Daily Digital Club Review – Can You Make Money With This?

Daily Digital Club Review - Can You Make Money With This?

You are welcome to my unbiased review on Daily Digital Club.

Can you actually make money with Daily Digital Club?

There is some interesting information and news about this company, so I decided to look into it.

You are probably here because you heard about this business opportunity from someone or from an online search.

You want to know more about it so you can decide if this company is legit or a scam.

In this brief Daily Digital Club Review, you will be introduced to the company, their compensation plans, products, and every other thing you need to know.

Daily Digital Club – Quick Facts

  • Name: Daily Digital Club
  • Founder: Peter Wolfing
  • Website: dailydigitalclub.com
  • Price: Basic membership is from $25 to $100 per month. 
  • Recommended?: I do NOT recommend Daily Digital Club!

What I DO Recommend is to read my review on the BEST way for newbies to build an online business.

Daily Digital Club Review – About the Company

Daily Digital Club Review - Can You Make Money With This?

There is no information about the owners of this company or the people running it.

The company’s domain (dailydigitalclub.com) was registered in 2008.

Peter Wolfing of Multiplex Systems Inc. was listed as the owner of the company.

The last time the domain registration was updated was on the 27th of January 2020 (when Peter Wolfing acquired it).

The first time Peter Wolfing popped out was in 2012, as Turbo Cycler admin (200-1000 USD matrix-based Ponzi scheme).

Wolfing, over the years, also launched some MLM platforms.

Here is a list of some of the questionable and outright illegal businesses Peter Wolfing has been involved with:

  • Ultimate Cycler (Ponzi cycler)
  • Turbo Cycler (an illegal cash gifting scheme)
  • Infinity 100 (cash gifting)
  • Business Toolbox (chain-recruitment)
  • Pay Me Forward (another cash gifting scheme)
  • National Wealth Center (cash gifting).

Peter Wolfing Has A Interesting History

Daily Digital Club Review - Can You Make Money With This?

Already we’ve ascertained that the owner of Daily Digital Club has been involved in a number of Ponzi schemes and multiple cash-gifting and chain-recruitment schemes!

This is a HUGE red flag!

Ultimate Cycler was launched in 2013 and collapsed; however, some Nigerian scammers revived the platform in 2016.

The site, however, was redesigned by Wolfing to accommodate affiliates in Nigeria to make money off of unsuspecting Nigerians.

Wolfing launched a cash gifting scheme in 2017 called Ueconomy; this platform did not last.

Wolfing launched Hand of Heaven in 2018 which was a shameless religious-themed gifting scam.

He also launched another cash-gifting platform in 2018 called Easy 1up, which became one of Wolfing’s most popular platforms.

Although Wolfing launched Daily Digital Club, he’s promoting a legit MLM company called QuiAri.

The last time we came across Wolfing was in October 2019 with a 5-tier pyramid scheme called Direct Mail Pro.

According to Alexa traffic estimates, the website crashed last December. It appears that Daily Digital Club was launched sometime in March 2019.

Products offered By Daily Digital Club

Daily Digital Club Review - Can You Make Money With This?

Besides promoting their affiliate membership, Daily Digital Club does not have any products or services to offer.

This is another HUGE red flag. It’s not a good sign when a network marketing company has no retail products to offer.

The membership plan, however, comes with some educational courses.

Affiliates on the platform can only market the platform’s affiliate membership, which gives them access to an e-learning library.

Daily Digital Club has offers some educational courses with a price range of $25 USD and/or $100 USD per month.

Most of the cost covers the compensation plan, and the rest covers the administration fee.

You will hardly hear anything about the courses or their content except when affiliates are trying to sell it.

Everything is about purchasing resell rights and earning 100% commissions.

These courses are general or basic content on marketing, which you can do for free on YouTube.

Compensation Plan and Registration Costs

Affiliates send between $25 to $100 USD to their sponsors. This gives them access to courses and makes them eligible also to receive payments.

This happens through a uni-level compensation structure that uses the reverse 1-up model.

What this means is that you receive payment when you sponsor your first affiliate, but payment, when you sponsor a second affiliate, will go to someone in your upline.

The same goes for the third, fourth, and so on.

In this uni-level compensation structure, members you sponsor personally are placed in your level one.

Affiliates sponsored by affiliates in level one are placed on level two of your uni-level team.

Affiliates sponsored by level two affiliates are placed on level three, the same goes for level four, and so on.

Thus, you can get commissions from your down lines in this 1-up style uni-level compensation plan structure.

Joining Daily Digital Club will cost you $25USD and/or $100 USD each month.

The educational bundle for each payment differs.

You will have to invest $125 USD per month if you want to receive payments from both memberships.

The Daily Digital Club has a video on their website that explains in more detail their compensation plan.

I have to warn you that the video looks somewhat outdated and is not very good.

However, when you add up all of the facts in this review, I don’t think the compensation plan is going to matter at all.

The Daily Digital Club is similar to other scam network marketing companies I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

My Verdict of The Daily Digital Club

Daily Digital Club appears to be a pyramid scheme because of the absence of retail products that can be sold to the public.

Peter Wolfing without a doubt is a career online scammer.

Therefore, this platform is a scam.

Any MLM company that claims to be legit needs to separate its retail side from its affiliate side.

Daily Digital Club (DDC), however, is not immune to regulatory issues from the FTC.

Wolfing has created successful platforms in the past, such as Easy 1up, and his affiliate base loves him.

However, the majority of his business ventures have been flat-out scams.

DDC is more of a comeback for Wolfing, following the crash of this Direct Mail Pro pyramid scheme.

Just like every scam platform launched by Wolfing, Daily Digital Club will eventually crash when recruitment of affiliates reduces – the same goes for any pyramid scheme.

The people running MLM gifting schemes are the major benefactors.

In DDC, all participants must pass up 2 gifting payments.

Guess who is at the top of the chain – Wolfing is! And he will receive the largest funds through one or more preloaded admin accounts.

Besides those running the platform, the first set of affiliates will also benefit from this platform.

Everyone else outside the platform operators and first-timers will lose.

Direct Mail Pro by Peter Wolfing was short-lived; the same fate awaits Daily Digital Club.

My advice is to stay away from Daily Digital Club – far away.

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