How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

The answer depends on your level of seriousness about building a business.

This post will answer the following questions:

  • Would You Like To Know The Best Product Type To Sell, Digital or Physical?
  • Do You Want Less Stress While Learning How To Make Money Online?
  • Would You Like To Know The Best Platform For Building An Affiliate Marketing Business?

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Although this post is designed and written to be helpful, there are some things I cannot help you with.

Here’s what I CANNOT help you with:

  • If you are just chasing money I cannot help you.
  • Also, if you are looking for a quick fix to an immediate problem, there’s nothing I can do for you.
  • If you’re an internet junkie looking for a quick fix, then I cannot help you.
  • There’s nothing in this post or any of my posts that can help you.
  • If you’re not prepared to put in ten times more work than you were expecting, then I cannot help you.

How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Get Clear What You Want Out Of Your Business

My total focus is helping people build an affiliate marketing business through Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re looking for fast money, please stop reading and go look for your quick fix.

Don’t waste your time trying to build an affiliate marketing business.

You will certainly fail.

However, for those of you still reading who are looking to build a serious business, I commend you.

The first thing you must do is establish your personal GOALS.

Short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals must be written down and reviewed on a daily basis.

The post, Why Goal Setting Is Important In Business And Finances, can help you in the area of goal setting.

It has practical suggestions that will show you how to effectively set goals and reach them.

For example, how much PROFIT you want to make in a day, a week, a month?

Also, another decision you will have to make is should you promote digital products or physical products.

If you sell physical products, your profit is what you make from your revenue minus your inventory and shipping costs.

With digital products, you basically keep 100% of the revenue because there are no inventory or shipping costs.

How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – Digital Products Or Physical Products

What are digital products?

  • Digital products are content that is sold and distributed through the internet.
  • Digital products are distributed in different formats such as ebooks, videos, and online courses.
  • The reason they’re “digital” products is they don’t get physically shipped to customers.
  • Therefore, digital products are either downloaded or streamed electronically.
  • The purchaser can access their product immediately on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The advantages of selling Digital products are:

  • Digital products are simple to make
  • Digital products are easy to distribute
  • Downloading content is an established, long term business model
  • Digital downloads have a high-profit margin
  • A desirable alternative to selling physical products
  • Digital products in virtually all categories are lucrative
  • Creating digital products is easy with today’s technology
  • Digital products have simpler distribution methods compared to shipping physical products

How profitable are digital downloads?

According to the statistical website Statista, digital publishing is very lucrative:

  • ebook publishing revenue in the US is expected to grow from 5.31 billion dollars in 2018
  • digital album sales totaled 53.4 million units in 2018
  • the global self-paced online learning revenue in 2018 totaled 43.84 billion dollars

Did you get that? 43.84 BILLION dollars from digital downloads in ONE YEAR.

Therefore, Selling digital products carries a distinct advantage over selling physical products.

What are physical products?

Physical products have some advantages such as:

  • It’s easier to demonstrate the value of a physical product
  • The perceived quality of a physical product may be higher than digital products

However, physical products are time-consuming to manage, not to mention expensive to source and ship.

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Factors To Consider Selling Physical Products

Here are some factors you need to consider when selling physical products:

  • You need to consider purchasing inventory yourself or having the product dropped-shipped
  • Where will you warehouse the products – in your home or another location?
  • If you use another location for your business, are you prepared for the additional expense?
  • Stock management can be expensive and time-consuming
  • You will have to plan for packaging and fulfillment of orders which can be a major cost.
  • You MUST price your items correctly so you can make a profit.
  • Do you have a return policy? What is your return policy? Returns can be a major cost for e-commerce.
  • Will you also offer telephone and e-mail support to answer product questions and resolve problems?

As you can see from the above bullet points digital products as an affiliate carries far less risk than selling physical products.

Also, selling digital products carries far less stress and anxiety than selling physical products.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of money to be made in selling both as an affiliate.

Once you decide if you want to sell digital or physical products or both, then you need to build your website or blog.

However, my personal choice is digital products.

The reason is I don’t like having to deal with inventory or physical products.

With drop shipping alternatives like Ali Express and Shopify, you never have to stock physical products.

Also, you will be the one responsible for customer complaints and damages, not the drop shipping company.

Customers are unaware of the fact you use a drop shipping company to fulfill their orders.

When something goes wrong, your company is the one they’re looking at to make things right.

How Much Money Can You Make From Affiliate Marketing?

How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Keep in mind that the revenue from affiliate marketing can be different from one day to the next.

It can be challenging to calculate what your daily earnings will be.

However, here’s something to think about:

Almost 23% of established affiliate marketers reported over $1 Million per year profit.

Over 1 million dollars profit in a year!

These are men and women who are SERIOUS and made the sacrifice necessary to get to the million-dollar a year threshold.

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot do the same.

Moreover, let’s take the average profit of intermediate to established affiliate marketers.

That would be between $80,000 to $130,000 a year.

The profit you would make comes out to between $200/day and $340/day.

What on earth could you do with an extra $200 to $340 dollars a day?!

Imagine the jump from earning $200/day to earning $2,000 – $4,000/day and sustaining it over a whole year.

This is what separates the successful affiliate marketers from the mediocre ones.

How Long Will It Take Me Before I Can Quit My Job?

Look, I’m not a guru and have never claimed to be.

However, I am serious about is helping people find a workable system.

A system that will take them from where they are now to where they want to be in the future.

Here is the direct answer to how long will it take to make enough money before you can quit your job.

It completely depends on how bad you want to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Also, It totally depends on your effort and your focus.

For example, let’s say you decide to take massive action and devote 2-4 hours a day to affiliate marketing.

You could see profit between 8 to 12 months. In many cases a lot sooner.

Similarly, what could you expect if you’re devoting 10 hours a week or more of real work on your business?

It could take 18 to 24 months to completely replace your job’s income.

The “sweet spot” where you’re making “job-killing” income is usually between 2 to 4 years of consistent work 10 or more hours a week.

Therefore, at this point, if you’re foaming at the mouth saying “Why the &#%@# does it take so @*&^$ long?” you need to stop reading this right now!

Affiliate marketing is NOT for you, my friend!

Let me continue…

If you’re only spending 5 or fewer hours a week on your business, what could you expect?

You’re looking at possibly replacing your income within 2 to 3 years, possibly longer.

Again, I cannot emphasize this enough:

The amount of work you put into your business will determine how quickly you’ll succeed.

Therefore, the number of hours a week you devote to affiliate marketing will determine how fast you can replace your job’s income.

It’s always been that way.

How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – Use Wealthy Affiliate

How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that it teaches people how to become successful affiliate marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online.

Likewise, I encourage anyone who joins Wealthy Affiliate to promote it as much as possible.

While you are a member, you will have the opportunity to interact with the community.

Some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world are associated with Wealthy Affiliate.

Therefore, if you are a beginner or a more advanced affiliate marketer, it doesn’t matter.

The training covers how to find affiliate programs and how to effectively convert visitors into “sales” on your website.

It will only be a matter of time before you become an expert affiliate marketer yourself.

With Wealthy Affiliate you understand immediately that you are going to have to WORK to see results.

There’s no room for excuses because everything has been structured for you.

How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – By Create Your FREE Account With Wealthy Affiliate

All you have to do is show up with your focus and determination and WORK!

Wealthy Affiliate is unique in that you can get everything you need – under “one roof” to create and grow your business online.

Training. Tools. Support. You do not have to go outside the platform to purchase some missing piece to go along with your business.

The originators of Wealthy Affiliate wanted to make sure everything necessary for you to grow your business was all under one roof.

Also, you are getting a total support system with 24/7 access.

With Wealthy Affiliate, there are no shortcuts to affiliate marketing success!

For less than a buck per day, this is by far the most comprehensive and cost-efficient platform in the industry.

In fact, once you have access to Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, you can rely on this fact:

Wealthy Affiliate offers a completely free, no-obligation Starter membership.

There aren’t many products or services online that have enough confidence to allow you to try it for free before you spend a dime.

That is why Wealthy Affiliate is different and always keeps a step ahead of the competition.

You don’t like what you see, leave. Never come back and you have lost nothing.

Additional Resources

How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – By Simply Making A Decision To Do It!

You be the judge and decide if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you. If you are not sure, then that’s when you really want to try it out!

Ultimately, you are the one who will ultimately decide how the next ten years of your life will be.

NOW is the time to fix the next ten years, NOT tomorrow, NOT next week or next month, but NOW, by MAKING A DECISION!

Do you know what amount you will lose by setting up your FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate?


So in conclusion, let me ask you this:

What do you have to lose?

Talk Soon,


PS: What causes many marketers in this business to be discouraged and give up?

They fail to understand that you have to put in the amount of work needed in order to gain the desired income that you want to earn.

You can’t expect to create a six-figure income from affiliate marketing in a year or less by working only 3 – 5 hours a week on your business. It will never happen!

PSS: Wealthy Affiliate hasn’t increased their prices in 12 years!

You read that correctly.

The Premium membership price at Wealthy Affiliate hasn’t increased in 12 years from time and they started back in September 2005.

Most companies have increased prices to keep up with inflation and the cost of living.

Not Wealthy Affiliate!

Personally, I think that’s a big deal. $49 per month or $359 per year.

The price is all-inclusive and includes everything you need to create, grow and scale your businesses to any level online.

SO…What are you waiting for?

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12 thoughts on “How Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. Hey i really enjoyed your article, and you are right affiliate marketing is not a quick fix. Most people are wanting to make money fast so they always fall into scams. Affiliate marketing and Wealthy Afffiliate is good to really build an online business and make your future brighter as long as you put in the time and hard work. I try to work every night and for hours on my websites.

    • Hey Justin,

      I know you are going to do well with Wealthy Affiliate…Why do I say this?

      Because of the statement you made in your post:

      “I try to work every night and for hours on my websites.”

      You have the desire, my friend. But please keep in mind, you WILL have setbacks from time to time. People WILL try to discourage you! Stay the course. Be absolutely clear on what you want, set some realistic goals and stay focused on them!

      If you stay committed, you will do JUST FINE!

      Talk Soon,


  2. Howard,

    Thank you for all of this information! I started with Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago but haven’t put in the work I need to, so my site is small and not growing quickly. The great part about it, I haven’t paid a cent to get where I am! I made enough profit with my free account to purchase a custom url (which I was able to accomplish through WA).

    The risk-free start-up is what really brought me in. Other places will say risk-free and mean get (some) of your money back if it doesn’t work out, but WA doesn’t make you pay at all! I am excited to continue watching my site grow and encourage everyone to give it a shot. It’ll only cost some of your time and nothing more to get started 🙂

    • Hey Amanda,

      Thank you for the kind words about my post. The 7-day free trial with no credit card required was also what encouraged me to try out Wealthy Affiliate also. I have no regrets and will never look back!

      I wish you success in your online endeavors!

      Talk Soon,

  3. Howard,

    Thank you for all of this information! I started with Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago but haven’t put in the work I need to, so my site is small and not growing quickly. The great part about it, I haven’t paid a cent to get where I am! I made enough profit with my free account to purchase a custom URL (which I was able to accomplish through WA).

    The risk-free start-up is what really brought me in. Other places will say risk-free and mean get (some) of your money back if it doesn’t work out, but WA doesn’t make you pay at all! I am excited to continue watching my site grow and encourage everyone to give it a shot. It’ll only cost some of your time and nothing more to get started

    • Hey Amanda,

      Sorry it took me so long to reply. I’ve been taking “massive action” as Anthony Robbins talks about and hammering out article after article after article. I’m one of those people who want to see the best results I can in the shortest amount of time possible.

      The fantastic thing about Wealthy Affiliate is you can work at your own pace. You admitted that you haven’t put the work in. Believe it or not, you’re ahead of 70% of people on Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Why do I say this? Because You were HONEST WITH YOURSELF! You know you could do more and you recognize it. That’s why you will succeed. As long as you don’t lie to yourself and honestly evaluate your progress, you will do very well with Wealthy Affiliate…If you want to…

      Notice that last little statement: “If you want to” 

      It’s all up to you, my friend!

      Talk Soon,


  4. When people want to make money online, they always the questions: How long will it take and how much can I earn?

    The problem is, they all expect an answer like: In a week you’ll be earning 200$ a day.

    What’s worse is that they blindly follow whatever offers such claims. There’s tons of products online that promise to make you rich very quickly, but there’s not many that actually tell you the truth like Wealthy Affiliate for example.

    • Hey Donny,

      Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. Been dealing with some health issues and it took me longer that expected to reply to your comments.

      What I certainly like, and liked from the beginning, about Wealthy Affiliate, is that there are no fake promises of quick money or fast results. This is a legit platform teaching people a actual skill to become successful in their OWN affiliate marketing business. A REAL business. Not some fake pie in the sky crap.

      Make no mistake about it. This isn’t called “Wealthy” Affiliate just to sound good. Folks here don’t bring attention to themselves. There a LOT of six and seven figure earners hanging around WA. This is the place to be if you want TIME, MONEY, & FREEDOM!

      Talk Soon,


  5. I like your content about affiliate marketing. You have hit the nail on the head with consistency, I used to have a website that I would put some articles on every couple of weeks with a lot of links in it. I was just trying to sell any product that looked good at the time.
    I have found that to build a successful website you have to focus on just one or two products at the most that are relevant to your niche and tailor all of your posts around the products.

    • Hey Kevin,

      Thank you for taking the time to write.

      What I have found is this: The way to make money online is to find a problem and genuinely help people solve it. How is that done? By writing great content that people can use. The way it works is if people like your “free stuff” then they are more inclined to purchase your “paid stuff”.

      This is the way it’s going to work for a long time to come…

      Talk Soon,


  6. Hey there Howard,

    I completely agree with everything you say here. I started out in the online space a few years back and I have seen affiliate marketing pay me very well.

    And the most important things every marketer who wishes to succeed should have is good training, spending lots of time building and promoting the affiliate site and believing they can outrank all competition.

    That’s how I made it.


    • Hey Dave,

      You are absolutely correct. You’ve got to roll your selves up and get busy. You can’t sit in front of the computer and just wish for money to fly through your computer screen, yet that’s what so many do. They don’t do the hard work that’s necessary.

      You have understood what it takes to see real results online! Wonderful comments!

      Talk Soon, 



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