Four Corners Alliance Group Review – What You Need To Know

Four Corners Alliance Group Review - What You Need To Know

Welcome to this Four Corners Alliance Group Review.

Can you really make money with this program?

I have heard a lot about this platform of late, and I decided to do a review about this company to help folks who want to know what Four Corners Alliance Group is all about.

I will be completely honest in this post; I will share with you all the information I found while researching this platform.

Once you are done reading, you can decide to be a member or stay away.

I could find little information about this company during my research.

Finding the history of the Four Corners Alliance Group was really difficult.

I discovered that this company is a part of the Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC, and it is 100% registered.

The company, however, has not been accredited by the BBB, but we can’t really conclude that it is not a legit platform because it has no BBB accreditation.

I can provide you with some information about the company’s mailing address.

  • Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC
  • 5550 Painted Mirage Rd
  • Suite 320
  • Las Vegas, NV 89149 U.S.A
  • Phone number: 775 376 7637.

That’s all I got about the company. Let’s proceed to the next session, which will introduce you to the products they offer.

Four Corners Alliance Group Review: What Are The Products?

Four Corners Alliance Group Review - What You Need To Know

The company offers different books (18) that cover financial topics that range from having the right mindset and motivation.

These books are designed to improve or enhance you do you can be successful in your business (online and offline).

The price of the books you are offered is in a monthly newsletter, which costs 29.95 USD every month.

However, there’s something shocking I found out about there “books.”

Four Corners do not have ebooks or physical books that they wrote or created themselves.

Why does this matter?

Because they portray themselves to be financial experts who are familiar with important money matters.

However, all they did was purchase a set of PLR publications (PLR = Private Label Rights) and tried to pass it off as their very own work.

Below is a screenshot of the Four Corners Alliance Group publications.

Four Corners Alliance Group Review - What You Need To Know

The rights to sell these PLR books and re-brand them as your own comer from the well-known website called The PLR Store.

Anyone Can Buy These Financial Books and Brand Them As Your Own

Below are screenshots of where these publications can be found:

Four Corners Alliance Group Review - What You Need To Know
Four Corners Alliance Group Review: Is It Legit Or PLR Scam?

What happened is the owner of 4 Corners Alliance Group David Harrison, purchased exclusive rights to these PLR books.

He had the logos of the “4 Corners Alliance Group” imposed on the ebook covers making it look like the books are written by the company.

The honest truth is anyone can buy rights to use these publications and have their logo imposed on them to make it look like you wrote it.

In my personal opinion, I would have preferred if these publications have been written originally by the Four Corners Alliance Group.

This also brings into question the qualifications of the individual writing these books.

Since we’ve established these books are average PLR material that anyone can buy and rebrand, ask yourself how credible is the material in these publications?

Four Corners Alliance Group Review – What Is The Business Opportunity?

To be frank, most people will not join this company for their products.

This is because a large percentage of the population does not like reading.

A lot of people will join this company because of the initial $18, zero monthly subscription, and only need to find four people.

Therefore, to people seeking to make a quick buck, whether one reads the books is irrelevant.

Most people will join companies like this for their compensation plan, not educational books.

If they join, it will be to try and make money from recruiting others into the program, not to help other people and bring value to their lives.

I feel this company will not attract the right crowd because it works on the lottery mentality.

It uses a matrix compensation plan, and their primary concern will be to fill up the matrix to make as much money as possible.

Similarly, affiliates are entitled to commissions when they pay $29.95 USD for their monthly newsletter.

Just like the product commissions, newsletter commissions use a 4X4 matrix to pay members.

Four Corners Alliance Group Review - What You Need To Know

Affiliate recruitment (directly or indirectly) is used to fill the matrix positions.

The level an affiliate is on the matrix will determine the commission an affiliate will get when they purchase a newsletter.

  • Levels one to four – $1 per affiliate
  • Levels five and six – $2 per affiliate
  • Level seven – $4 per affiliate

Just as the product commission, it also offers a 100% match on personally recruited affiliate’s newsletter commissions.

Is The Four Corners Alliance Group A Scam?

So is this business opportunity a scam or a legit platform?

In my personal opinion, this is a pyramid scheme because this business relies heavily on recruiting new members.

Most pyramid schemes I’ve reviewed turned out to be scams.

Without the recruiting of new members, the business model will collapse.

Also, there are no retail products anyone can purchase if you do not want to sign up as an associate.

Anybody who is not an affiliate with Four Corners Alliance can’t buy the ebooks or newsletters unless you sign up as an affiliate.

Outside of this, the only thing left is merely a platform that recruits affiliates and disguises themselves to sell books and newsletters.

Four Corners Alliance Group reminds me of other network marketing opportunities I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Heavy Reliance On Recruiting New Members

Four Corners Alliance Group Review - What You Need To Know

Provided the $29.95 USD monthly payment keeps coming in, everyone gets paid except affiliates at the bottom.

It also offers a product layer, which involves a one-time payment at any given level (and capped by the matrix structure), which is less likely to be as attractive as the commissions for newsletter fee.

You will find evidence in the Four Corners Alliance Group marketing material showing the newsletter as a means to attract monthly dues, which will be distributed as commissions through the 4X7 matrix system.

Affiliates on the platform are to generate 10 PV per month in sales to qualify for commissions.

This could be by selling level one or level two products.

However, since this requirement is recurrent each month, it’s much better to pay the fee by yourself and get a newsletter.

Doing this keeps an affiliate qualified for commissions and also keeps the commissions coming every month.

Similarly, there is no retail product or service in this business opportunity offered by the Four Corners Alliance group.

Therefore, it’s possible to conclude that this company operates as a pyramid scheme.

Four Corners Alliance Group Review – Low Earning Potential

For those of you thinking this might be a great money-making opportunity, there is little income potential joining 4 Corners Alliance Group.

The company fails to show an income disclosure statement that all MLMs are supposed to provide.

An income disclosure statement shows potential associates how much money people who’ve already joined are actually making.

This makes me wonder if anyone is earning any consistent, decent money with this opportunity.

However, according to their compensation plan, as an IBO or Independent Business Owner, the average earnings is between $500 and $2,000 a year.

Frankly, that’s not good money at all for a whole year!

What I Recommend To Make Money Online

I hope you find the information in this review article useful, and I am sure you will think seriously about starting your own online business.

Keep your mind clear and calm and learn to ignore any hype platform that promises false wealth.

If an opportunity cannot change your life or affect you positively, I don’t think you should be a part of it.

Never take advantage of a so-called “opportunity” because you think you can make a few quick bucks from it.

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The choice is yours, my friend.

If you keep doing what you’re now doing, you’ll continue to get the same disappointing results.

Make a choice for something better!

Talk Soon,


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