Doubleway Review: Will Embracing The Darkness Make Money?

Doubleway Review: Will Embracing The Darkness Make Money?

In this Doubleway Review, we will come away with a better understanding of what this company is all about.

Can you really make money with this cryptocurrency MLM?

I am actually glad that you’re taking time out to check out specific businesses before you spend your hard-earned money.

You’ve likely heard about the company; this is a fresh business getting attention lately.

Influencers across social media platforms are promoting them and I’m going to help determine whether their work model is a good fit.

Before I begin, let me tell you that I am not associated with the company. I am not an affiliate of Doubleway.

They do not sponsor me whatsoever. All the views expressed herewith are mine only.

Let’s start this Doubleway Review.

The Owners Of Doubleway Have Hidden Themselves

Doubleway Review: Will Embracing The Darkness Make Money?
  • Name: Doubleway
  • Website:
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Type Of Business: Multi-level Marketing
  • Price: $188.92 up to $4,987.49 to invest in the platform
  • Do I Recommend Doubleway: Absolutely Not

The company walks the MLM tradition footsteps of not providing any business information.

Meaning the Founder and CEO DoubleWay are currently anonymous or at least it means I couldn’t gather that information.

To be fair, I searched the Internet looking for this data and I didn’t find it.

The company’s domain name had been filed on September 4, 2019, and is likely when the company was started.

The website name has been privately filed, so it’s difficult to know who owns it or where they’re operating from.

Looking at the company’s website statistics, majority of their traffic is coming through South America.

50% of traffic is from Columbia, 12% from Brazil, and 8% from Venezuela.

Therefore, the company seems to be running in South America, but we can’t be 100% certain.

Why Is Doubleway Fascinated With Darkness?

I’ve yet to understand some of the statements I see on Doubeways website. For example, statements like this:

Doubleway Review: Will Embracing The Darkness Make Money?

You’ll also see statements like this:

Doubleway Review: Will Embracing The Darkness Make Money?

What on earth does this mean? Why make statements like these when you are trying to attract new sign-ups?

Are they trying to attract a certain type of client?

I’m not understanding Doubleway’s fascination with “the darkness.”

Not at all.

Joining Costs For Doubleway

Doubleway Review: Will Embracing The Darkness Make Money?

The lower limit to join the company is a 0.8 Ethereum investment.

Doubleway has numerous levels that have to join if you want to make higher commissions.

They have 8 levels which amount to 21.12 Ethereum in final payments each month.

It’s not necessary to join every level when starting out; you should wait till you make enough money that makes sense to level up.

Does Doubleway Have Any Products?

Doubleway Review: Will Embracing The Darkness Make Money?

The company does not have anything with regard to education or retail products. The company is a money ROI (Return On Investment) business.

Doubleway is a Cryptocurrency “ROI” business revolving around Ethereum.

To join the company’s Affiliate plan you have to “Gift” it to other associates; it’s silly. The more you give, the more you’ll make.

You’ll have to give significantly before you even begin making money.

I suppose giving is a specialized term to recruit new associates by giving them Ethereum?

You’re confused just by reading this, aren’t you; so am I, trust me. Their “2×8 Matrix Scheme” does not make this easier to figure out.

What is not told is that like other gifting schemes, there has to be constant enrollment to keep this going on.

Even then, you have a high chance of losing it all.

The idea behind giving schemes is that most gifts are eventually transferred to the person running the whole operation.

This happens using one or the other pre-activated admin logins.

Looking at payments for each level, you will notice that they grow in an exponential manner.

Even if you join in early and receive some payments from others, it is more likely that you will be passing it on to others.

The funds are transferred through the company broadly and reach the admin accounts that were created at the beginning.

Some early adopters get a small portion of what is left.

For this to happen this way, most of the company’s affiliates will lose their share.

This will happen when enrollment eventually comes down in this gifting scheme and that prompts this whole pyramid to collapse.

Doubleway has many of the same characteristics as other questionable network marketing companies I’ve reviewed such as:

Is Doubleway A Scam?

Doubleway is a very shakey platform at best.

So does a fraud exist here?

Well, let me just summarize everything again…

No one knows who owns or runs Doubleway, but you have to invest anything from 0.8 to about 21.12 Ethereum each month.

Will you be willing to give random strangers this much cryptocurrency if they told you they could help you in making more without even knowing them first?

They don’t have any retail services or products to sell which can possibly make them a pyramid scheme.

Also, all you’re doing is gifting Etherum to random strangers with NO return value…

Then you have disingenuous statements like these:

Nobody can close your account, to stop payments or make changes to the system, since the smart contract is loaded into the Ethereum network. It can’t be deleted or changed.

Referrals can be invited without a website and referral links but directly into a smart contract.

Therefore, the DOUBLEWAY System will exist as long as the cryptocurrency exists, and the cryptocurrency will exist as long as the Internet exists.

From the Doubleway Website

Once enrollment slows down, the company is going to go bust.

You’re wondering about the people running this and why they are not public.

These type of companies pop-up like cockroaches and you should be extremely careful about them.

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In the end, I will not recommend DoubleWay at all.

What Doubleway is should be obvious: a simple matrix-based gifting scheme.

This type of business structure borders on a SCAM.

Constant recruitment is required to keep the scam going which is usual for any gifting scheme.

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