Cryptoix Review – A Legit Opportunity Or Complete Scam?

Cryptoix Review - A Legit Opportunity Or Complete Scam?

This Cryptoix Review is going to be a real eye-opener.

We have many investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies and I have decided to have a look at Cryptoix today.

It is likely that you have been approached by someone regarding the 200% returns on investment.

You have come here for making sure that everything is as it seems and is legal.

Well, I’ve got good news for you. I will be walking you through Cryptoix, their products, and their compensation plan so you’ll be able to take the correct decision.

Be extra vigilant while you read through till the end of this post…

Cryptoix Review – Who Owns The Company?

Cryptoix Review - A Legit Opportunity Or Complete Scam?

While you do research, company details are one of the most important things because you should know who is operating it and the vision that they hold.

Great leaders always steer their ship towards greatness.

Bad leaders always sink their ship just like Titanic.

If a ship is sinking, you should be far away on land rather than anywhere near it, believe me.

Now, having cleared that out first, the company does not have any data on who operated or owns it.

When you look at the company’s site, “,” you get to know that it was recently registered, in April 2019.

On April 04, 2020, it was updated again…

Regrettably, it was privately registered thus making it difficult for us to ascertain who the domain belongs to.

Anyways any business that does not transparently tell anything about them is a BIG red flag and you should think about it before joining them.

Okay, let’s now look at their products moving ahead in this review.

Cryptoix Review – Is There Any Retail Merchandise For Sale?

Cryptoix Review - A Legit Opportunity Or Complete Scam?

As per the FTC, for staying out of the pyramid system type of territory you should conduct retail sales that are more than your affiliate enrollments.

Even businesses such as Herbalife, which are product based, have got FTC’s beating as they did not have enough retail sales.

How does the company stack up?

Well, the company does not have any retail services or products in any respect.

You are only able to enroll as an associate and promote their associate membership program.

Other than this, you’ll supposedly be able to invest in Cryptoix and get returns.

Cryptoix Compensation Plan

The company’s associates are urged to deposit $100 and anywhere up to $100k with a promise that they may get daily returns of 200% on the investment.

EARN 120% or 140% or 200% DAILY

This is from their own website…

Seemingly, these daily returns are paid every 7 days.

You’ll be able to invest money in cryptocurrency.

You’ll be able to utilize fiat money using Payeer and Perfect Money.

Cryptoix Review – Referral Fees and Joining Costs

Referral fees will be paid using a Uni-Level remuneration plan within Cryptoix.

A Uni-Level remuneration structure puts an associate at the very top of the Uni-Level team, and all individually recruited associate is put directly below them (Position 1):

If a Position 1 associates sponsors a new associate, they are placed in Position 2 in the main associate’s Uni-Level team.

If a Position 2 associate sponsors a new associate, they’re put in Position 3 and it goes on…

The company caps their Uni-Level at 4 levels deep.

Here you can see the percentage that you could earn on invested funds within all 4 levels:

  • Position 1 (Individually Sponsored Associate) – 9%
  • Earn 3% with Position 2
  • Position 3 – 2%
  • Position 4 – 1%

The company’s associate enrollment is, in reality, free.

Looking to be a part of this investment opportunity, then you should be ready to invest at least $100.

In light of what I’ve revealed so far, that may not be a good idea…

Is Cryptoix A Scam?

Cryptoix Review - A Legit Opportunity Or Complete Scam?

As per the company, it uses all external investment into Bitcoin mining.

Of course, there’s no proof of Bitcoin mining ever happening or proof that any external money is coming into Cryptoix at all.

This makes sense as the management of the company is not forthcoming about themselves.

Though they expect people to invest anywhere from $100 to $100k with them?

Think really hard about it for some time…

If the company was actually able to legally get 200% every day, why would it need any type of investment from associates?

Why would the company need any compensation plan in the first place…

The truth is they are operating as a ponzi strategy.

The only money coming into Cryptoix is from the deposits made by new associates that are used to pay existing associates.

Ponzi schemes are illegal and can only result in a financial loss for investors and associates.

Because of this I cannot advocate this business…

Therefore, my conclusion is Cryptoix is a SCAM.

Cryptoix reminds me of other questionable network marketing companies I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

A 200% Return On Investment…Really?

The company insists that it makes an external ROI income through Bitcoin mining.

There is no evidence that the company is doing Bitcoin mining.

There is also no evidence of the company using other external revenue sources to give returns to investors.

In addition, the company’s business model does not pass Ponzi logic.

If the company’s anonymous owner(s) are able to legally make 200% daily returns, why do they want your money?

What can be verified as a source of money entering the company are new deposits.

Using new deposits to give to existing associates daily returns makes the company a Ponzi system.

As is with any MLM Ponzi system, once associate enrollments die down so will all new deposits.

This starves them of ROI income, finally prompting a break down.

The calculation behind Ponzi systems ensures that when it collapses, most participants will lose their money.

Another Ponzi System Revealed

Cryptoix is a non-regulated investment business.

The problem with these types of non-regulated investment businesses is that they’re not dependable and misuse regulations.

Stay far away from Cryptoix as they’re anonymous and they can vanish anytime without any notice.

For making sure you’re dealing with known and regulated investment businesses, you can easily find who their CEO is, their management, etcetera.

Less information makes for a HUGE red flag as you do not know who is managing YOUR MONEY.

For this very reason, Cryptoix is an unsafe investment business to engage with and a flat-out Ponzi scheme.

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