Financial Freedom Movement Review And The Life Of Jake Paul

Financial Freedom Movement Review And The Life Of Jake Paul

This Financial Freedom Movement Review will tell you the relevant facts about the company.

Financial Freedom Movement is a new business/influence course by Jake Paul.

Once you are done reading, you will know if it is worth your money and time.

Financial Freedom Movement Review – Quick Summary

Financial Freedom Movement Review And The Life Of Jake Paul
  • Product name: Financial Freedom Movement
  • Price: $19.99 per month plus upsells (possibly totaling up to $2,000 or more!)
  • Creator/Owner: Jake Paul
  • Rating: 15/100
  • Recommendation: Not recommended

The founder of this course, Jake Paul, has been criticized heavily by both parents and other online marketers.

I now understand why people are criticizing Jake Paul after going through his course.

Even though this course has some popular internet marketers involved in it, their contributions or efforts are small or insignificant.

Another thing is that you are encouraged to spend additional money to get the upsells that come to your inbox.

One of the objectives of this course is to convince you to pay more money for the upsells that you’re bombarded with, upsells you’re told you need in order to be successful.

Does Jake Paul Have Good Intentions?

Regarding Jake Paul, it’s quite possible he had honorable intentions with creating Financial Freedom Movement.

Actually, to be fair to Jake Paul, he makes some very good points in some of his YouTube videos.

Many of the facts he presents are thought-provoking and factual and I agree with them.

However, it’s not his message, but his methods many have an issue with.

Although Jake Paul may have good intentions in trying to motivate young people, Financial Freedom Movement is not a good course.

Is Jake Paul The Mastermind Behind Financial Freedom Movement?

I am sure Jake Paul is not the lone mastermind here.

All he did was compile different marketers in this course and receive money to promote the course and be the face.

When you read some of his Tweets and social media posts leading up to the launch of Financial Freedom Movement, Jake Paul laments how “our education system is worthless,” and is “teaching kids 0 real life skills for them to secure there own future”

Jake Paul explained to an audience of around 50 teen and tween fans during a pre-launch event at the Hollywood Sports Park in southeast L.A. County that traditional school is failing and how he had become disinterested in school.

Check out this Tweet he sent out back in February of 2020:

Financial Freedom Movement Review And The Life Of Jake Paul

One thing I’ll say about Jake Paul – he practices what he preaches.

Paul made it clear that he dropped out of high school after 11th grade and finished his diploma online.

Does Jake Paul Really Care?

Here’s my concern: Do you think Jake Paul is really bothered about the state of our system of education?

It’s quite possible he is – or he’s using this situation to exploit it for financial gain – we just don’t know for sure.

However, do you think Jake Paul can provide solutions to the problems facing our education system?

I don’t think so.

I say this because it’s been my experience that online marketers like Jake Paul are primarily concerned about themselves.

Look at the ridiculous fees many of the marketers I’ve reviewed on this very blog charge to purchase their products – $999, $1,500, $2,000 dollars – knowing full well that the people who most need their information can’t afford it.

When you price your online course out of the reach of the masses who need it the most, you’re not thinking about them, you’re thinking about YOURSELF.

Did Jake Paul Have Help?

Similarly, the fact that Jake Paul is not the lone mastermind of this course does not mean he is blameless.

Anthony Morrison, Billy Gene, Dan Fleyshman, Adrian Morrison, and others have contributed in some past to Financial Freedom Movement.

What many people have a problem with is the main audience of this course is kids – primarily between 13 to 18 years old.

Therefore, Jake Paul needs to be extra careful about the programs he is promoting/sponsoring.

Is it right for him to give his young audience potentially life-altering advice? No, it isn’t.

Would you want your kids to take advise from a guy who put furniture in a swimming pool and lit it on fire?

That’s right. Back in 2017, Jake Paul decided to throw a pile of furniture in an empty backyard swimming pool (my understanding it was his brother’s house) and light it on fire, to the concern and anger of the neighbors.

Financial Freedom Movement Review And The Life Of Jake Paul

Financial Freedom Movement Review And The Life Of Jake Paul

Financial Freedom Movement Review And The Life Of Jake Paul

Financial Freedom Movement Review And The Life Of Jake Paul

Jake Paul was such a disruptive influence in the neighborhood in that the locals banned together and requested that a news crew get sent to the home to investigate.

As you can see from the screenshot below, his “buddies” seem to think the whole thing is hilarious.

Jake Paul gave no rational explanation for his behavior.

Financial Freedom Movement Review And The Life Of Jake Paul

Are these the type of people you want your children to associate with on social media?

Jake Paul is not the best person your kids should be seeking life advice from.

Teenagers and young adults should get advice from their parents, not a disruptive “social media star”.

Financial Freedom Movement Review – Is This A Low-Quality Course?

Jake has promoted a similar course – called Edfluence – two years ago that targeted a young audience.

The course promised to make his target audience social media starts, but it failed at delivering what was promised.

It’s possible Jake learned some lessons from his failed course Edfluence and decided to promote legit and valuable programs to his young audience.

I have reviewed a lot of courses on how you can earn online and attain financial freedom, and I can say for sure that Financial Freedom Movement is not a good course.

As a matter fo fact, the course is mediocre at best.

Actually, in my opinion, I would consider this a low-quality course.

Although the people involved with this course are well-known marketers; Anthony Morrison, Billy Gene, Dan Fleyshman, Adrian Morrison, and more, here is my issue:

One of the issues I have with this course is that you are not getting original, updated content from these guys, and most of the content is old and outdated.

One of the clips in this course shows a calendar dating back to 2017.

Also, if you pay attention you’ll notice they spend time discussing other companies besides Financial Freedom Movement.

For example, on Dan Fleyshman’s part, you will hear him say, “Thanks for registering to Learn Personal Branding Dot Com.”

You will still find other content creators in this course making the same mistake; they’re focused on themselves and not on actually helping these young minds.

I don’t think they take this course seriously and are only interested in exploiting Jake’s young audience.

Financial Freedom Movement is similar to other make money online courses I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Too Many Upsells

In an upsell, you are pressured to buy something else after paying for a particular product.

Some marketers will sometimes sell something for cheap to get you into paying for a more expensive upsell.

The reason is people who have paid for a product are more likely to pay for another product from you.

Personally, I’ve never liked upsells.

In this case, I feel this method is not ethical since they are targeting a younger audience.

See how it works… Jake Paul receives money from these marketers, giving them access to his audience.

He will tweet, create videos, and then sell this course to his audience for 20 USD per month.

When you pay this amount, you will be given videos that will compel you to purchase more courses from the marketers who are the true masterminds of the course – Financial Freedom Movement.

There you will spend more money on overhyped and overpriced additions to what you already have.

In my personal opinion, to expose young people to this type of marketing is unacceptable.

Is Financial Freedom Movement Legit?

Financial Freedom Movement is not a scam; it has some value, but not much.

This course seems to be a sales funnel designed to exploit young customers, collecting their money and marketing to them additional products.

The Financial Freedom Movement seems to be a re-packaged version of Edfluence.

Financial Freedom Movement is not the first time the founder of this program is doing something like this.

When Jake created Edfluence back in 2017 many complained he was exploiting children and making inappropriate content.

For some unknown reason, Jake Paul decided he wanted to educate the next generation of social media influencers.

You could have this opportunity for the meager price of $7.

However, it’s $7 to gain access to a sales page which is asking you to fork over another $57 dollars to get access to the platform.

Basically, Edfluence was a website created by Jake Paul which hosted a number of videos that supposedly taught young people how to become social media influencers.

In particular, I am displeased with the fact that Jake is targeting younger people to exploit them.

Frankly, when I understood the target audience he was marketing to with Financial Freedom Movement, I personally had no positive reviews on this course.

The only thing that will happen if you purchase Financial Freedom Movement is you’ll spend a money to get a below average course that won’t help you create a online business.

Financial Freedom Movement is not a course I would recommend it. Do not let your young ones spend their money on this course.

Nonetheless, there is a better way to learn how to make money online that’s as honest and legit as they come.

Leverage The Power Of The Internet So You Can Learn How To Make Money Online

Instead of getting sucked into another questionable “business opportunity” like Financial Freedom Movement, you should take a look at my “no. 1 recommendation” below, Wealthy Affiliate.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim, don’t market to 13 to 18 year olds, ther market to grown adults who want to make money online through affiliate marketing.

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Also, if you are a young person, you can open a FREE account with the approval of your parents and start learning the basics of affiliate marketing.

You won’t be bombarded with emails or pop-ups asking you to buy additional courses.

Here’s something for you parents to think about:

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Talk Soon,


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6 thoughts on “Financial Freedom Movement Review And The Life Of Jake Paul”

  1. I think that Jake Paul is most definitely using this Financial Freedom movement to get financial gain.  

    I think I am giving him a little less credit.  

    I guess that is because to me it’s a scam, so it’s intentional.  

    It’s an intentional way to make money off young, inexperienced people which is sad.   

    It’s great you are sharing this so others can be aware as well.

    • Hello Leahrae,

      I’m still not sure what makes Jake Paul tick.

      He is certainly an interesting character.

      Thank You for taking the time to read this post.


  2. I never heard of Jake Paul but I’ll look into it. 

    Looks like he is a great self marketer at least. 

    Your post sheds some light on Jake Paul and I appreciate getting some insight into what motivates this guy.

    There are so many things out there at the moment promoting ways to make money online that are either not ethical or are promoted by unscrupulous people.

    Reading articles like this can help people to avoid making the mistake of purchasing something from an individual who is questionable at best.

  3. I won’t want my children listening to someone who dropped out of school at such an early stage in life. 

    Dropping out of school is not a sin but honestly, it is not a good legacy to follow. 

    Jake Paul seems to be excellent at self-promoting, but I’m not convinced that his online course, Financial Freedom Movement, is worthwhile.

    For now, I think I’ll pass on this one!


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