GoodLife USA Reviews: Is This MLM Different​ Than The Rest?​

GoodLife USA Reviews: Is This MLM Different​ Than The Rest?​

More than likely, you’re here because you’ve been reading GoodLife USA Reviews and wondering if you can make money with this company.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about Good Life USA as a business opportunity.

I’m going to discuss whether this network marketing company and business opportunity is actually going to be beneficial for you.

Should you join Good Life USA and deal with the challenges of multi-level marketing?

Alternatively, is the better option to start making money online with your own home based business in 2020.

I stumbled across Good Life USA while I was doing some research and I wanted to give my 2 cents on this opportunity.

Good Life USA was founded in 2006 by CEO Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner.

They wanted to create a lifestyle and travel discount club with that had a multi-level marketing business attached to it as well.

The very first thing you do is sign up on their website.

After you sign up you are required to purchase a membership.

Understand that the higher your membership level is, the higher commissions you can earn.

The costs of the memberships are as follows:

  • Silver: $228
  • Gold: $618.45
  • Platinum: $938.45

As you can see becoming a member of GoodLife USA is expensive.

GoodLife USA Reviews and The VIP Club Card

GoodLife USA Reviews: Is This MLM Different​ Than The Rest?​

Let me say straight away that GoodLife USA is not a scam; they are a legit network marketing company.

The ‘VIP Club Card’ is one of the biggest selling points the company has to offer.

It supposedly comes preloaded with $200 you can use for travel.

Also, you can earn $100 just for giving this away.

After you register your card, you have immediate access to the companies travel portal.

The travel portal provides people with discount options on hotels.

When you log into your account, you will see the savings on various destinations.

The card gives you up to $200 in travel savings.

Put simply, you get a maximum of $200 worth of hotel savings with this card.

Whenever you hand out one of these cards and the individual uses it, you make 50% of their savings as a commission.

However, here’s the problem I have.

If you are spending between $150 & $900 a year on a discount travel membership, how do you end up saving money on travel?

Have the two founders of The Good Life USA ever heard of,,, or Groupon?

All of those sites offer discounts on travel without having to join a multi-level marketing business.

GoodLife USA Reviews – Are You Really Saving Money On Travel?

GoodLife USA Reviews: Is This MLM Different​ Than The Rest?​

Some people who join could take advantage of the discounts that GoodLife offer.

However, when you look at the average middle class customer, in my opinion they will end up losing money.

The reason I say this is that your average family of four to six people travel only once a year, very few of them twice a year.

Therefore, how is a basic family of four to six people who usually vacation once a year saving money on travel?

How is the average middle class family get a return-on-investment purchasing this membership?

Becoming an affiliate for The Good Life USA means all you are selling is memberships with the promise of more discounts.

There really are no retail products to sell to the public, which the Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on HARD in the last 10 years.

Focusing primarily on recruitment and membership sales is not a good long-term business plan for any multilevel marketing company in 2020.

I’m not sure how the actual income side of this works in detail though, and this blog review is not intended to get into detail about the Good Life compensation plan, since you can do that on their website.

In my opinion, the compensation plan is excessive and confusing. There are a lot of different levels that allow different earning potential.

From a marketing standpoint, giving away a $200 discount card is a smart way to introduce people to greater membership levels along with the business opportunity.

GoodLife USA Reviews – How Much Can You Earn?

Unfortunately, I cannot give you that answer because of the confusing nature of the compensation plan.

I would like to comment on specifics regarding how much money you can make, but the complicated nature of the compensation plan left me in a daze.

It actually made my head hurt as I was trying to understand it.

You can click here to a direct link to the page on the GoodLife website that explains the compensation.

However, I’ll give you one example

Once you are accepted into the program, you become what is called a Independent Business Owner or IBO.

To start making money as a new IBO, you have to do either one of two things:

Either recruit two new IBOs or make 20 sales of the VIP Club Cards.

The 2X20 Matrix Downline

Now you are at the start of the 2×20 matrix down line.

As you start at the top of the structure, your first two IBO recruits under you will have to recruit others into the business.

This process of recruiting other IBO’s continues until there are 20 levels to this structure.

When you add up all the numbers, this matrix is 2,097,150 positions all in all.

That’s ridiculous!

As you sit at the top of such a large network, your commissions would be 5% of everything earned from the 1st level to the 15th.

Also, you will make 2% commissions from the 16th level to the 20th, and you get $1 to your account every time someone joins within your”matrix.”

However, the above scenario is only one aspect of the entire compensation plan.

This whole structure can have different numbers if you come in at a different commission level.

You can earn more commissions if you have registered for a higher membership level because each membership level generates different amounts of CV (commissions volume). For example:

  • Silver: 4CV
  • Gold: 20CV
  • Platinum: 30CV

However, there are other ways to make money with other different commission structures I won’t get into on this review.

Did I not tell you that the commission structure is complicated!

The Reality Of Multi-Level Marketing

Look, here’s what you need to understand:

The failure rate is going to be really high because this is a multi-level marketing company.

You will have to focus on selling memberships since the company doesn’t have any physical products other than a discount card.

Since there is a heavy need to recruit in order to make money with this business, it will be very difficult to find people to bring into the business.

You have a limited number of friends and family you can try to recruit. Do you really want to get them involved?

I will say that Good Life USA is NOT a scam, but I would not recommend this as a way to make a life-changing income.

Personally, I don’t recommend ANY multi-level marketing organizations as a way of making money online, as the following reviews will factually show:

Why People Consider Joining MLM’s

When people research GoodLife USA Reviews, they do so for one primary reason:

Most people consider joining GoodLife because they want financial freedom and control over their time and their life.

Is that true of you also?

The number one reason why people join MLM’s is because they want financial freedom.

The money that most people make from their jobs cannot allow them to live a life of financial freedom.

Do you find that to be true as well?

However, let me ask you this:

How would you like to learn how to make more money in one month that many people make in a year?

That statement is not a guarantee of income, but is a proven fact.

Consider the following eye-opening statistics below and understand the facts associated with multi-level marketing:

  1. According to FTC, 99% of all MLM participants lose money 
  2. The chances of profiting by starting your own small business are 38% more than by joining an MLM 
  3. The profitability rate of running an online business is 10% – 20% higher than the profitability rate of joining an MLM
  4. According to AARP Foundation, 47% of MLM participants lose money and 27% make no money whatsoever
  5. Among the 26% who actually earn a profit, 53% of them earn less than $5000 a year
  6. 39% of MLM participants quit because pitching products and services to friends and family jeopardized their relationships
  7. At least 50% of MLM reps quit within 1 year after joining an MLM and 95% quit within 10 years
  8. 75% of those who have joined and left an MLM state that they would never join another MLM in their life
  9. A 2018 poll of 1049 MLM reps across various companies found that most of them make less than 70 cents an hour, 
  10. 20% of them never made a sale
  11. 60% of them had earned less than $500 in sales over the past five years
  12. 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their MLM involvement

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Talk Soon,


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