What Is Google Sniper 3.0 About? How It Compares to Wealthy Affiliate.

Many of you have asked What is Google Sniper 3.0 about and how does it compare to Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s a valid question in light of the fact that this is the 3rd version of this platform.

Google Sniper 3.0, created by George Brown, is an Internet Marketing course.

It’s purpose is to teach how to make money online by finding less competitive niches and build websites around it.

Unlike my #1 recommendation, Google Sniper 3.0 focuses on building a number of websites that are poor to low quality.

This platform does not focus on building a quality niche website or blog with useful, actionable content.

The latest version is called Google Sniper 3.0.

We’ll discuss how George’s products have been accepted according to what matters most – his customers.

George Brown – An Excellent Salesman

As we look deeper into What Is Google Sniper 3.0 About, theres one fact we can aknowledg.

George Brown knows how to sell his product.

The look of the Google Sniper 3.0 website gives you the feeling of a top of the line platform.

Mr. Brown also presents this product with a sense of urgency which compiles you to reach for your wallet.

Although this product looks stellar, his platforms have had less than a stellar performance.

In other words, they weren’t very good products.

Google Sniper 3.0 is a Clickbank product – and Clickbank is known throughout the online marketing world for sponsoring products that aren’t very good.

There are solid facts and proof that Google Sniper 3.0 isn’t a very good Clickbank product.

However, there are people who say Google Sniper is the best product they’ve ever seen.

What Is Google Sniper 3.0 About and Why George Brown Will Make You Buy

George Brown is very convincing. The British accent definetly helps and he’s an excellent salesman.

He’s learned how to connect with people in such a way that you’ll pull out your credit card before you know what happened.

George Brown is also very good at making sales videos.

In the first  0.30 of the video below, notice how all the “average guys” look and how they relate to George Brown.

They utter his name with such respect…

This guy could sell me breakfast out of my own kitchen!!

Taking a closer look, the training in Google Sniper 3.0 focuses more on quantity than on quality.

This is critical because it’s the quality of your blogs or websites that really matters to the search engines.

If the focus of your content isn’t on quality, you will get very little respect from the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Likewise, your website will rank so poorly you’ll fail to attract new customers with your narrow content.

Below is my review of George Brown’s Google Sniper in comparison with a platform I’ve been using with much success, Wealthy Affiliate.

Review of Google Sniper 3.0

  • Owner: George Brown
  • Website: www.gsniper.com
  • Name: Google Sniper 3.0
  • Price: $1, $47, $97, $187 – The last three prices are up sells.
  • Training & Support: Yes – mediocre training and minimal support
  • Guarantee: 60-day money back guarante
  • My Rating: 29 out of 100

Watch Out for the Upsells!

Any of you who’ve read my posts know I hate up sells or “additional sales offers.” When trying to purchase the Google Sniper 3.0 “main product” I had to navigate past 3 additional “up sells”.

The buying process for Google Sniper 3.0. took around 10 minutes, probably closer to 15 minutes. This is too long to wait to get to what you paid for.

WORD OF CAUTION: If you’re not careful, you can be tricked into a monthly recurring payment membership of $47 without knowing it.

Notice this toggle switch is “ON” – If you leave this switch ON you will be billed a monthly fee of $47 for something called “Sniper X”.

Toggling the switch to the “OFF” position means you won’t be billed a monthly fee of $47 for “Sniper X”. You really have to pay attention to this otherwise you’ll have to try to get out of a monthly recurring fee.

What is the Pricing Strategy?

If a program cannot tell you up front what it’s exact pricing strategy is, then you need to be extremely careful buying into that program

A legitimate program is able to tell you up front how much you’re expected to pay.

Google Sniper 3.0 uses dishonest pricing tactics and backdoor up sells which you will never expect from reading the sales page alone and listening to any videos associated with it.

Here’s a breakdown of the prices associated with Google Sniper 3.0:

  • Monthly Google Sniper 3.0 membership – $47
  • Sniper ELITE up sell – $187. However, if you try to click away the price drops to $97.
  • Real Case Study Training up sell – $97
  • Other expenditures that are not discussed: Domains, Web Hosting, Outsourcing – $400+

Are Tools and Training Available?

What is amazing to me is George Brown does not include tools you will need to build your business with Google Sniper 3.0.

What he does recommend is going to BlueHost for web hosting, using sites like oDesk to outsource and connecting to SEObook.com to learn about SEO.

Here is something for you to consider: A really good platform will make available in-house training on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

Telling your customers to go link to an outside source to learn something so important to online marketing is a bad look and does NOT complement your “brand”.

What’s Inside Google Sniper 3.0:

1) Google Sniper Course (Main training)

  • Master Manual and maps
  • The seven video modules
  • Bulletproofing
  • Empire Module
  • Additional training

2) Sniper X Training

  • New ‘X’ training videos
  • Webinar replays

3) Sniper Cash Machine

  • Strategy explained and setup
  • Start the Machine
  • Main strategies and advanced
  • Sniper Partners club

Does Google Sniper 3.0 Offer Support

Yes they do – but it isn’t very good. As a matter of fact, it’s almost non-existent!

Google Sniper 3.0 does have a support system in place in the form of email. However, it can take several days or a week or longer to receive answers to your questions.

If you’re stuck on an issue and need immediate help, you’re in bad shape. As a matter of fact, George Brown states they will not give you any support until you have your campaigns fully setup.

This basically means you are on your own and need to rely solely on the training itself for support. To prove this, look at the actual message below from Google Sniper 3.0:

You’re on your own, buddy!

What I Like About Google Sniper 3.0:

  • No additional up sells once you’re inside of the course
  • Product is easy to navigate and laid out well
  • The Bulletproof Manual gives a decent blueprint for site development
  • The training is “newbie” friendly – not hard to follow along

What I don’t like about Google Sniper 3.0:

  • Strongly encourages you to leverage social media to promote to your close friends
  • Strong possibility of having your social media accounts locked because someone might have reported you as a spammer using George Browns methods of promoting GS 3.0
  • Google Sniper 3.0 is supposed to be a “new version”, however, not all of the lessons are “new”. There is a mixture of videos from the previous versions of Google Sniper.
  • Inconsistent video quality. It’s very difficult to stay focused on the material in the videos when there is obvious inconsistent video quality.
  • Videos are too long. Most of the videos are over 30 minutes long. I found it difficult to watch long videos with mediocre at best quality.
  • Google Sniper 3.0 isn’t much different than Google Sniper 2.0. That irritates me! For example the Google Sniper 3.0 Process Map is EXACTLY the same as the Google Sniper 2.0 Process Map! Clearly this shows a lack of appreciation for the buyers of Google Sniper.

Other Aspects Of Google Sniper 3.0 I’m Not Thrilled About

  • Not honest about the price: In the sales video, George builds up your hope by saying that “Just $47 and I will give you everything.”
  • However, once you made your payment, you will be brought to a page which tells you that you will be billed $47 monthly as future payment as I showed above. Whatever happened to $47 access to “everything”? George was not completely honest!
  • Sales page shenanigans: George also made the font size declining the up sells small; he also made you scroll all the way down the bottom of the page and tried to camouflage the link by coloring it grey so that you won’t see it!
  • George’s upgrade buttons and links are huge. However, but when it comes to finding the “No Thank You” button or link, he made the link so small that you have to fumble around in total frustration to find it. I feel this is a deliberate, unethical trick.
  • Google Sniper 3.0 has a unresponsive “community”. In the sales video, George made another claim by saying that “You’ve now got access to the Google Sniper Community”. There’s no “community” other than an almost non-existent Facebook group that has very little interaction
  • The monthly recurring billing and expensive upsell is difficult to see so most people don’t refuse it.

Want a Program With A REAL Active Community Where You Can Learn and Get Help Easily?  Find Out More Here!

Do I recommend Google Sniper 3.0?

No, I don’t.

Google Sniper 3.0 DOESN’T provide you with the necessary tools for building a long term affiliate marketing business.

Instead, George Brown tries to teach you how to build many small low-quality websites which is very difficult to do unless you have prior knowledge of building websites.

The right way to build a website is to focus on building one at a time so that your website or blog will always be a high quality website with actionable content that people will appreciate visiting.

There is a program which I highly recommend you to join instead called Wealthy Affiliate which is a platform dedicated to helping people learn affiliate marketing in such a way that your business will be a thriving, consistent presence on the internet.

Dollar for dollar, you get far more benefits with Wealthy Affiliate – you get more for less – compared to Google Sniper 3.0. What’s amazing is many of the “resources” mentioned in Google Sniper 3.0 anyone can get for free online!

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is far more effective on helping you build a quality website that will actually help you to make money online.


My Major Point of Comparison Between Wealthy Affiliate and Google Sniper 3.0

Look…we’re here because we all want to make money online. That’s why we read, research, do our due diligence, because we want the best possible way to reach our financial and personal goals.

Why would you use questionable methods from the start if you’re really serious about building a long term affiliate marketing business that ACTUALLY adds value to people’s lives!

When you are trying to build a online business, there are times when you get stuck. Times when you have no idea what to do. Times when you need a helping hand.

With Wealthy Affiliate, the online community is second to none when it comes to getting the help you need when you’re STUCK!

I know this personally because I’ve used SiteSupport and LiveChat more times than I can remember! I’ve received the help I need when I need it and I’ve never waisted time because the response was fast and efficient.

SiteSupport and LiveChat has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE between my affiliate marketing business succeeding or failing.

Google Sniper 3.0 has no such community that is as responsive as the online community at Wealthy Affiliate. They just don’t.

The members of Google Sniper 3.0 Facebook group can’t compare to the HUGE online community at Wealthy Affiliate – no question is ridiculous and everyone’s online issues are addressed.

Don’t you want to give yourself the best possible opportunity to succeed?

My Final Thoughts on Google Sniper 3.0

If you really want to build a long term, sustainable, affiliate marketing business that will last for years to come, then I would highly recommend that you check out my thorough Wealthy Affiliate review here.

I can tell you that Google Sniper 3.0 works almost the same as the previous versions because there’s not much difference between them.

Is it accurate to say that Google Sniper 3.0 is a SCAM? No, it isn’t a scam. George Brown didn’t create Google Sniper 3.0 with the intent of ripping people off.

Can you make money with Google Sniper 3.0? Yes, you can.

It’s HOW YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY that’s the issue here.

If you don’t mind using questionable methods to build websites, the hidden upsells that milk more money out of unsuspecting customers – then Google Sniper 3.0 may be for you.

If you’re ok with the possibility of spamming your social media contacts, then Google Sniper just may be what you’re looking for.

Although I wouldn’t call Google Sniper 3.0 a SCAM, it’s not a very good Clickbank product. Google Sniper 3.0 receives my rating of only 29  out of 100.

After reading this post if someone asks you What is Google Sniper 3.0 about? you can tell them that Google Sniper is not the best platform for a beginner to learn how to make money online – there are better options.

If you’re REALLY interested in making honest money online, please check out my #1 recommended program here .

Thank you – ALL of you – for taking the time to read this review!

Talk Soon,


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