How To Build Your Email Marketing List And Make Money

How To Build Your Email Marketing List And Make Money

You are reading this post because you want to know How To Build Your Email Marketing List.

If you want to build a BIG, unresponsive email list, then do what most marketers do:

Create a blind opt-in form that does NOT tell the new subscriber what they are receiving.

If you don’t care whether or not anyone on that list ever opens or reads your emails, then do what most marketers do:

Make BIG promises that are unrealistic and completely over-the-top. 

You know the kind of promises I mean: 

“Here’s How I Bank $10K per week Using One Surprisingly Weird Trick.” 

“Discover My Secret Method of Making $5K A Day While Watching TV.”

“From The Gutters Of LA To Making $10K a Week By Using A Little Known Loophole.”

How To Build Your Email Marketing List So You Can Gain Your Reader’s Trust

How To Build Your Email Marketing List And Make Money

If you want to learn how to build your email marketing list, you must first build trust.

If you do not build trust with your readers they will take action.

Here’s what they will do:

  •   they will not take you seriously
  •   give you their throw away email address
  •   glance through your sales copy for about 5 seconds then leave
  •   delete your website, and never read one of your emails again

You’ve got to get potential subscribers to TRUST YOU.

This is such a HUGE deal that I’m going to explain again what happens if you don’t build trust:

  •   they will give you their junk email address because they do not trust you.
  •   they will glance through the report (maybe) 
  •   and then forget about it (certainty)
  •   and never open another email from you again because they don’t trust you

This is what most marketers do.

Hey, but at least you have a BIG list, right?

At least you got lots and lots of subscribers, right?

Let me say this to you:

If the above scenario applies to you, you are wasting your time and you are fooling yourself.

You are in serious denial.

Do You Want A Email List Full Of Junk?

How To Build Your Email Marketing List And Make Money

Here’s a question: 

If someone gives you a junk email address and never opens your emails, are they really a subscriber? 

Well…I don’t think so.

Please understand what I’m about to say.

The key to building a RESPONSIVE email list is to build TRUST.

You MUST build trust before you ever ask for the email address.

How do you build trust?

There are several ways to build trust with your audience.

 I’ll give you two of the easiest ones right here:

Two Easy Ways To Build Trust With Your Audience

1: Create a long-form opt-in page.

Don’t have a little box with something that says, “Get the greatest report ever written!” 

You MUST take some time to tell them what they are getting and what it’s going to do for them.

Conversate with them.

Talk about their problem.

Let them know you understand their problem.

Heck, you’ve even experienced it yourself!

However, you’ve got the solution to their problem.

YES! You have the SOLUTION.

Create a long list of super enticing bullet points.

And back that thing up with plenty of testimonials.

If you have a brand that makes you stand apart from the crowd, this works even better.

2: Give dynamite content BEFORE asking for the opt-in.

This one is even better. 

Yet most marketers are scared out of their minds to try it.

Create several pages of your VERY BEST content. 

Make your content conversational and interesting. 

Put plenty of your PERSONALITY into it. 

When I say put your personality into your content, this DOES NOT include the following:

  •       Insults
  •       Sarcasm
  •       Bad jokes
  •       Really, jokes of any kind
  •       Slang expressions
  •       Hip Hop talk

Additional resources:

How To Build Your Email Marketing List – Have A Conversation With Your Readers

In fact, your personality is going to count as much as the way you structure your content.

Make each paragraph naturally flow into the next paragraph, so they want to keep reading.

You see, everybody gives out three types of information: poor, good or great. 

You’re going to have to give out great information.

Also, you must do it in a way that allows your personality to shine through.

Talk to the one person you are trying to reach. 

Talk to them the same way I’m talking to you on this post.

I’m talking to you just as if we were face-to-face having a conversation.

Be passionate and enthusiastic, but not over-the-top.

State your opinions, have confidence, and tell it like it is.

However, when you state your opinion, actually say “From my viewpoint…” or “In my opinion…”

You Want Your Paragraphs To Flow

You want each paragraph you write to be full of great information.

The goal is to have each paragraph naturally flow into the next paragraph. 

Finally, on the last paragraph, you make your offer. 

Heck, sometimes you can make your offer in the middle of your post.

I’ve even made offers right at the beginning, if I’ve made some particularly strong points in the beginning.

However, I would suggest until you gain more experience, to make your offer in two places.

Either in the middle of your post or the end.

Also, don’t feel reluctant to sell them something. 

How To Build Your Email Marketing List – Never Be Reluctant To Sell Stuff

How To Build Your Email Marketing List And Make Money Online

This is a critical point.

You’ve just spent several paragraphs earning their trust, so why not?

Sometimes, when you try to sell them something (affiliate link) they won’t take the offer.

Always remember this:

Most visitors to your site rarely click your affiliate link the very first time they read your post.

Usually, they click after they’ve scanned your post at least 3 to 5 times.

However, if they don’t take the offer, ask if you can give them something for free.

Give them something for free in exchange for their email address.

For example, you offer them a package deal of 4 products for an awesome price. 

If they don’t take it, then offer them one of the 4 products for FREE.

However, they get that item free ONLY in exchange for their email address.

One other thing.

Never be reluctant to sell stuff.

Don’t be ashamed to sell stuff.

You’re here to provide value and to help people solve their problem.

However, you’re here to help them by selling them stuff they need to solve a problem.

Just. Sell. Stuff.

Be That Guy Or Gal That People Want To Hear From

How To Build Your Email Marketing List And Make Money Online

Now here’s what usually happens.

You have spent several paragraphs, or pages, earning their trust.

Which email address are they going to give you? 

Their REAL address, because they actually WANT to hear from you again!

These two methods are so simple, and yet marketers are afraid to test them out.

They’re afraid because they know they will get fewer subscribers.

But the QUALITY of the subscribers is infinitely better. 

You get REAL email addresses from people who actually WANT to hear from you. 

Test it out for yourself. 

I think you’ll be astonished at the difference it makes in your bottom line. 

Talk Soon,


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4 thoughts on “How To Build Your Email Marketing List And Make Money”

  1. Hey, this a great point here. 

    What is the sense of a list if no one responds? 

    You give some really good tips that should strengthen the quality of my list. 

    Thank you for taking the time to research this. I look forward to trying some of your tips in hopes to not only expand my list but to grow a quality list that can be effective anytime I have something to sell. 

    • Hey Chuck,

      Thank You for four great comments.

      I appreciate your comments and thank you for taking the time to read this post!

  2. Thanks for all the tips on how to build an email marketing list. There is some great advice on here about offering great, dynamite content to build trust and perceived value. 

    Oddly, your point to leave out the bad humor and “really, jokes of any kind” gave me a laugh. I am not sure this is solid advice for every industry and niche, but it is good food for thought. I like to laugh, and if someone can sneak in a way to make me laugh while still providing value, they will always get my vote / business!

    • Hello Aly,

      My point is about the “bad humor”, stuff that is really over the top and fails to provide value.

      Well-placed humor can certainly help provide value – especially in these tumultuous times.

      Thank You for taking the time to read.

      Talk Soon,



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