High Traffic Academy Review – Look Out!

High Traffic Academy Review - Look Out!

I promise, you will find my High Traffic Academy Review very interesting. by Vick Strizheus promises that by using this system, you will multiply traffic to your website. 

High Traffic Academy by Vick Strizheus promises that by using this system, you will multiply traffic to your website. 

Likewise, this program promises to multiply your bank account as well.

High Traffic Academy is the creation of Vick Strizheus.

Mr Strizheus claims to be the “King of Online Traffic.” 

His services are quite expensive. 

Mr Strizheus coaching/consulting fees range from $5,000 to $100,000.

Therefore, it would seem that someone who charges such expensive fees must be a expert in traffic generation. 

Similarly, High Traffic Academy is a online version of his coaching sessions.

High Traffic Academy Review – What Is It?

High Traffic Academy Review - Look Out!

Product Type: Internet Marketing Video Training Course

Creator: Vick Strizheus, aka: Vitaliy Strizheus

Price: $450 one-time fee for basic membership. $300 per month for Elite Membership:

Best For: New marketers or intermediate marketers that have a lot of extra money.

Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars: I’ll explain as we go along!

Do I Recommend This? Absolutely Not…I’ll explain why in this post.

Summary: High Traffic Academy is a internet marketing training program that has some decent material.

However, the course is very expensive if you are a new marketer starting out. 

  • $450 one-time fee for basic membership.
  • $300/month for Elite Membership

Moreover, The traffic methods recommended by High Traffic Academy are quite costly.

There are other hidden factors to consider:

After joining you are funneled though numerous upsells in the program.

The sales funnel tries to convince you these additional products are needed to make the program work for you. 

Also, all of Mr Strizheus recommended methods cost extra money in addition to your membership fee.

Free traffic methods are not taught in HTA as they are in a program like Wealthy Affiliate.

In High Traffic Academy using PAID Traffic is mandatory.

Also, the cost to run your campaigns has to come from your own pocket and can be substantial.

In other words, if you are on a tight budget, or any budget, this product is probably not for you.

Why I Would Not Recomment High Traffic Academy

High Traffic Academy is not the best training to create a long term successful online business.

Similarly, it’s not the best platform to start with if you are a “newbie.”

Keep in mind High Traffic Academy (HTA) is a membership site.

One of the challenges I’ve found is it can be difficult to find straightforward information about this product.

High Traffic Academy is similar to other business I’ve reviewed on this blog:

Additional Details – High Traffic Academy Review

High Traffic Academy Review - Look Out!

Vick Strizheus teaches its members how to get quality traffic to their websites. 

High Traffic Acdemy offers video tutorials, webinars, e-books, and traffic campaign examples. 

Top-level strategies of building a responsive email list and getting targeted traffic are in the material provided.

Also, as an affiliate, you will get exclusive access to webinars and training that will help your marketing activities.

In summary, High Traffic Academy provides some good material to grow your online business.

However, there are some very serious issues I’ve come across regarding High Traffic Academy and Vick Strizheus, aka: Vitaliy Strizheus.

Issues With Vick Strizheus Aka: Vitaliy Strizheus.

High Traffic Academy Review - Look Out!

When you are doing business with someone online, it’s very difficult to know about their background.

Nevertheless, I will say this:

You want to engage in business with someone who is honest and has a excellent online reputation.

You MUST be able to trust who you are giving your hard-earned money to.

Therefore, one of the reasons why I take the time to write these reviews is some of these product creators are less than honorable.

Let me explain.

What many people are unaware of is years ago Vick Strizheus was convicted writing fake life insurance policies.

Strizheus pleaded guilty to one count of grand theft.

Mr. Strizheus made advanced commissions of $30,000 while he was a licensed insurance agent for Mutual Of Omaha and Americo.

He was convicted of one count of grand theft. 

Strizheus was sentenced to serve 90 days in prison and 5 years probation.

The judge allowed Strizheus to serve his “90 days in prison” on the weekends.

Thanks to Ethan Vanderbuilt’s website, there is a brief video that talks about Strizheus’s legal difficulties.

Do You Really Want To Do Business With This Guy?

Apparently there are other serious with issues with Strizheus as well.

It seems Strizheus had a system in place that allows him to rake in thousands in affiliate commissions.

However, it seems he’s doing it by less than honorable means.

He’s banked tens of thousands by swapping out his affiliate id with other members affiliate id’s.

Also, he figured out a way to have the money sent to his bank account.

The bank accounts of the clueless members whose affiliate id’s he’s used never see a dime!

Not one red cent!

Similarly, Ethan Vanderbuilt explains it much better than I ever could on his website

I would highly recommend watching this .

“Why should I watch this,” you ask?

If you’re serious about building an online business, you need to understand how scammers like these work.

Reading posts like this is fine.

However, YOU need to understand how these people operate FOR YOURSELF!

Here’s the video…

What Is Vick Strzheus Doing?

How has Strizheus been able to work his scams for so long?

He initally gets you to join his scheme with outrageous claims. 

Further, you pay some type of monthly fee, but you find out the information he provides is not complete. 

Then comes the excuse emails about why it is not complete. 

Also, Strizheus will allow you the opportunity to sell some products.

When you make some sales, he swaps his affiliate ID with yours.

This allows him to siphon off your direct sales for himself. 

Furthermore, the traffic you have purchased helps build his traffic and allows him to sell it to more people.

Also, Strizheus will also regularly take your emails you have generated for your list and keep them for his own.

Finally, what he will do is close down the existing business.

Then he’ll open up another one.

The cycle starts all over again…

High Traffic Academy Review: Is Vick Strizheus A Changed Man?

The question regarding Vick Strizheus becoming a “changed man” doesn’t concern us.

You or I should not care if he’s “found the Lord.” Period.

All we care about as online marketers is the integrity of the platform we’re going to get involved with.

Honesty and integrity CANNOT be compromised! Never!

Vick’s supporters say that he has changed his ways and is now working ethically to make people money.  

In the video below, Strizheus talks about the mistakes he’s made when he was in the insurance business.

If you want to get to the confession part, skip to about 8:00.

Heres my opinion: I commend Vick Strizheus for making a video and openly talking about his mistakes.

I really do. An opportunity at redemption is a wonderful thing.

I say that in all sincerity because many people will never have the courage or moral awareness to admit when they SCREWED UP.

Therefore, to admit your shortcomings and legal troubles in a video foe all to see is commendable.

However, at the end of the day you and I have to ask ourselves this:

“Do I want to do business with this guy”

“Can I trust this guy to be totally honest?”

At this point, in light of the above information, you would have to come to the following conclusion:

Vick Strizheus is NOT a honest person and is a individual who lacks integrity.

Myopinion is I CANNOT do business with a person like this. I can’t trust this guy.


What a unique concept!

My Conclusions Of High Traffic Academy

I’m going to make my position clear on Vick Strizheus and High Traffic Academy.

The actual training material used for this program is good information.

Although it’s not the best, High Traffic Academy’s training modules are adequate.

However, I will say that some of the methods suggested are outdated.

The main problem I have with this program is it’s focus on paid traffic methods.

Likewise, Strizheus does not talk about or have modules dedicated to content creation.

Content creation is a primary way to get free, organic traffic.

However, free, organic traffic takes longer to see results.

That’s why HTA focuses on paid traffic as opposed to free traffic.

All that aside, you and I have to ask ourselves this question:

Can Vick Strizheus be trusted ?

Can I trust this man’s online platforms to help me build a long-term consistent business?

For me, the answer os NO!

Therefore, although the information within High Traffic Academy is not a scam, I cannot trust Vick Strizheus.

Another reason I cannot trust Strizheus is he’s been the mastermind for some other platforms that are SCAMS.

  • Big Idea Mastermind
  • Empower Network
  • Internet Traffic Formula
  • Global Success Club (shutdown)
  • 48 Hour Cash Club
  • 7 Figure Marketing School
  • The Four Percent Group

interestingly, 7 Figure Marketing School has actually been described by many as a den of thieves!

High Traffic Academy Review – I Won’t Recommend This

My conclusion is the information in High Traffic Academy is not a scam.

However, there is no doubt Vick Strizheus, aka: Vitaliy Strizheus is a SCAMMER.

I will never recommend doing business with a scammer.

Also, I would never recommend any of his products because he’s proven to be untrustworthy and blatantly dishonest.

What I do recommend is Wealthy Affiliate

Why I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of a Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Pros & Cons:


  • Provides all forms & levels of internet marketing training.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step training with tutorials and video modules. 
  • WA platform is exceptionally newbie friendly.
  • You get excellent support from SiteSupport. 
  • Create 2 free websites with your free account. 
  • No credit card or debit card needed to join: Costs $0 to join!
  • Membership allows access to top-level online marketers for motivation and support.
  • LiveChat provides 24-7 support with any questions, even at 3 in the morning!
  • This platform is one of the few places where you learn to make money through affiliate marketing the right way.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most transparent programs I know of: they are honest and hide nothing.


  • My only “con” is there could be some possible information overload
  • This happens primarily to “newbies” but will vanish as you get deeper in the training modules

Have a look at the training modules that’s available with a FREE membership.

Where else can you get affiliate marketing training like this with a FREE membership?

Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY platform I know where you can get this kind of training for FREE – NO credit or debit card required!

You get access to 2 Free Classrooms

  • Classroom 1.  Getting Started Program
  • Classroom2. The Wealthy Affiliate Commission Program

You also get access to LiveChat for the first seven days which allows you to get 24/7 help with your questions and issues in real time.

Also, you’re allowed to create two free websites on Wealthy Affiliate’s own platform SiteRubix.

Both websites are completely free and come with no obligation.

The best part is these sites stay live for as long as you keep your FREE membership.

wish to be a free wealthy affiliate member.

As you build your website, you get to choose from 12 different WordPress themes.

These themes, or website templates, are also Free to choose for your website.

Access to Wealthy Affiliates Free Keyword Research Tool is also available!

Did I mention the awesome content creation platform called Site Content?

It’s a writing platform right within Wealthy Affiliate!

High Traffic Academy Review – What Are YOU Going To Do?

In conclusion, I don’t understand why someone would not want to take advantage of Wealthy Affiliates free membership.

It absolutely baffles me.

Forget all the statistics about how many times a person has to see your offer before they say yes…

In THIS case, that’s pure garbage!

How many times do you have to decide on FREE?


C’mon man!

So, let me see if I have this right:

You’re going to read or scan this post, and agree that Wealthy Affiliate has a ridiculously good offer.

Then you’re going to leave without taking action.

You’re going to leave without signing up for your free account.

“Yea, Howard…That’s exactly what I’m gonna do…”

Then congratulations!

You are officially saying ” I don’t want to take a chance on something I will gain immense value from.”

“I don’t want to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and actually start building an affiliate marketing business…”

“I’m afraid if I don’t like Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll lose…”

Lose WHAT?

The starter membership is FREE!

No credit card…No debit card.

If you need my help sorting through this difficult decision, please leave your comments below.

Talk Soon,


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