a lot to me. And I am halfway through the process of writing down my goals for 2019 and your post is very helpful and got great insights from your post. So that I will complete my goal setting today with the help of what I learned from your insightful post.

    How clarity helps in achieving things and the part played by subconscious mind is an eye-opener.

    Thanks a lot for the helpful post.

    Wishing you great Success!


  3. This is a perfect New Year’s post that hits on a lot of things I think most of us know, but all really need to hear again. The part where you wrote about “Stop blaming others,” really struck home for me. There’s a silent theme running through your post about accepting who you are and moving forward from there into who you want to be. Just yesterday, I was reading in one of my devotional books about how people tend to waste time over analyzing how they became the way they are (which is where the blaming others often comes in). But figuring out how we got where we are is not all that useful in the end. The point is, we’re here, now. Whatever has happened has happened. Now, how do we move forward? That is the question that matters.

    Excellent post! Thanks for sharing.


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