Hiving Survey Review – How Much Money Can You Make Here?

Hiving Survey Review - How Much Money Can You Make Here?

Hiving survey is one of the top online survey websites. This Hiving Survey Review will examine if this is a good platform to make money online.

I decided to research this platform to assist people who want to know more about Hiving Surveys.

Once you are done reading, you can decide if Hiving Survey is worthy of your time.

About Hiving Survey

Hiving, founded in 2009, is an online survey platform that offers people an opportunity to earn during their spare time.

The company, which is specialized in market research and consumer feedback, is located in France.

Although they started in France, the company has grown into a top platform and has a presence in more than 20 countries across the globe.

How to Join and Use the Site

Hiving Survey Review - How Much Money Can You Make Here?

The sign-up process is simple when you visit the site.

You can use your Facebook account to sign up as well. You will be given a form to fill out your complete profile when you sign up.

When it comes to profiling and panelist recruiting, Hiving is known for being strict.

According to them, this enables them to keep up with the quality standards and practices required by big companies in the survey niche, such as Nielsen, SurveyMonkey, and Gfk.

You will be asked 15 personal questions that cover areas like automotive, beauty, health, Hi-tech, and so on.

Answering these questions will give you 300 points. I don’t think the 300 points you get when you complete your profile is enough since you will have to reach about 4000 points to withdraw your earnings.

4000 points are equivalent to $4 dollars. However, the interesting thing is that people who complete their profile will receive surveys before other members, and will receive access to limited panelist spots.

Let’s go through the different ways to make money when you become a member.

Sharing Your Opinions

Hiving Survey Review - How Much Money Can You Make Here?

Hiving rewards its members with points for sharing your opinion; the points you earn can be exchanged for money.

The surveys they offer revolve around current and future consumption trends in the United States.

This is interesting since your opinions can actually influence the types of products or services that will be released into the market.

You will have to answer some pre-selection questions before taking any survey on the platform and will be asked to give details about personal stuff like your sex, age, or general questions.

Hiving surveys will also ask you about the brands you like the most.

After filling your profile, the site will verify your replies.

They do this to ensure you match their demographics; thus, preventing you from providing answers that are irrelevant.

If you don’t fit in within Hiving’s demographics, you will be eliminated from the site without prior warning.

Normally, Hiving members receive about four surveys per month, depending on their demographics.

The survey completion time is about five minutes, depending on the skills of the member.

Some surveys take lesser time to complete, and others can last up to twenty minutes.

There is a timer attached to each survey in the survey description.

You will also be notified through the email you provided for new surveys available, so you need to monitor your mail often.

When you click on any of the available surveys, it will redirect you to a membership area to complete the survey properly.

Test Free Products

The platform allows you to test new and interesting products from the comfort of your home, such as Amazon vouchers, gift cards, etc.

When you test products through Hiving surveys it gives you the opportunity to get products for free.

Micro Tasks

Doing micro tasks will also fetch you money. This feature was added to enable members to earn more.

Micro tasks are usually engaging and may require modifying photos or translation.

You will see the points you earned from every task you take.

Make sure you take as many tasks as you can every day; doing so will increase your chances to receive more offers. The tasks you get are also simple, effortless, and fun.

Other Fun Activities

Hiving Survey Review - How Much Money Can You Make Here?

The platform also offers many other interesting things for members to explore. They include quizzes, lotteries, competitions, and even write about things you fancy.


Recommending this platform to your friends and family can earn you some points.

For every friend you introduce, you will receive a higher percentage of the points they earn when taking surveys.

The points they will receive will not be affected, and there is no limit to the number of people you introduce to join the platform.

To refer a friend, visit the Tell a Friend web page, and enter their personal information, like their name, email, and so on.

To increase your earning potential, you can also broadcast Hiving to your email friends.

Hiving Affiliate Program

If you own a big blog, website, or social media influence, you can make money from Hiving through its affiliate program.

You will be given affiliate links you can share with your website visitors.

Also, you will be given an affiliate dashboard that allows you to monitor your affiliates’’ activities.

You will earn 1 USD per lead, depending on your location (country).

Hiving also has a charity program where you can donate your points/earnings to the less fortunate. Doing so attracts rewards.

You will be rewarded with points for all the work you do. The length and complexity of the surveys you take will affect the number of points you will receive.

You will not receive the points instantly; it takes about thirty days for the points you earn to be reflected on your account.

This happens because the surveys must be subscribed to completely before you can get paid; I’m not exactly sure what that means, but 30 days to wait for your points is an awfully long time.

You will have to accumulate 4000 points to redeem your earnings.

4000 points are about $5 US dollars, 8000 points will give you $10 US dollars, and 12,000 points will give you $15 US dollars.

Do not expect any reward if you don’t take the survey seriously, provide the same answers to a survey often, or give senseless answers.

Hiving offers different payment options like PayPal, Amazon e-voucher, or donating points to charity.

Reports From Users

It appears that this platform has lots of negative reviews from users.

The reviews on Trustpilot are far from glowing. Most of the reviews are not positive for the platform.

Hiving Survey Review - How Much Money Can You Make Here?
Hiving Survey Review - How Much Money Can You Make Here?
Hiving Survey Review - How Much Money Can You Make Here?

Some users report receiving error messages every time they try to submit surveys.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remedy the issue since their customer support doesn’t respond to emails.

Also, according to some users, reaching the minimum payout threshold takes forever.

Hiving surveys is similar to other legit survey websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

My Opinion of Hiving Surveys

The Hiving survey platform definitely has some issues that are very frustrating, however, Hiving Survey is not s scam.

Hiving offers a few surveys, and the requirements to qualify for these surveys are stringent.

Thus, you will have to wait for a long time to get a survey.

Along with those issues, the site is not reliable and you get paid very little money for the surveys you are allowed to take.

Below are the pros and cons of the Hiving Surveys platform so you can decide if joining is worth your time.


  • Free registration
  • Low redemption amount
  • Cash-out via PayPal
  • Can be accessed from different countries


  • Poor customer service
  • Low earning potentials
  • Very slow payment; you will really have to wait months before you can get the money that you withdrew. 
  • Limited surveys available
  • Around $10 dollars a month is likely the highest amount you can earn with this website; unfortunately, to get that you will need to really spend a lot of time and effort on the website.

Hiving is a legit survey site, however, you will earn very little money from it.

The process of earning money is extremely slow on this platform.

I don’t think it’s worth it to spend so much time receiving peanuts.

If you have the time to spare, and you are patient enough, you can give it a try.

However, I recommend you find a better alternative to make money online from the comfort of your home.

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