Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

I can honestly say that actual Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate helped me.

They with my decision to use this platform to build a online business.

However, the real question people ask is Can You Really Make Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate?

My direct answer to you is YES!

Customer Reviews Of Wealthy Affiliate Helped Me Make My Decision

When I lost my hard-earned $2,000 to a so-called “online guru” I became a very skeptical person.

At that point in my life, I didn’t trust any “business opportunity” or “make money” program.

Then, somehow from a Google search, I looked into Wealthy Affiliate,

ne of the questions I had was will this work for the regular guy with very little to no experience.

I had concluded if average people could have success with Wealthy Affiliate, then I could too.

Also, what impressed me were the customer reviews of Wealthy Affiliate.

How ordinary people were able to have success.

Wealthy Affiliate is a teaching platform.

Those who are enrolled learn how to become proficient online marketers.

That made a tremendous diffrence in my viewpoint.

Therefore, regular people like myself and others are getting results with this platform.

Here are a few examples of customer reviews of Wealthy Affiliate, from everyday folks who found success::

Actual Customer Reviews Of Wealthy Affiliate

“My First $1,000 Month

Last Update: May 10th, 2018

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

This WA member, Pierre, stated the following: “I am so excited, after months and months, never giving up, I slowly could see my revenues go up.

$50 one month, $100 the following month and this month (June 2017), I finally did hit $1000 for the month.”

Pierre stated It took many many months before he started to see success.

He “second guessed myself a few times but never gave up”. His perseverance paid off.

Pierre’s final thought is to “Hang in there, work hard and good things will come.”

You can click here to read Pierre’s experience.

“11 Months In – 700$ Month!”

Last Update: July 04, 2017

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

It took about 1 year, but now Dejan’s website has finally become, as he states, “a source of proper income and I am just getting started.”

After 12 months this WA member started seeing about 90 organic searches (traffic) per day which resulted in about 1 sale per day and 26$ in commissions on average.

During this same time he experienced another first: about $250 in commissions from other affiliate programs.

Dejan’s point is “Just keep working hard and it will all pay off eventually”.

You can read more of Dejan’s journey with Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

Month 7 – $4550

Last Update: January 01, 2018

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

Dlyan had this to say: “I made a little over $4500 in commissions from Amazon and this came from 1269 sales and 39,000 unique clicks from Google.”

This Wealthy Affiliate member has been working on his business for 2 1/2 years and is poised to have $10,000 months!

Dylan explains: “It took a lot of experimenting, reading and failure to reach this point. The only advice I can give you is this: DON’T GIVE UP!”

You can Click Here to read Dylan’s entire testimonial.

Joined the 10K Per Month Club. January 2018 Earnings $13,481.39

Last Update: February 12,2018

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

This success story from WA member Brok shows how much your website/business can change in a year.

Book states: “At that time I’d went from an income of $300 to about $4,000 a month in a year.” 

“Now it’s the end of January 2018 (I know it’s been a few months over a year) and I wanted to share my progress and how much your traffic and income can change if you work your ass off in for one year!”

“Starting in November 2017 I’ve been making over $10,000 a month and in January I had my highest month ever: $13,481.39!”

Let me ask you this: How much would your life change if you were making $10,000 a month consistently?

There are MANY Wealthy Affiliate members making $10,000 a month and much more because they followed the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can click here to read about Brok’s successes.

Newbies Pay Attention! $5,195.20 Affiliate Check for June: Thanks WA!

Last Update: June 19, 2018

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

Todd is another Wealthy Affiliate member who’s had tremendous success here.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Todd, like many others who can’t seem to make up their minds, wondered if Wealthy Affiliate is a good investment in time and money.

He wondered if the education was worth it; if the time spent researching keywords and creating quality content for his blog posts was going to bring in the big money in the long run?

Todd found out that there is success with Wealthy Affiliate and that WA actually works!

Well, I’m proof that it does. Like so many other successful WA members, I’m here to tell you what Wealthy Affiliate teaches works.

His goal for June 2019 is $8,000. His goal this year is to be consistently at 10,000 per month. The reason he can set these goals is in May 2019 he did $6,454 in commissions!

Plain and simple, Wealthy Affiliate works!

You can click here to read Todd’s testimonial.

How I Earned $9465.05 Thanks To WA Members

Last Update: July 24, 2018

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

How did Eddy accomplish this? In his own words, “There is no magical secret. I pretty much follow what the training lays out.”

“Aside from the technology and training”, Eddy continues, “the members are a huge benefit.”

“Essentially you get to rub elbows with successful people you normally wouldn’t have access to.” 

So that said, the $2024.95 and $2128 I earned this month was a result of chatting with two other successful WA members.

Eddy states that he make it a habit to look at others sites in his niche to get inspired and borrow ideas to use on his own site.

You can read Eddy’s success story by clicking here.

4.7K for the month of December and Setting My New Goals for 2019.

Last Update: December 28, 2018

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

Debs is another Wealthy Affiliate success story. She earned £4.7k on one of her websites. Her biggest month was in August 2018 that hit just over £6k.

How did Debs succeed with Wealthy Affiliate? She said: “I refused point-blank to give up.”

“I took what I had from here and thought right outside of the box, never knowing I would land on something so brilliant.”

“It’s was all my idea too for this business. So it makes me feel even more proud of myself.”

You can read Debs entire testimonial right here.

2018 Six Figure Income Earner

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

Ralph is another outstanding Wealthy Affiliate success story.

“Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was a part-time kickboxer instructor/personal trainer. I had about $30,000 dollars in credit card debt.” 

“I had no car, lived with my parents, and tried about every type of money making opportunity out there.” 

Just as things were getting worse for Ralph, he came across Wealthy Affiliate in September of 2016.

27 months later, Ralph was officially able to say: “I am a Six Figure Earner!” 

Even though I always thought I was capable of achieving financial freedom, I just couldn’t imagining it happening so soon.

So what was the turning point?

Up to this point, Ralph had just about maxed out his credit cards.

However, Ralph states: “The 1 purchase that changed my life was a yearly membership to Wealthy Affiliate.”

Ralph continues: “They say in life that opportunities are presented to you everyday.” 

“You just have to keep your eyes open and take action when it does. And I’m so happy that I saw the opportunity with WA and took full advantage of it.” 

“So for anyone that is on the fence about committing to this program, just know that in order to change your life for the better, you have to take ACTION!” 

To read Ralph’s full success story, Click Here.

$2826 In Wealthy Affiliate Commissions So Far & Counting!

Last Update: June 05, 2018

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

Michael started building content towards getting sign-ups for Wealthy Affiliate in October of 2017.

He’s made $2826 just from referrals to WA alone. In just 9 short months (and its only June 5 2018), Michael’s total for 9 months will surpass $3000. 

Michael states: “With all my sites combined I have reached over $6,000 a month now for 9 months straight.”

“I don’t just have sites geared towards Wealthy Affiliate sign-ups. I also have 4 other sites on a variety of topics.”

You can click here to read more of Michael’s success story.

But Wait…Michael’s story gets even better…

My First $30,000 Month – Well Almost $29,330.68 To Be Exact

Last Update: April 24, 2019

Michael’s success with Wealthy Affiliate continues to get better.

He states: “It’s been almost 2 years now since I joined WA. It’s the place that started my entire journey into online entrepreneurship.” 

“It’s hard to believe I used to drive a forklift in a dusty old warehouse for 50+ hrs a week of only $17hr. 

I now make almost as much in a single month than I did working an entire year, it still seems unreal.”

“I know a lot of people who start WA have taken the training and are still struggling to make an income online. You hear it day in and day out just keep working and pushing forward, create more content, content is king.

Then you will here excuses like I think I picked a bad niche, can’t find the right products to promote, or some are here hoping to post a few articles and become rich overnight.

I can tell you it does not happen that way. 

It takes a s%#*t load of hard work to start making money online and even to this day I still work 8 to 10 hrs a day on my business. 

There is no such thing as a 4-hour work week guys.”

You can click here to read the rest of Michaels success post. 

I could have continued with more success stories, but I didn’t want this post too long.

The 10 people above are just a small sampling.

Thousands of individuals have worked very hard and earned success through Wealthy Affiliate!

>>>   For more real-life success stories, please Click Here and check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.   <<<

But some of you may still be wondering: “Yea, it seemed to work for them…”

“But how do I know if it’s gonna work for me?”

How I Tried Wealthy Affiliate Free Without Spending One Red Cent

There was one reason why I knew Wealthy Affiliate was a really good program:

It was th free account which allowed me access to the actual platform.

With the free account I could “have a look around” and actually experience what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

I got a chance to actually use Wealthy Affiliate for myself for a limited basis.

This allowed me to make up my own mind that this was the direction I wanted to go.

How can you go wrong when you can try Wealthy Affiliate FREE?

No credit card required, and if you don’t like it, you lose absolutely nothing!

What Convinced Me Wealthy Affiliate Works

What really convinced me Wealthy Affiliate works?

It was the fact that for the very first time I actually set up a website using WordPress.

For years, I HATED WordPress!

In my mind I would make excuses that WordPress “was too hard to figure out.”

However, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I’ve become comfortable with using WordPress.

I’ve learned how to create multiple websites and blogs which was something I had a difficult time doing before!

I am absolutely elated with my WordPress sites!

Wealthy Affiliate Works for the Average Person

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform dedicated to helping both new and slightly experienced internet entrepreneurs create successful affiliate marketing businesses.

The platform is set up so that members can have access to the needed tools and services 24/7.

Also, quick support from successful affiliate marketers and industry experts.

The sole focus at Wealthy Affiliate is on the ordinary person.

Their goal is helping you get your business running and making a profit at a pace comfortable for you.

As a Wealthy Affiliate Customer, I’m Telling You It Works!

Wealthy Affiliate WORKS

I’ve been scammed every which way to Sunday by fake “online Gurus”.

I’ve been pimp slapped out of my money before I knew what happened.

THIS WORKS! I don’t know any other way to say it.


If you don’t get on board with Wealthy Affiliate, you may regret it.

Learn Affiliate Marketing With Wealthy Affiliate So You Will Never Be Broke Again

Let me come at you from another angle:

Are you BROKE?

Are you TIRED of being broke?


You’ve got to DO SOMETHING NOW!

Being broke SUCKS!


It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced.

Today, right now, you have an opportunity to change your financial life forever!

Starting today, you can make a decision to change your financial circumstances.

Why are you hesitating?

Why are you putting up with being broke?

Do you like being humiliated and viewed as pathetic by “family” and “friends”?

Do you want to be talked about behind your back as the guy or gal who is always broke?

Why You Are Broke

What does BROKE mean?

Here’s what it actually means:

Driving what you don’t want to drive.

Living where you don’t want to live.

Shopping where you don’t want to shop

Eating food you don’t want to eat

Wearing clothes you don’t want to wear.

Likewise, tolerating people you don’t want to be with.

NEVER having any money to do ANYTHING you really want to do.


Listen- The reason why people are broke is that THEY WERE NEVER TAUGHT HOW TO MAKE MONEY!

You have to be TAUGHT how to MAKE money.

Having a job is not teaching a person HOW TO MAKE MONEY!

Having a job means you’re Just Over Broke (J.O.B!)

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make money!

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR DIFFICULT FINANCIAL SITUATION – NOW!


The next five years do not have to be like the last five years…

The next yen years don’t have to be like the last ten years.

Your future could look like THIS:

Customer Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

Think about what you just read.

Take a deep breath…

Make the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Talk Soon,


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