How to Find Niche Keywords – Got 99 Problems?

How to Find Niche Keywords - Got 99 Problems?

How To Find Niche Keywords is crucial for the health of your online business.

For many online marketers, trying to find the right keywords can be a daunting task.

Finding a profitable niche, or market of interest is the foundation for the financial success of your website.

Successful affiliate marketers live and breathe the importance of finding profitable niches and keywords.

Keyword research is a skill. Niche marketing is a skill.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise.

Likewise, if it wasn’t a skill that you had to learn, many more people would be trying to make money online.

The main reason I joined Wealthy Affiliate is the platform taught me the skills I needed to become a profitable affiliate marketer.

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You Got SEO Problems? I Feel Bad For You Son – I Got 99 Problems But A Niche Ain’t One!

There is one primary reason why the majority of people who attempt to build an online business fail.

They are unsuccessful because they fail to do their due diligence when it comes to keyword research.

Here is the attitude of most people who have failed with niche marketing and keyword research:

“Hey, let’s throw some content on the wall and see what sticks.”

The marketers who have learned over time how to find profitable niches and keywords are making six and seven-figure incomes.

That is a FACT.

The platform I recommend to build your online business has one of the best keyword research tools on the market.

That’s why the training I’m involved with is called “Wealthy” Affiliate.

How to Find Niche Keywords: Which Ones Are Profitable 

How to find niche keywords is a real skill that can lead to a six and a seven-figure income.

A niche that is profitable gives you a platform for building a business that generates substantial revenue.

Also, it has the added feature of growing your content and your brand simultaneously on a large scale.

The number one way of finding a profitable niche is through keyword research.

I have found the Jaaxy Keyword Tool to be one of the best keyword tools on the market, for new affiliate marketers and experienced ones as well

Online marketers need easy to interpret, manageable information, which the Jaxxy Keyword Tool through Wealthy Affiliate provides.

How to Find Niche Keywords And Know When a Niche is Profitable

Once you find keywords that you’re comfortable with, then you have the task of trying to determine if there’s potential profit with your keywords.

However, how do you know when something really is profitable? Below are some questions you can ask regarding the keywords you want to use for your niche:

Is this niche evergreen? In other words, is this niche long-lasting and relevant for years to come?

Stay away from niches that have a time limit or a short shelf life.

What are other related topics I can fit within this niche? Other related topics mean you will be able to branch out from your main niche.

This will allow for more keyword variations and ultimately more profits.

Based on my keyword research, is there a real demand for this niche? Does the keyword density in my search show a real demand?

The balance here is you don’t want to invest effort into a niche that’s too saturated.

Also, you want to make sure there is enough demand within your niche that you have a recurring and active audience.

Do you really WANT to market this niche? Are you comfortable marketing this niche?

To be successful, you have to connect yourself with a niche you can take ownership of.

As an online marketer you must be comfortable marketing this niche; if you’re not, avoid it.

The bottom line is you don’t want to build content on a topic you hate and eventually become resentful of your own work.

Additional Resources

How Important Are Long Tail Keywords or “Low Hanging Fruit”

How to Find Niche Keywords - Got 99 Problems?

When it comes to niches and keywords here is some very serious advice:

Be very careful trying to compete with large companies or wealthy businessmen and entrepreneurs that have already cornered the market on a popular niche or keyword.

For every individual who may see some success competing with larger entities, hundreds of other marketers FAIL.

Likewise, competing with large companies for popular keywords is extremely difficult.

It’s just not worth it.

Why make affiliate marketing harder than it has to be?

Theres a better approach that I learned from my training through Wealthy Affiliate.

Go after what is termed as “Low Hanging Fruit”.

A better strategy is to search for a less populated keyword, build it up, gain authority and popularity.

Learn how to leverage niche keywords that are consistently ignored by bigger brands.

The Wealthy Affiliate training on Finding Keywords or “Low Hanging Fruit” was a tremendous eye-opener for me.

That training helped me to see how affiliate marketing REALLY works!

The strategy you can follow is to find a niche that allows you to utilize smaller, less popular keywords.

Then build content around those keywords to drive traffic and make sales.

If you build the foundation of your affiliate marketing business in this manner, you probably of success is very great indeed!

Over the past 12 years, Wealthy Affiliate has proven this method works.

Marketers who have applied the training on Finding Keywords and completed the entire Wealthy Affiliate course have become very successful financially.

Plan Your Business and Stay Focused

The common pitfall of affiliate marketers is their inability to focus.

They do so many things at once that they lose sight of the meaningful things and activities that make sense.

They try to enroll in many affiliate programs at one time, in different niches, and they get bogged down with the ton of work they need to do.

Although many experts will tell you to launch multiple niches all at once, I must disagree to this.

There is no way you can get organized and focused if you tackle too many niches all at once.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate recommends starting out with ONE niche.

Plan your work carefully, stay focused on the activities, and build up your website.

Once it becomes profitable, then it is time to move on to your next website or blog.

People who are new to the online marketing business must also set realistic goals.

Just posting online will not make the cut. You need to have a focused strategy as there is too much room for error.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate follows this process: Start a blog and make sure you load articles regularly.

After mastering the blog, and only after, then it is time to move to social media.

From that point on, it’s rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

Wealthy Affiliate: Training That Makes a Difference

How to Find Niche Keywords - Got 99 Problems?

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to build your online business, and the reason I do so is that it is a platform for beginners in the online marketing arena.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you will understand how to perform vital activities like market research, business plan development, monetization, and many more.

If you’re serious about keyword research and finding profitable niches, I strongly recommend that you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate now if you haven’t yet.

The next 5 years of your life do not have to be like the last 5 years if you make the decision to do something NOW!

Talk Soon,


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10 thoughts on “How to Find Niche Keywords – Got 99 Problems?”

  1. Hey i really enjoyed this article, i have been getting better with keywords but sometimes i wonder if Jaaxy is accurate or not. I always check the competition and i only use keywords that would give me a good chance of ranking on the first page but that does not seem to do no good. So i am still trying to figure out things with keywords and getting ranked high, keep it up!

    • Hey Justin,

      Here’s the way I look at it: There are a lot of people who are with WA who don’t use Jaxxy to research their keywords. If they’re comfortable with that, that’s ok. I prefer to stick with the recommended tools within WA until they instruct us to use something else.

      I need to be an example to others as well. If someone on LiveChat asks me “Do you use Jaaxy for keyword research?”, and I don’t, to me that eats away at my credibility – just a little. I need to be able to say “Yes ,I can recommend the tools here at WA because I use the very same tools as well!

      Some people talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk!

      Thanks for the comment!

      Talk Soon,


  2. Hello there Howard,

    I am in my early stages of building a profitable online business and I needed to know how to find profitable niches since I am kind of stuck on what the whole niche thing is.

    Your article has shed more light for me but I would still love to ask your opinion on choosing a hot selling niche you don’t know about vs a niche you are passionate about.

    • Hello Dave,

      Have you joined Wealthy Affiliate or are you working on your own to build your online business? If you are a WA member, you can post your question on the LiveChat. Believe me, there are many many people on Live Chat who will help you narrow down choosing a niche for your business and will give you additional information that will help you along.

      Thank You for the comments,

      Talk Soon,


  3. As an New Affiliate marketer, I have learnt a great deal from your article.

    The low hanging keyword approach, sounds really interesting, as does the keyword tool you suggest.

    Currently I am learning a great deal from lots of other affiliate marketers but the training program you suggest sounds like it might be helpful.

    Can you tell me how much it will cost me?


    • Hey Karen,

      Wealthy Affiliate has two price points: The Starter Membership costs you $0 – free to join and learn, free to stay forever. Premium Membership costs you $19 the first month (if you take advantage of the 59% discount during the first 7 days after joining) and $47 the following months.

      Here’s my suggestion: At the very least, try the FREE Starter Membership. No credit card required and you get a chance to poke around for 7-days. During this time, you can actually build 2 websites and get a feel for WordPress. And you get to try other features of Wealthy Affiliate as well.

      If you decide Wealthy Affiliate is not for you, you loose nothing but a little of your time. Since no credit card was required, you do have to worry about some shady dude jacking up your card!

      If you do decide to move forward with Wealthy Affiliate, the first month is $19 and after that it’s $49 a month. Please keep in mind all of the benefits to being a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Personally, one of my main likes is that technical support, known as SiteSupport, is very good and very quick, usually they answer me back in 10-15 minutes, sometimes less!

      I don’t want to keep going on and on and on, but you get the point…

      Let me know what you decide to do.

      Talk Soon,


  4. Great post! You really hit the nail on the head with the importance of keyword research.

    I think one of the most valuable pieces of info in this post is that of finding a niche with evergreen content! I see so many blogs out there focusing on topics that won’t be relevant in a couple of months/years. This is all very well if it’s for personal use, but no good for building a business!

    I’m also a huge fan of the ‘long tail’ strategy which you mention. It’s definitely the way forward for up and coming websites.

    • Hey Stephen,

      Just reading your comments, it sounds to me you will do big things in this business. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to be. Just the community of people who are here to give assistance is worth the price on the Premium membership alone.

      I wish you much success,

      Talk Soon,


  5. Hi Howard. I’m glad I found your website. I cannot even begin to tell you (I’m sure you have heard the stories) of other “make money online” sites that string you along – siphoning money from you along the process.

    The Wealthy Affiliate site you linked me to was exactly what I was looking for. They let you check it out for Free, no gimmicks. Truly, when a business let’s you test drive it for free says much about their confidence in their product.

    Just thought I’d come back to your site and drop a comment. Thank you for guiding me to the free training. All the best.

    • Hey Frank,

      Thank you for the kind words. Sad to say there are quite a few landmines in the online world when it comes to making money online. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few places that is honest about what they provide and what you can expect.

       I’m glad you are taking advantage of the free trial and I hope Wealthy Affiliate meets your expectations.

      Talk Soon,



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