Digital Altitude Lawsuit: Why the FTC Shut It Down

Digital Altitude Lawsuit: Why the FTC Shut It Down

This post details the Digital Altitude lawsuit and why the FTC shut it down.

This is wonderful news that took a long time coming!

The FTC has sued Digital Altitude/Aspire, its owner Michael Force, plus all related parties, for their fraudulent business coaching scheme.

The California lawsuit was filed in federal court Jan. 29, 2018 and the FTC issued a press release on Feb 8, 2018.

This is an excellent example of why you should NEVER get involved with shady multi-level marketing companies but learn to leverage the power of the internet and create YOUR OWN online business!

Digital Altitude Lawsuit: Why The FTC Went After Them

The Federal Trade Commission is suing Digital Altitude/Aspire.

They are being sued for taking over $14 million from gullible consumers.

These consumers were seeking to start their own business with their Digital Altitude’s marketing system.

Also, the FTC has filed a lawsuit, no only against Digital Altitude, but its founder and CEO, Michael Force.

Likewise, the Digital Altitude lawsuit alleges that the defendants, which also include ten related companies and four additional individuals, operate “a deceptive scheme that has caused at least $14 million in consumer injury.”

The Case Against Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude Lawsuit: Why the FTC Shut It Down

The following is the case against Digital Altitude according to the FTC:

In numerous instances, Defendants operate an online enterprise, falsely representing to consumers that they will earn large sums of money if they join the Digital Altitude or “Aspire” program.

Similarly, Defendants tell consumers they can earn “six figures online in the next 90 days or less,” and that experienced business coaches will help the consumer build a successful online business. . . .

Also, there is good cause to believe that Defendants have engaged in and are likely to engage in acts or practices that violate [laws prohibiting unfair or deceptive business conduct].

Therefore, [the FTC] is likely to prevail on the merits of this action.

The FTC identifies 11 different companies as “alter egos” of Digital Altitude itself. Also, the court has grouped all of the following as just “Digital Altitude”.

  • Digital Altitude LLC,
  • Digital Altitude Limited (UK)
  • Aspire Processing LLC is a Nevada company
  • Aspire Processing Limited is a UK company
  • Disc Enterprises is a Nevada company
  • Aspire Ventures
  • Aspire Processing Limited
  • Disc Enterprises is a Nevada company
  • Rise Systems & Enterprise is a Utah company
  • Rise Systems & Enterprise LLC is a Nevada company
  • Soar International Limited is a Utah company
  • The Upside LLC is a California company
  • Thermography for Life LLC (dba Living Exceptionally Inc.) is a Texas company

Moreover, for the sake of simplicity I’ve grouped all of the above companies as just “Digital Altitude”.

Michael Force Was Very Convincing

Digital Altitude Lawsuit: Why the FTC Shut It Down

Michael Force, the creator of Digital Altitude, has been in the internet marketing industry for a long time.

Force was involved with other multi-level marketing companies like the Empower Network.

Empower Network was one of the biggest pyramid schemes around at that time; it launched in Oct 2011 and out in three short years, just to give you a taste of what’s to come.

The defendants’ operation misled thousands of consumers for a number of years.

Moreover, people who joined thought they would make a substantial income promoting highly exaggerated marketing tactics.

Michael Force won the trust of thousands of members looking for a huge financial payday.

He was very convincing and charismatic.

Also, one of the exaggerated claims from Michael Force and Digital Altitude to it’s members included making “six figures in 90 days or less”.

Too Many People Fell For The Hype

I’ve had specific reasons for telling people not to join Digital Altitude/Aspire, or its sister company MOBE for quite some time now.

In addition, I wrote a post titled “Is MOBE A Scam – How To Steal Money Without Remorse” in which I said the following:

“Let me say this: The Federal Trade Commission…has determined that an MLM company primarily generating revenue via sales to recruited affiliates is a pyramid scheme.

You can’t be providing a genuine product or service value when nobody outside of your income opportunity is paying for your product and/or service.

That’s the core of the problem the FTC has.

Likewise, this was the same situation with MOBE. Only the people within MOBE were buying what MOBE was selling.

Most importantly, they had to keep making sales within MOBE in order to make the business viable.”

The bottom line is this: An MLM company without significant retail activity is a pyramid scheme.

Don’t get caught up with questionable multi-level marketing hype; for your sake and the sake of your family build a real online business that’s actually YOURS! 

Digital Altitude Got Caught

The FTC has done their homework and concluded the following:

Retail revenue in MOBE among its own members/participants is quite substantial.

Therefore, If the majority of company-wide revenue is NOT derived from the sale of products and services to retail customers, then look out: You’re in the crosshairs of the FTC!

Below are products Digital Altitude/Aspire members are encouraged to purchase.

These ARE NOT retail products available to the general public, but digital products members were REQUIRED to buy.

In short, if they wanted to reach substantial income levels within the organization, members had to buy these products.

Further, lets look at the prices for each of these products you are REQUIRED to buy if you want to reach the higher income levels:

  1. Aspire Walker (Digital Business Sales System) – $37/month
  2. Hiker – $67/month
  3. Aspire Climber – $127/month
  4. Base (Digital Business Mastery Course ) – $597 (one-time)
  5. Rise (Digital Marketing Mastery Course) – $1,997 (one-time)
  6. Ascend (Digital Business Profit Workshop) – $9,997 (one-time )
  7. Peak (Digital Business Prosper Retreat) – $16,997 (one-time)
  8. Apex (Digital Business Legacy Experience) – $27,997 (one-time)

Also, another problem the FTC had with Digital Altitude is that you can only get commissions for the membership levels you have purchased for yourself.

For example, if you only have Aspire membership, you won’t be able to promote Apex membership and earn high-ticket commission for that membership.

If you add up all the prices for the products together…

$37+$67+$127+$597+$1997+$9997+$16997+$27997 = $57,816!!

That’s right! $57,816!!

Also, the worst thing is that most beginners are not aware of all the different upsells that are waiting for them.

Digital Altitude’s website doesn’t mention a single price or upsell on its products page!

 “Your Pain…Let Me Remove Your Pain…”

There are two primary reason why people fall for the lie promised by all of these multi-level marketing organizations.

The first one was stated very well by MOBE (My Online Business Education) founder Matt Lloyd:

Make no mistake: Michael Force understood and applied what Matt Lloyd was saying.

Do you understand what Mr Lloyd is saying? What he said is profound.

Obviously, Mr Lloyd has some knowledge of human psychology.

He realises that there are millions of people who “are in pain”, either mentally or emotionally. He understood that people are “looking for a way out” of their pain.

It’s a fact of life that most people equate making money as a way out of their “pain”.

What Is Your “Pain”?

Their “pain” could be a difficult marriage, a very painful breakup with a life partner, or a bitter divorce.

Many of these people may be enduring a bad relationship for the sake of their children or a very painful, ongoing dispute with family members.

I have personally experienced the mental and emotional “pain” that life can bring as well.

Also, the pain could be physical; some may be enduring a battle with cancer, as I am battling at the very time of writing this post.

Others may have just received bad news about their health, leaving them uncertain about their future.

Some may have been enduring physical “pain” for decades and need financial relief.

Likewise, others have lost everything to pay medical bills and are living with people they don’t want to live with.

Some live with family members who need medical treatment or other services and cannot afford it. They helplessly watch their family members suffer.

Similarly, this type of “pain” can be particularly devastating: the pain of watching a family member’s health deteriorate and YOU HAVE NO MONEY OR RESOURCES TO HELP THEM!

Standing by helplessly with no financial resources chips away at your self-esteem, it creates anger, and you are constantly looking for “a way out.”

Let me make this clear: the “happy, shiny people” you see at these seminars may look like they have no pain, but they do. Believe me, they do!

6 Figures in 90 Days to “Remove Your Pain”

The second reason why people fall for the lie promoted by MLM organizations is the promise of making money quickly in a short period of time.

Think about it: If you are “in pain” and need a way out, there’s a possibility you’re going to say to yourself: “This could get me out of the difficult situation I’m in!”

Likewise, people want to make money online but they don’t want to endure the time and the hard work it takes to create a real, enduring business.

You hear all the excuses: “I don’t have time when I get home from work” or “I’m too tired at the end of the day” or “I don’t know how to write blog posts” or “I don’t like to write”.

There’s an excuse for every day of the week.

But Wait A Minute!.. Presto! Don’t worry!

Here comes Michael Force and Digital Altitude to help you make money without all of the trial and error and sweat equity most people have had to endure. 

Take a minute and look at the smiling, happy faces below.

Unfortunately, these people and thousands more like them, learned the hard way that Digital Altitude present a so-called “opportunity” that they were never going to cash in on!

Digital Altitude Lawsuit: Why the FTC Shut It Down
Digital Altitude Lawsuit: Why the FTC Shut It Down

The Digital Altitude Lawsuit Presents A Bleak Future For MLM “Schemes”

Look at this very small sample of people above who were dependent on the income from Digital Altitude. With one court decision, ALL OF THEIR EARNINGS ARE GONE!

In addition, when Digital Altitude got shut down, their online business disappeared! Thousands of dollars that people were depending on GONE WITHOUT A TRACE.

Moreover, the courts and lawyers suing Digital Altitude will NEVER get the money back that these people lost.

Even if some members of Digital Altitude are fortunate enough to get SOME money back, the majority of bottom-feeders will NEVER see one red cent!

Therefore, my question to you is this: Would you want this to happen to YOU?

How would you feel if thousands of dollars of money YOU WERE DEPENDING ON vanished overnight, never to be seen again?

With the closure of Digital Altitude,  Empower Network, and MOBE – from where I’m standing, there’s no future in promoting high-ticket multi-level marketing organizations.

In short, they will have to completely change their business model if they want to avoid the crosshairs of the FTC.

Obviously, the FTC is on the warpath to rid the internet of MLM scams.

Affiliate Marketing Is A Legitimate Way To Make Money Online

There are legitimate programs that will put you on the right track to success online enabling you to build a highly profitable, consistent business in the Affiliate Marketing arena.

However, the problem is many of the people who passed on these platforms in favor of Digital Altitude, MOBE, Empower Network and the like did so because of the promise of big money in a short period of time!

I know for a fact that the commissions from traditional affiliate marketing platforms were considered “chump change” compared to the commissions from Digital Altitude, MOBE, Empower Network, etc.

I can’t stress enough the fact that many people who are involved in MLM’s joined because of the promise of a fat payday in a relatively short period of time.

Initially, they might come off as very concerned and helpful and that is only because they want you to hand over your hard-earned money.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Before you join your next so-called “business opportunity”, remember to always do your research. 

Likewise, I have fallen for a number of these scams in the past and I wouldn’t want anyone to have to lose thousands of dollars to learn the hard way.

I spend $49/month to run a legitimate online business and I don’t go around recruiting family and friends into some MLM “business opportunity”.

In conclusion, The Digital Altitude Lawsuit emphasizes the importance of building your own online business.

Please consider building a REAL affiliate marketing business that you and your family can benefit from for years to come; a business that you have complete control over from top to bottom.

Consider my thorough review of the same platform I’ve used to create this very blog you are reading, the same platform that has helped ordinary people create extraordinary incomes.

Talk Soon,


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  1. I really like your article on the Digital Altitude Lawsuit.  You can tell you really put a lot of thought and research into your article.  I found the article to be precise and straight to the point.  I admire articles that shed light on scams such as Digital Altitude.  I hope this lawsuit will help the people who have lost thousands of dollars and with the help of your article you are informing consumers on what to look out for to prevent being scammed by the various products offered through this scam artist.  It is unfortunate that people would invest in such fraudulent schemes, however, I know people are looking to make money and these fraudulent products make promises and guarantees that are not true.  Thank you for shedding light on this ridiculous scam and also grouping all of the Digital Altitude schemes that have taken advantage of consumers.  We need more articles like these that shed light on the pyramid schemes and with more of these articles, hopefully it will prevent others from falling into the trap of false promises and being scammed out of thousands of dollars.  Thanks, Howard.

    • Hey Melissa,

      Thank you for your detailed comments. I’m more than happy to help people keep their earned-earned money! I wish you much success here at WA!

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  2. Hello Howard,

    Looking back at the many pyramid scams I’ve fallen for, it is clear to me now that what i was actually looking for wasn’t money.

    What i was really yearning for was a way out of my “pain”.

    Now that i can clearly point out my errors, it makes me wonder how anybody ever falls for MLMs. I hope more people get exposed to the reality that it takes hard work and persistence to make money online.

    Kudos to you for the good work.

  3. MLM is the worst thing that can happen to anybody. I know many people that are in ardent poverty because of MLM. As you said they will flag a very promising note that makes people fall for it only to loose all in the end.There are ways to make an honest money in internet as you have rightly said  which wealthy affiliate is one of them but people still fall for these make money quick people.Thank you for this post, you have given a clear instruction, those that have ear let them hear


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