Fake It Until You Make It – What This Really Means…

Fake It Until You Make It - What This Really Means...

Believe it or not I have heard successful people say that when you’re starting out and you have no money, sometimes you have to Fake It Until You Make It.

Therefore, this post asks the question Can You Fake It Until You Make It?

What does this really mean?

Now, hold on! Wait a minute!

You’re probably saying to yourself “You gotta be kiddin’ me!”

However, before you click away from this post, let me tell you a little story.

Some years ago, was on the an internet marketing forum called the Warrior Forum looking at a particular thread.

For those of you who do not know, a “thread” is another word for a discussion.

This thread was started by someone who needed advice.

It seems they wanted to know how to make their first $1,000 online.

Normally, that would be a good question.

A lot of people want to know that.

Moreover, there’s no shortage of financially successful marketers willing to give advice.

However, here’s the really annoying part to this:

This particular individual who wanted to know how to make his first $1,000 online had an ad in his footer. 

And his ad read, “How to make $10,000 a month.”


Are you kidding me?

Really, dude?

Here’s someone selling a program on “how to earn $10,000 a month.”

But he needs advice on how to earn $1,000. 

His FIRST $1,000!

Needless to say, this guy was plastered all over the Warrior Forum!

Naturally, the responses he was getting were BRUTAL.

They should have been brutal.

Clearly, this was clearly a case of someone on the Warrior Forum trying to Fake It Until You Make It!

Can You Fake It Until You Make It? – What I Recommend

Fake It Until You Make It - What This Really Means...

I’m going to tell you what this guy could have done instead.

This is what I recommend to anyone who is just starting out in the Internet Marketing or Make Money Online niche:

Become a reporter. Not a teacher.


Not a teacher!

Find out what is working for others, and then report on it to your own readers.

Similarly, don’t try to figure out how to fake it until you make it. 

Don’t pretend to be the expert. 

Instead, simply be a fellow student of internet marketing.

What you want to do is this:

Walk side by side with your readers and point them to the real EXPERTS who are making the real money.

This is actually a spectacular way to develop rapport with your readers. 

What you are essentially saying is this: 

“I’m just like you, and you are not alone. 

Let’s take this trip together and side by side, we’ll build our successes.”

I would join with ANYONE who gives me that message.


Online Readers Won’t Follow A Fool

Fake It Until You Make It - What This Really Means...

As to the bloke who was verbally brutilazed on the Warrior Forum, he got what he deserved.

Dude wants to teach me how to make $10,000 per month when he hasn’t made his first $1,000!

All I wanted this dude to do was go jump in the river. 

I would hesitate to join the list of someone like this or buy a product from him.

Therefore, you MUST be honest with your readers. 

Also, you MUST be yourself. 

Don’t try to fake it until you make it!

Online readers, especially in the make money online niche, will see right through you.

Even if you’re smarter than this guy on the Warrior Forum (and I know you are.)

People can tell if you know what you’re talking about or you’re pretending to know.

An online hypocrite won’t make it in this business.

The internet is a cold, unforgiving place that has NO MERCY!

Don’t ever pretend to be someone you’re not. 

Don’t Get Cold Busted

Fake It Until You Make It - What This Really Means...

Wanna hear another story?

Check this out:

I knew about this one dude who crept onto people’s property to take photos.

He would take photos of himself standing in front of their expensive homes and cars.

Also, he would creep onto car dealer parking lots and find an expensive car he could take a picture with.

They call them “selfies” today.

He used these photos to boast how much money he was making.

He used these FAKE pictures to help sell his programs to unsuspecting students.

Guess what?

Eventually, he got arrested for it.

Really. He got arrested.

Dude tried to take a “selfie” in front of the wrong house!

In a nutshell, he tried too hard. Way too hard!

He pretended to be something he wasn’t, and naturally he got found out.

Dude tried to Fake It Until He Made It!

DON’T do this!

You don’t need to do this.

Just be real and honest with people!

If you’re just starting out on your online journey, blog about it like an ordinary dude.

Be yourself. 

How To Approach Your Business The Right Way

Check out products from people who are really making money online.

Find the best ones and tell your readers about them. 

Just report what you know.

Interview people who are one or two levels above you. 

Similarly, your readers would like to know how to make their first $1,000. 

You don’t need to make FAKE promises of earning $10,000 dollars a month with no work. 

You can and should keep it real.

What will happen is your readers will respect you for your honesty.

In fact, what would happen if you build a reputation for nothing else BUT honesty.

Your readers will learn to trust you.

Once they learn to trust you, they will buy from you.

Additional Resources:

The Recipe For NOT Faking It Until You Make It

1: Always be yourself.

2: Don’t lie. 

3: Do. Not. Lie.

3: Find people who are a little more successful than you and interview them

4: Promote their products as an affiliate or even team up with them to create a product.

4: As you gain experience, continue to find people who are more successful than you are.

5: Take as many of your readers with you on your success journey as possible. This is done with GOOD CONTENT. 

6: Let your readers know you are walking with them hand in hand, not lecturing them from on high. 

7: Acknowledge you are one of them.

8:  Talk to them like they are your partners in success and that’s what they will become.

9: Watch as your readers stick to you like glue, because they feel you are like they are. 

10: Providing great content on a consistent basis will cause your readers to like you and TRUST you. 

11: They will feel your respect for them because through your great content you’ve built a relationship with your readers.

and they know you will not lie to them or let them down.

12: Don’t forget to have fun. 

13: If you’re having fun, then the experts you work with and your readers will have fun, too. 

14: Enjoy the journey up the ladder.

15: ALWAYS be willing to admit your mistakes. ALWAYS

I know I said it before, but I’ll leave you with one final thought: 

Be yourself!

Never, ever, EVER fake it until you make it!

Talk Soon,


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9 thoughts on “Fake It Until You Make It – What This Really Means…”

  1. Love how you think big Howard,

    I thought I was the only one still thinking about it, fake till you make it can a double-edged sword – You can either go big with it, or burn down if done wrong. If you know what you’re doing and what your risks are, I think it’s okay to go for it but going it the hard way by earning it than faking it, well that’s the best journey we all should partake in 😀

  2. I certainly agree with you that there is no need for us to lie before we can get that massive individuals to follow us. 

    The internet is big enough for web visitors to explore many options and the last thing they would want is someone lying to them about a particular matter or anything. 

    They would be appreciative of any fom of truth they can get from people. This is really great to read on and I’m sure that all these fake liars should definitely try a better and honest approach. 

    Thumbs up on this

  3. Wow, some really nice  stories you have there, but cracking and educating I must confess. There are lots of people out there who do not know how to really go about their success story. 

    Some would always be out with their cheque for evryone to see and the funny part is, there is someone there who is doing better than they are, and its not saying a thing about it. 

    I love the tips you gave on how to go about faking it until you make it. No one would want to follow a fool indeed. 

    Nice being here.

    • Hello Chloe,

      Thank You for taking the time to read this post.

      I hope it added value to your business.

      Talk Soon,


  4. Lol, what a story, this is just a typical example of dishonest reviews. If you really want to know how to make the best online, you need to read more or reviews, comments by customers and comments by external authors too. Honesty is a key feeling that should established In the mind of your customers, I think a good review should talk about the product, the pros and cons. The recipes too are great, don’t fake it. Thanks for sharing thos amazing article, its very helpful.

    • Hey Jones,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

      You are correct sir. Honesty is a key feeling that should be established in the minds of our customers.

      Glad I could provide some value.

      Talk Soon,


  5. Lol, It’s really nice how you have gone to explain this with a very good story.                                   

    I agree that for one to be a master, they need to start off as a student or fake to be student to be able to learn new things.


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