Emailconomy Review – Is It A Real Work At Home Site Or Scam?

Emailconomy Review – Is It A Real Work At Home Site Or Scam?

This post will tell you all you need to know about Emailconomy in this Emailconomy Review.

Once you are done reading, you can tell if this money-making opportunity is worth your time.

Let’s get started.

Emailconomy Review – Quick Summary

  • Name of Product: Emailconomy
  • Price: $500 or more
  • Owner: Angel Lopez


  • Actually, there’s nothing I really liked about Emailconomy


  • Costly
  • Only selling products offered by the Emailconomy
  • The owner has a poor reputation

About Emailconomy

Emaileconomy is a program designed for direct mail and email list building.

This email program claims it can help you earn a lot of money when implementing its ready-made strategies and system of products.

The platform is focused on building email lists and collecting emails.

To use this program, you have to be a member.

Also, asides from the membership fee, you will also be asked to purchase the direct mailing materials.

Who Is The Founder Of Emailconomy?

Angel Lopez, also known as Michelangelo (nickname), is the mind behind this platform.

When I searched his profile online, I came across different unappealing results about his way of doing business.

Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez has a controversial online history.

In 2014, he launched Empower Network which was an MLM company that sold internet marketing tools and training, including a blogging platform and a line of digital products.

Similarly, Empower Network shut down in 2017.

Apart from Emailconomy, Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez also appears to have been promoting Valentus, another company with bad feedback.

Who Can Use Emailconomy

This program is designed mainly for newbies in the email marketing and direct marketing niche.

You may be less interested in this tool if you have been in this niche for a long time.

Emailconomy Review – How Does Emailconomy Supposedly Work?

The platform describes this program as a tool for Strategic Email collecting.

The system aims to build a list that you can sell products or services.

Similarly, building email lists is not a new thing, and a lot of big companies do this.

You are asked to provide your email address anytime you subscribe for a free offer from any business.

Therefore, since they have your email, they can now market new products or services to you or sell to other interested parties.

Imagine doing all this by yourself? This is where Emailconomy steps in; to assist you in handling the process.

According to them, you can make more money when you collect more emails.

This might be true for big corporations that collect hundreds- thousands of emails every week.

However, the person receiving your checks is the only person that will make money when using this program.

You will not find anything promising in the material that will show how you will make your money back apart from bringing more people to join Emailconomy.

It appears the platform operates as an MLM company, and frankly not a very good one.

Personally, I don’t think many people will make money from purchasing this program; and they may end up losing their money.

What Are The Registration Costs?

The platforms adopt a similar pricing layout to an MLM company.

I don’t find this appealing in any way, because it has been thoroughly documented that multi-level marketing is a terrible business model.

Basically, these payment options only offer little at the higher tiers and pressure members to join them if they want to benefit more. Their packages include:

  • Inner Circle level ($500)
  • Diamond Level ($1000)
  • Master Level ($2500)

Aside from the membership fee, you will also pay for direct mail packages, which costs between $500 to $3000, or more.

This is looking more like a pyramid scheme.

From what I have discovered, you are not selling anything aside from Emailconomy membership.

The amount they ask you to pay is outrageous, and I feel they are concealing their operations as a pyramid scheme using direct mail products.

Emailconomy Review – Making Big Promises Of Unrealistic Profits

The Emailconomy salesThey claim they can help you make a lot of money; this type of marketing is hyperbolic.

Personally, I dislike this type of marketing.

They claim you can earn $500 daily when you use Emailconomy; don’t believe them.

However, I am not disputing the fact that you cannot make that amount per day.

Claims of $500 dollars a day with very little work is marketing hot air and nothing else.

Although it’s true that there are marketers making thousands of dollars a day through their email lists, the hard fact is it took them years of cultivation and in some cases decades.

Those are the facts, not overblown marketing hype!

Emailconomy Is A Overly Expensive Product

One of my issues with this program is the price.

Emailconomy is very expensive. Aside from the membership plans, you will still pay extra funds for other products.

I don’t recommend paying for this product; you can invest that money in a better profit-making platform.

Emailconomy Review – Is Emailconomy Legit Or A Scam?

Emailconomy may not look like a scam, but it is not a good product.

Therefore, although Emailconomy is not an outright scam, I would never recommend it because it falls short on so many levels.

There are hundreds of products that are just outright bad, but are not a scam!

There is a huge difference between a scam product and a terrible product.

Emailconomy is a good example of a terrible product.

When you subscribe, you are helping the owner of this platform make more money by purchasing direct marketing material.

Try not to fall for the hype of supposedly making crazy profits that they claim you can make when purchasing this program.

I doubt you will be making money from this program; the only one who will be making most of the money is Angel Lopez.

Emailconomy is similar to other questionable products I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Emailconomy ReviewConclusion

Even though Emailconomy is not a scam, there are so many red flags with this platform.

The product is terrible and expensive; thus, I do not recommend Emailconomy to anyone.

There are so many better earning opportunities out there that are worth your time and money.

Therefore, stay away from Emailconomy; it’s no scam, but it’s not worth your time and money.

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