Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

Many of you have asked the question Does Positive Visualization Really Work?

Why is this question relevant?

It’s because the use of visualization as a goal-achieving tool is still unfamiliar to a large segment of the population.

The bottom line is people want to know can positive visualization actually help to achieve success in business, relationships, and finance.

Can consistent visualization really put more money in your pocket and help you achieve the success you desire?

In addition, millions of people have never used or even set up a vision board to help accelerate their success.

Why the obvious reluctance?

To most people, committing their goals and dreams to a physical set of pictures and images to be viewed on a daily basis is a foreign idea.

Why Most People Don’t Use Visualization

The simple answer is when you ask people does positive visualization really work, the response you get is usually negative.

Many people just believe it’s a waste of time.

For some, it’s just too much work.

Likewise, along with images of your future life, there are positive affirmations that go along with the images – affirmations that you verbalize to yourself.

Further, if you add the viewing of success images plus verbalizing positive affirmations, it equals an activity that many are not willing to do.

Another viewpoint that many believe is that visualization is no different than mundane daydreaming.

Also, the reason why many are unwilling to do it is a lack of understanding of the benefits of visualization.

They don’t see the life-changing impact of positive visualization.

Many mental health professionals and success coaches dismiss visualization as not having any merit and consider it daydreaming.

In this post, we will discuss these points and then you can come to your own conclusion.


This post discusses the use of a vision board for goal setting and goal achieving purposes.

My ONLY interest is in how a vision board, either physical or digital, can benefit the readers of this post.

Therefore, I DO NOT endorse or encourage ANY religious or metaphysical views associated with anyone mentioned in this post.

My interest is STRICTLY in the use of a vision board.

Hence, your religious views and metaphysical beliefs are your own and not shared by the writer of this post.

”Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right.” –

Henry Ford

What Is Visualization?

Visualization is the consistent practice of holding a mental image of a goal or desire as if you’ve already attained it..

The image is so vivid that it feels as if you’re already living in that reality.

Similarly, Visualization is creating specific images of having the type of life you desire and consistently viewing these images on a daily basis.

In addition, visualization allows your subconscious mind to see yourself as successful in whatever goal you may have.

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?
Image Source: Natalie Ledwell

How Visualization Works and The Role of the Subconscious Mind 

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

The key to visualizing is to always see yourself as already having what you desire.

Some “experts” call this a mental trick, but the workings of the subconscious mind are rooted in scientific fact.

Therefore, in order to attract what you desire, you must live and feel it as if it is happening to you now.

Although the “reality” is that you are struggling and broke, the fact is the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined.

Your subconscious will act upon the images you daily visualize, whether they reflect your current reality or not.

Also, the fact is you are “re-wiring” your brain by means of your subconscious mind through visualization to accept your new reality.

What the brain now does in connection with your conscious mind is nothing less than amazing.

The brain seeks to find ways to attract those persons, circumstances, and situations to you for the sole purpose of making the life you visualize your new reality.

Why Visualization Works

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

The reason why goal visualization works are because of the wonderful way our brains are wired.

The neurons in our brain interpret the images we feed it as real life.

Whatever we envision ourselves doing, running up a flight of stairs, walking on a treadmill, fixing a meal, etc, the neurons in our brain receive an impulse that tells them to perform the desired movement.

What happens next is remarkable.

A new neural pathway is created that tells our bodies to act as we have just imagined.

Therefore, when you visualize doing things like everyday activities, your body is creating pathways and memories of how to do that action even though you never actually performed it yet.

Real Life Examples of Using Visualization and Vision Boards

Millions of people are unaware that the world’s most successful, productive, and creative people use visualization daily.

The goal with visualization is simple: to condition your subconscious mind with the beliefs, emotions, energy, and clarity you need to bring the ideal life you want into reality.

Below are examples of individuals who attribute their good fortunes to visualization and using a vision board daily.

Katy Perry

In a 2009 MTV interview, Katy Perry describes making a vision board when she was 9 years old and how it changed her life.

Katy relates that “the teacher asked the class to make a vision board — a collection of images cut out from magazines that represents the dreams and aspirations you hope to manifest in life.”

This experience happened in 1993 when Selena had just won a Grammy Award.

Also, to inspire herself nine-year-old, Katy chose a photo of the young Latin pop singer holding her golden statuette.

Fifteen years later, Perry was nominated for her first Grammy award.

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

Steve Harvey

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

Talk show host, Comedian, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur Steve Harvey knows personally the power of visualization.

“Everything you want must be written on your vision board, in a well-thought-out manner, with plain, blocked letters.” Steve Harvey says.

“Consider your vision board your road map that shows you how to be truly successful.”

Also, Mr. Harvey emphatically states you have to “imagine the reality you want” He states:

“So you’ve got to always have dreams and visions. If I can imagine it, I will start to work towards it, and I don’t work towards nothing else”.

Sara Blakely

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

The creator of the world’s popular Spanx pants (or as she calls them, “footless pantyhose”) Sara Blakely talks about using visualization to become a successful entrepreneur.

In a speech at the Woman’s Leadership Exchange, Blakely explains that her goals were:

“To be self-employed, invent a product that she could sell to a lot of people, and to create a business that would be able to fund itself.”

Similarly, she wrote her goals down and imagined her success in her mind, and committed herself to making what she visualized a reality.

John Assaraf

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

John Assaraf is an author, successful entrepreneur, and brain researcher.

Assaraf had been making vision boards for years and made one with his dream home on it.

Five years later he realized that he had moved into the exact home on his vision board without even knowing.

Here’s the thing about vision boards – they really work!”

However, there’s more to changing your life with a vision board than just cutting out pictures and pasting them up.

Once you consistently commit to a 5 to 10 minute daily routine of visualization using your vision board, you become more focused on the attainment of your goals.

Also, at the same time you are reprogramming your subconscious mind to accept the life you want.

Visualizing the life you want is not some ridiculous fantasy but an attainable reality.

“Listen, I didn’t invent them, but I have used vision boards to get absolutely clear on exactly what I want.

And then I’ve watched my desires manifest into reality as the universal laws of attraction support me.” Assaraf stated.

“Learning how to visualize, how to create your own high impact vision boards have worked for me.

If it worked for me, I know it will work for you too”.

Create Your Online Vision Board With Mind Movies 

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

So what is a Mind Movie?

How is it superior to the traditional vision board where you cut images from magazines and glue them onto posterboard?

Mind Movies is a web-based program. It’s a short video or ‘digital vision board’.

You create your digital vision board to represent your best life, the life you ultimately desire.

You’re the creator, the director, and the producer of your own Mind Movie!

Help Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind With Your Own Vision Board

After you log in to the user-friendly online platform, you will have access to an extensive library of tools.

Powerful affirmations, beautiful images, motivating video clips, and uplifting music will be available to you.

You will have everything you need to create your digital vision board.

Also, for a more personalized vision board, you can upload your own images, your own music, and write your own affirmations.

Then just drag-and-drop each element to create a fantastic movie of your ideal life!

Above all, what I REALLY like is with the Mind Movies app, you can view your completed Mind Movie on your tablet or mobile phone.

With the Mind Movies app, you are never without the ability to view your vision board!

In about 5 to 10 minutes a day, your Mind Movie will help “reprogram” your subconscious mind.

The eventual results are greater positivity, self-confidence, productivity, and creativity.

However, a Mind Movies Vision Board also does something else.

It helps melt away the mental and emotional blocks that may be sabotaging your career, finances, health, or relationships.

The Mind Movies Vision Board gives you the simplest, most enjoyable way to harness the power of visualization, and help optimize your subconscious mind.

Our approach to visualization is based on the widely documented neuroscientific theory that the subconscious mind greatly influences our living experience.

You Can Do This!

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

The Mind Movies platform transforms what can be a boring vision board into a fun, digital video vision board filled with motivating affirmations, positive images, and uplifting music.

You can empower yourself to reach your goals through Mind Movies.

These short videos are designed to get your mind in peak ‘manifesting’ mode – in just a few fun minutes a day.

Mind Movies has already touched over 5,809,342 lives worldwide.

I use Mind Movies every day and it’s the single greatest personal development tool I’ve ever used.

Does Positive Visualization Really Work? – What Can We Conclude

Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?

The practice of visualization is a legitimate way to reprogram the subconscious mind

You can free yourself from limiting beliefs that prevent success and prosperity to become a part of your life.

There are NO religious or occult associations using the Mind Movies software.

Moreover, there are no such associations with creating a traditional vision board from the physical pictures you’ve collected.

Visualization Is Not Daydreaming

Here is an undeniable fact: if you want to be successful, making it a habit to daily visualize success is critical.

However, don’t think you can just sit back and daydream.

Daydreaming about a fantasy life every now and then is not how visualization works.

Certainly, you cannot expect “out of nowhere” your life will improve; YOU HAVE TO DO THE NECESSARY WORK!

Visualization works if YOU work at it.

Visualization is one aspect of taking massive action so you can experience success and reach your most cherished goals.

Therefore, along with using a vision board daily you MUST work hard, associate with people who want you to succeed, and consistently push yourself to be your very best.

I encourage you to start visualizing your goals today by using a vision board.

If you do, you’ll experience the difference it makes in your life!

Talk Soon,


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13 thoughts on “Does Positive Visualization Really Work Or Is It All Hype?”

  1. Hallo there Howard, 

    Your post is quite informative and really strengthens my beliefs on the power of visualization. I am a huge believer of this method as it has taken me through my goals fairly seamlessly. 

    By having the full picture of your goal in mind as you keep on working on it really helps with adding mental energy and keeping you inspired, which is what makes you keep working hard. Eventually, you come to achieve. Personally, I don’t think you can compare a person who uses visualization and the one who doesn’t. Those people are on completely different levels.

    • Hello Dave,

      A comparison is necessary between a people who practice visualization and those who don’t because those who don’t will claim that it’s a waste of time.

      Having a actual vision board you can use on a daily basis is an important tool in reaching your goals, as the testimonials in the post emphasize.

      You are correct that visualization keeps you inspired.

      Thank you fo your comment,

      Talk Soon,


  2. Having used visualization successfully a good part of my life, I was impressed by your article.  It is so important to “see” what you desire, rather than bringing up images of fear and worry.

    I have found a lot of folks get discouraged quickly when they don’t see results fast enough.  Mainly, I see this as a failure to set small and intermedicate goals in order to establish a pattern of success.

    You have dfined visualization and the function of the subconscious mind very well so that people are able to grasp the main points.  Rewiring ourselves with new neural pathways is the key to making permanent changes.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and the significance of vision boards as a useful tool to speed up the process.  All the best to you.

    • Hello Joseph,

      Thank you for your comments.

      It’s a fact that the mind works the way that was outlined in this post.

      People of note have been using visualization, even if they were unaware of it, to reach unimaginable heights in their lives.

      The problem is people today won’t take the time to understand this concept in enough detail to make a diffrence in thier lives.

      Thanks again for reading.

      Talk Soon,


  3. Hi Howard,

    Interesting read. Clearly, everything created by humankind – except by accident – was first a concept, something visualized.

    My questions concern whether the power of visualization exceeds the importance of taking dynamic action to bring a good idea into reality. Of course, self-belief plays a role. But how powerful is that role?

    The New Testament promises that even if we have only the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. I don’t dispute the sincerity of the promise or its belief. I just haven’t seen it done.



    • Faith is the “Assured expectation of things hoped for…The evident demostration of realities though not beheld” according to Hebrews 11: 1

      Using Christianty as an example: Christians “visualize” the comming blessings that await them if they remain faithful.

      Almighty God created the conscious and the subsconscious mind with all of it’s limetless possibilities.

      Positive visualization is a reality. It does work.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


    • Hello Henri,

      Great comments.

      You use visualization along with taking massive action.

      Some people think you can do one without the other.

      However, if you never visualize what you want in the first place, how will you know what to aim for?

      Thanks for reading…

      Talk Soon,


  4. Fascinating topic I have to say. I started visualizing how I would play football back in 1983 and 84. No one ever called it that and I’m not sure I told many people what I was doing, but I would lay in bed at night and close my eyes and go over how I was going to run with the football, how I was going to hit and then spin off of a tackler and then hit someone else and keep fighting forward until I broke loose or scored. 

    I thought of these things and saw them in my mind over and over and then, interestingly enough, I found my self doing the very same thing in games.

    Visualizing is a great word but it didn’t matter to me back in the 80’s. I was just doing it naturally in my mind. 

    I actually find myself doing it now also, but it is building a future and what I want for my family and where I want to be in 5, 10 and 20 years.

    It is powerful.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read, Rick.

      Many fail to realise that there is actual science to verify the workings of the subconscious mind.

      Visualization is more important now than ever before.

      Talk Soon,

  5. Hi, I have never done this so it is fascinating to me. I definitely have done my share of daydreaming, but I have never put too much effort into it. 

    Ironically, your article comes in a time in my life where there is going to be much change and uncertainty. I am going to give this a try.  Mind Movie seems like a good place to start.

    Thank you so much for writing about this topic. I will be bookmarking and using this page. 

    • Hello Bonnie,

      Boy, I could tell you about “change and uncertainty“.

      Let me tell you this:

      So many think when people talk about products all they’re concerned about is making a sale.

      I get that.

      I’m here to tell you, Mind Movies has helped me so much!

      First of all, it took me a few days to really set up my vision board to reflect what 

      I really wanted in my life.

      Actually, it took me a couple of weeks!

      I enjoyed every minute of it, and I learned so much about myself and came to understand a lot about myself that I took for granted.

      Just the act of putting together my vision board gave me so much clarity!

      Clarity is power, Bonnie!

      When your life is full of uncertainty and change, the best thing you can go is get clear on what you want in your life going forward as well as what you won’t tolerate going forward.

      Mind Movies allowed me to create  a vision board that gave me absolute clarity as to what I wanted my life to manifest in the next 10 years!

      Also, you can add your own music in the background.

      I choose some of the most motivational music I could find and added to my vision board.

      So my point is this:

      At this point in your life, gaining clarity through visualization will help you immensely.

      I wish you all the best!

      Hope We Talk Soon,


  6. Hi Howard – Love the post! I completely agree with the power of visualization and positive affirmations. I keep a board with positive affirmations to remind me of what I want to achieve and why. I also believe in getting in the right mind set by watching motivational videos and listening to upbeat music, it just puts me in the right emotional state to take on the day. I have never heard of Mind Movies but it sounds like it’s something I would be interested in checking out. Looks like it brings all the elements together in one app so it’s easy and convenient. It’s also awesome that you can create your own digital vision board! Thanks for sharing this information, I found it very interesting and informative! Best wishes. 

    • Hello Jeff,

      Thank you for reading this post.

      Visualization and positive affirmations really work. The reason it works is because of the way the subconscious mind operates.

      When we recognize this, as you have, we can see increased results in our goal setting activities.

      We make greater progress in achieving our goals.

      Talk Soon,



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